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My questions about the story

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edited September 25, 2018 in Sep: LWS4 Ep 4, Raid, & more!

Good morning devs! First of all really well done with this episode, I think it was phenomenal!

1) Do you think it was risky to lead the story that far away from Tyria? I mean the thing that Kralkatorrik attacks the Mists/and I think he's also turning towards other worlds (?). I personally think it's really phenomenal that Kralk's threat is more non-Tyria-only. It's great!
I am a fractal veteran and I really care about the lore in it, and I kinda thought about the Harbringer of Woe when I was playing the story of this episode. And all I want to say is that maybe this Woe meant Kralkatorrik, right?

2) About Kormir's journal, that concerns the current story in my opinion; she wrote: The destruction of Tyria is inevitable, yet there is a part of me that still remembers what it was like to be mortal—what it is to hope. Is it like: "for sure"- a prophecy of Woe?

3) Was it made on purpose to show off the script in Behind the Scenes: Kari Wahlgren at the beginning? Whose idea it was to shot it?
There was mentioned Taimi's growing illness, appearing of Caithe and something about low-group's morale (what I think meant Blish's death). Why did you shot it? Did you think the players won't notice?

I played the episode knowing about Taimi's illness getting worse, and what was supposed to suprise me, was just: meh, I know that... (source:

Anyway a very nice episode!!! Keep up the good work, writers! Also April Stewart (Human Female PC) blew my mind this time!

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