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Jahai Bluffs - Dynamic / Immersive maps in future/ Difficulty

I can absolutely say that i love the new Jahai Bluffs map. This is probably my favorite map so far. I'm hoping more maps like this one will come out in the future perhaps? Maybe maps where you can get cold and freeze to death or die from heat exhaustion. They sorta had that mechanic for the "Bitter Cold" in Bitter frost Frontier , but i felt it was lacking a bit. I also love the new tornado mechanic that fly's through the map , only wish it would do something drastic other than just a bouncing mushroom effect. Make it devastating where you dont want to get caught in the tornado, and make it hard to escape from. I feel as though majority of these maps are too easy to speed through and don't add any sense of danger when exploring. But maybe im just speaking from a Veteran player perspective and not a casual player. All in all i think this map is awesome and hope for more in the future.

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