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For Fun: if gw2 characters were in the WWE....

What entrance music would you give to various characters? Or in other words are there about songs that remind you of various gw2 characters?

Curious as to which songs varies devs would attach to different characters



  • Oh man. As a die-hard WCW/WWE/ECW fan growing up, this topic is right up my alley! These would be my themes for the members of Dragon's Watch:

    Braham: "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf
    Rytlock: "Stigmata" by Ministry
    Taimi: "Bangarang" by Skrillex
    Canach: "Man In the Box" by Alice in Chains (sorry, Tommy Dreamer)
    Kasmeer: "Cool Girl" by Tove Lo (nsfw) ;-P
    Marjory: "Sweet Sacrifice" by Evanescence
    Rox: "Barracuda" by Heart

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    "My name is Rytlock Brimstone and I am a certified G...and you can't teach that!
    This right here, this is Big Braham and he's 7 foot tall...and you can't teach that!
    Bada Boom, realest guys in the room...HOW YOU DOIN'!"

    My Norn character gets "I am a Real American Tyrian"

    As for Lord Faren....

    I do fear an RKO from Caithe one of these days though....

    What sleep is here? What dreams there are in the unctuous coiling of the snakes mortal shuffling. weapon in my hand. My hand the arcing deathblow at the end of all things. The horror. The horror. I embrace it. . .

  • perilisk.1874perilisk.1874 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Not that you wanted my opinion, probably, but:
    Jennah: "Simply Irresistable" by Robert Palmer
    Caudecus: "Ballroom Blitz" by The Sweet
    Malchor: Either "Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars, or else "I Go Blind" by Hootie and the Blowfish, depending how metaphysical Grenth's origins are.
    Faolain: "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics
    Vlast: "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi
    Kito: "Big Me" by Foo Fighters
    Palawa Joko: "Look What You Made Me Do" by tay tay
    Balthazar: "Shepherd of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold