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Visual effects on legendary trinkets

I love that we're slowly working towards full legendary gear.
I think it's awesome to be able to have that.
However, there's 1 downside to the trinkets: The effects are there, whether you want them or not.
For me personally, the main use of legendary gear is being able to swap stats whenever I want, and secondly the skin.
However, not all skins fit my character.
This is fine for weapons and armor and the backpiece, because we can transmute stuff.
And for parts of the armor and the back, you can even turn it off altogether.
But with Aurora (and presumably the new legendary ring once it's available) there's no choice.
Are there any plans to change this?


  • In the long term, I’d like to have a solution for the legendary accessories (turning off the effects if you don’t want them, and ways to acquire additional accessories for alts), but it probably won’t be through the wardrobe system.


  • Blocki.4931Blocki.4931 Member ✭✭✭✭

    We should have a toggle for all trinkets, even if it doesn't do anything. That way we can just turn it off later down the line (or just gradually introduce that as the slots get filled)

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