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Living Story Team Names

Hey, this is completely trivial but would it be too much trouble for the Living Story teams to come up with their own team names?
Calling the 3 teams by what they worked on "Daybreak, Jahai team" "Bug in the system, Draconis mons team" or by number " Team 1, team 2, team 3" feels alienating and I would rather call them by something that shows their personality as a team.



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    They probably don't want to due this due to sharing team members and working together sometimes. There are also people who contribute an equal amount to each episode and aren't part of a specific episode team. Wonder if there're some internal names, though.


  • We almost did this with Season 3. My team, which was working on all of the White Mantle content at the time, tried to push for TEAM DISMANTLE, but ultimately none of us could agree on good names that we wanted to keep forever. Likewise, we much prefer to think of ourselves as one team even though we're made up of a subset of smaller ones. Like Cronos mentioned, the designers also often help each other out, and we do have a lot of shared team members that work with every team, like the prop artists, animators, VFX artists, live leads, and some of the writers.

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    Team Dismantle FTW!

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    It's worth noting, also, that the composition of those groups shifts and people get moved from team to team not infrequently. While there is a lot of overlap, it's not exactly accurate to state that that Bloodstone Fen and Jahai Bluffs were made by the "same people."

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  • So would it be more accurate for each episode has a project code name? Since the teams don't have names could you share some of the code names things had before the final names were settled on?