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LF Duo partner or PvP guild

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I would say im a good FB and SB. improving Nec and rev.

your team is a gamble and i hope having a good duo will help fight with/ against the good, the bad and the ugly (bots)

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    So you wish to make a partner and play 2 in a team of 5. This means you both would control 40% of team together, while 60% of team value is controlled by randoms provided by Anet (considering each member has a 20% value of presence and skill combined). So more than a half of your team value (more than 50%) depends purely on what Anet computer decides to give you. Therefore, the game is never in your control with that 2 in 5, it's all an illusion. Friendship, voice chat, professional gaming, it's all in that 40% you love (teamwork), but the match is in Anet hands right from the start with that 60% of random luck.

    Stop putting so much passion in a PvP game of 2. This game is the same for like 6 years. Aren't you tired of waiting? Why struggle when you can play PvE?! Why try to form PvP guilds of 2 members only when you can actually play together in 10 with raids, or in 100 with WvW?

    Enjoy the game! Stop farming mindlessly for some skins!

    One man trash another man treasure.

  • I'm Reaper/Scourge borderline gold3/platinum1 looking for duo as well. Might be what you need.