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Displaced Towers in Jahai Bluffs

To start off, I'd like to mention how much I loved the detail of this, I'd been hoping to see some idea of what Orr looked like pre-Cataclysm/Dragon Rising for years.
As for what I'd like to inquire, how much went into the process of making this shard of Orr? Is the Vizier's Tower the same model we see in Straits of Devastation, but updated? Were there other spots in Orr considered for this scene? Then lastly, if it's not too spoiler-y of a question, is there any chance we'll get to know more about pre-Cataclysm/Dragon Rising Orr in the future?
Props for adding all the awesome little details to this episode, it's made it a ton of fun!

"You know what they say: Curiosity pruned the Sylvari."



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    @Connor Fallon.9408 said:
    So we settled on the time loop approach instead - I have an affinity for time loops, so it was fun to implement one inside Guild Wars 2!

    I am guessing you REALLY liked the episode of STNG where Picard and the Enterprise were stuck in a time loop and blew up.. I think I counted 65 times..

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    It was a pretty good episode, yes. =) And Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie. And Majora's Mask is probably my favorite Zelda game. I could go on. :P

    Not saying everything with time loops is good. Just many things.

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  • This is so neat to hear, thanks for responding!

    "You know what they say: Curiosity pruned the Sylvari."