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What exactly happened to this NPC? [Spoiler]

What exactly is Blish's status now?

He said, he'd turn some functions off and use his Golem as power source for the tracking device. But what exactly are the higher functions he has deactivated? Was it just the "body", as in the previous episode, or also his "brain"?

The latter would mean that he is definitely gone.

But if only the body is powered off, we could theoretically - though highly unlikely - recover him. Even if he'd probably become insane by then. Another possibility would be, that his mind is active within Kralk somehow.

IIRC he explicitly alluded to his Amnoon experience, so I think just the outer shell is powered off. But why don't his friends see any hope, then?


  • The body was eaten up by a dragon who shares powers with other dragons and at least one god. (Or worse, Kralk just ate the sword and the body was destroyed by all the ambient storms.) Short of a Jonah-and-the-Whale level of miracle, how would the golem body survive? And if the body doesn't survive, how would his consciousness exist outside the mists?

    And if somehow we could claim his consciousness from the mists, the existentialist crisis that would result would be enormous. Anyone could survive life after death, if only we build the right golem and get it to the right part of the mists. As a plot complication, that would seem to overwhelm anything related to the Big Bads of the history of the franchise.

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  • Tin hat theory. Gorrik says but I saved him as he wanders off. I'm thinking he didn't mean putting him in the golem body. But that he has a back up copy and left to make a new body.

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    @Teraphas.6210 said:
    Tin hat theory. Gorrik says but I saved him as he wanders off. I'm thinking he didn't mean putting him in the golem body. But that he has a back up copy and left to make a new body.

    Pretty sure he's just in shock, since his relationship with his brother is such that he would go to some very extreme lengths to keep him alive, and he's probably not completely neurotypical to begin with.

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    I think it's pretty safe to say that his higher functions were his consciousness, the part that made him an asura-in-a-golem versus an AI golem. Thus, him shutting down would be like he was at the dock: aware, but unable to act. Forever. As for his body, it's tied to the sword-tracker, and even if he does get out of Kralk's body intact, he'll be pretty banged up no matter which way that works out.

    As for the "But I saved him", I'm betting that ties back more to the first time, when he was "uploaded" into the golem. I have no idea how he did it, but the matrix to hold a person's personality is probably not going to fit on a single data crystal. Building a new Blish is not something that can be done easily, and even a new one will probably be a bit off from the one we got to know from the Inquest labs. Plus, I'm not sure it'd be fair to do all that again...

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    I hope Blish will return.
    Please devs, make it happen =) !

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    brain functions in all likely hood, else he could've just told us to come back for him instead of saying he's dead

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  • @Illconceived: Since the golem powers the tracking device we can pretty much assume that his body is still in on piece. Blish cannot possibly have transplanted the power source to the tracker without cutting himself off from it before finishing the procedure. Especially under time pressure.

    I don't think we have means to find and recover him, currently. But we might find him in Kralk's remains once we finished him off. And if that happens, the question is still: is he braindead or in coma? Of course his mind could die until then, even if he switched to coma mode in the episode.

    @Rognik: He was concious in Amnoon. His brain was active, but got no sensor input nor means to express itself. That was the whole point why it was so terrible for him. If he was unconcious during the time, he would have experienced it more as a long sleep.

    And that is what I'm unsure about. I think he is in the same state of eternal nothingness. Which would be an even bigger sacrifice than just stopping to exist. OTOH that would open a door to rescue him later. But unless somehow protected (Glint? a human god?) he will have become insane from that.

    Tin hat theory: Machina ex deus ( ;) ) story. We meet the human gods again, and since they are threatened by Kralk now, too, they help us. And give us our friend back somehow.