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Raid dialog

In this patch you can now skip samarog's cutscene which helps a lot for people who want to move from one boss to the next. Unfortunately the long RP talks between Zommoros, the players, and the skritt detracts from the action quite a bit and leads to rather long waiting periods. This is especially bad after boss 1 while waiting for jackal portals to open. Prior raids always made dialog and cutscenes optional. What are the feelings surrounding this decision to make this waiting period upwards of 3 minutes? Are there any plans to make the RP optional or less intrusive to a group who rather do the content?



  • We do enable a couple skips via conversation (the introduction scene with Zommoros and Glenna, and the Sorting and Appraisal scene with Zommoros and Qadim).
    That said, there are indeed a few areas that are gated by dialogue - as you pointed out, after boss 1, and also the scenes before and after Largos.

    Due to the way we implemented our content, and because we added the skips towards the end of development, we only aimed to address the longest scenes. The skips require some restructuring of our content setup - ex. in the worst case, there could be multiple Zommoros speaking multiple lines at once.
    There's certainly a possibility to add more skips for the other scenes. And at the very least, we may look to make it so that the jackal portals aren't dependent on Zommoros finishing his lines.

    Going forward, our goal is definitely to create narrative content in such a way that is not as intrusive.

  • This is wonderful to hear. Thank you for this reply. I quite enjoyed the dialog and think everything about this raid is very well done. Story done in parallel feels much more natural than story done in sequence and I've appreciated that fact far more than credit has been given.

  • @Anthony Tran II.5240 said:
    Going forward, our goal is definitely to create narrative content in such a way that is not as intrusive.

    Hopefully that also applies to the LS teams as well.

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