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Encountered an issue today when playing this story instance. When you've finally corralled the sniper into the center of the map and she is kneeling down asking to just end it and kill her, at that moment my game loses connection and I go back to the character select screen. It happened back to back. I know there was a similar issue in HoT during Hearts and Minds so I wonder if it could be here as well.

Is anyone else encountering this issue? I already submitted a big report in game.


  • Some players have issues with disconnections in Story Instances. There's an 'official' thread with Dev responses and some possible work-arounds, if you are interested.

    Good luck.

  • I'll have to but I've never had an issue with DC's in story instances. Not even with Hearts and Minds...

  • This isn't a generic d/c issue, that's happened to me twice but another several times the instance has simply stalled in the center after she gives her speech with no interact button. I know it's broken because I've managed to complete this story instance exactly one time out of 6 attempts and I know what is supposed to happen.

  • This happened to me twice. Instead of the show mercy option showing up the game disconnects. This is not my ISP because it happened at exactly the same moment in the story. Now I stopped the story line and will just have to wait until I see a fix

  • Third time is charm and finally completed the story except I got shot once and lost that achievement.

  • Zietlogik.6208Zietlogik.6208 Member ✭✭✭

    gonna bump this, i left my character on this story step because of the disconnects and came back to it today to try again...STILL get the disconnect at the very end.

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