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About new medium armor sets.

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edited September 26, 2018 in Sep: LWS4 Ep 4, Raid, & more!

Are there any plans on making the cuts between the breast armor and leg armor pieces for future medium set releases more like how it is for the light and heavy armor sets?

As it stands right now the breast armor pretty much always makes the set while there is little to no difference for the leg armor (even the legendary one"s"). It's different for the glorious set but there is no real point in mixing it with other leg pieces because like I said they all look like the same and what's more some of the leg pieces (the new elegy and requiem ones included) don't even have a belt because for some reason this part of the leg piece is oftentimes attached to the breast armor even if the preview icon shows otherwise (e.g. the leg piece from the triumphant armor set).