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Question regarding how to obtain some minis

There's some mini's in the hero's panel that don't seem to be in game or are extremely rare, is it possible to check/add them to the game in the future? I own a majority of the mini's so it's little disheartening to have these in the hero's panel yet be unobtainable. or are astronomically rare to the point no one how to obtain them.

Air Djinn - Only a few of these djinns appeared in the api before it got wiped. Are these actually available? Possible to give any hints?
Earth Djinn
Water Djinn
Fire Djinn

Mushroom Stomper - only available in the wardrobe unlock, possible to add to gem store?
Turai Ossa - not available, been in panel since HoT
Awakened Asura - added in episode 3? Doesn't seem to be in game? Can it be confirmed?
Springer Ramona - Added a few weeks ago but can't find out if it's actually available.

Modrent Crescent - These 3 seem to be extremely rare, most of the time there's 0 on the TP. Any chance to increase drop chances or have them drop in more places?
Awakened Abomination
Junundu Wurm