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EU - Welcome in Guild Wars 2 ! - Project NGC (Next Gen Commanders)

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Greetings, fellow Tyrians and Elonians! I'd like to share with you all this idea. I'll try to organize Events 2 or 3 times each week; those events aim to gather all players, both veterans and newbies alike, in order to complete Meta Events, Dungeons and get tons of SHINIES togheter ^^ We want to welcome newomers in Guild Wars 2 and give Veteran Players some moments to break from Hard-difficulty contents and replenish their wallet and bank with "sweet sweet loot" .

There's a List of Meta Events, organized by TIER basing on their organizing difficulty, which will rotate each week. For example, "This week we have: TIER I - Core Tyria World Bosses and TIER III - Dragon's Stand !" .

We start with the following Meta Events, of course any suggestion about adding more Events i may not have mentioned, is mostly welcome ^^

This Community Event is meant to welcome you Newcomers mostly, so we want to make you feel more comfortable on your first steps into the Game and the first steps into the End-Game; most importantly, we want to introduce you to the whole Guild Wars 2 Community! ^^

You'll receive notifications about the Schedule and the Events through the following channels: Official GW2 Forums, twitter @birdackgaming and In-Game LFG Tool ( Open the Contacts Panel, then LFG on the left side menu -- MENTORING section --> Adventurer's Guild ) .

Please, be sure to let me know your feedback! ^^


TIER I : Core Tyria World Bosses ( Core Game - Lv. Range: 1 - 80 ) / Bounties (Path of Fire req.)

TIER II : Dragon’s Stand (Heart of Thorns req.) / Palawadan (Path of Fire req.)