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How did HE eneded up in Jahai Bluffs?

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Thank you for including the now named Bait-o-Tron. Hobo-Tron is one of my fav characters. While I understand the name change, how did Heal-o-Tron join Almorra's squad? Stow away on a Pact Airship by accident? Went under Magnus or Kiel's orders? I actually had some free time updating the Job-o-Tron's wiki page, so I'm curious why and how Job-o-Tron got there. Also maybe a tiny spoiler but will we see Hero-tron again? After all golems can't be branded. Once again thank you so much for including the original Ho-ho-Tron, a small detail that was a highlight for me, thank you so much. Hope he keeps on Troning :smile:


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