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‘Fissure of Woe‘ raid & Obsidian Armor

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Now that Balthazar is dead do we still have a chance to visit the fissure of woe? Maybe similar to the underworld get it as a raid wing?

Furthermore I‘ve always wished to see an armor set like the Obsidian Armor to make a return, suggesting it should be purchasable exactly like it was in GW1 (very costly with obsidian shards, globs of ectoplasma and gold) at the end of the raid…
I miss the fact that every class had it’s unique armor… similar to how some armor is locked for certain races I wish with such an exotic armor set it could be unique for each class and could only be worn by that certain class. Would be cool if it could return like this, however I understand that this sounds like too much work and maybe doesn’t even work because of coding and such.