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Mythwright Gambit - Needs PoF?

Hi there,

Big fan of GW2 and love how much effort you guys put into the game; congrats on another LW episode Launch!

When I logged in today after maintenance, got a mail and an icon to guide me to the Mythwright Gambit, but I don't have Path of Fire since I'm waiting for another sale. Do I as a player who has HoT but not PoF have access to this raid? Just wondering if its a situation like the notification about the Living World episodes, or if I could jump into this with my guild mates and play this new content with them.

Any insight into this would be appreciated! And congratulations again on another LW episode release!



  • Indeed, you need PoF to access the Mythwright Gambit.

  • Not only do you need PoF, but it is heavily encouraged to get the "shifting sands" tier 3 mastery for the jackal mount to progress through the newest raid.

    Tracey West
    Environment Artist

  • Ah alrighty sorry to hear I won't be able to partcipate just yet then; hopefully the expansion will go on sale in the near future then. Hope a lot of people have fun running it and enjoy the hard work you all put into it!

    And thanks for pointing out the jackal mastery recommendation! Once I finally get PoF I will be sure to make it a priority!

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