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In-world economy

Was the decision to (practically) remove platinum as a currency between GW1 and 2 justified in lore?
If globs of ectoplasm are a reasonable marker for economic stability, and Tyrian vendors are good at gauging reasonable prizes, then, since ectos have gone in vendor-price from 100gold to 2.56silver, gold has dropped in value as
0.0256/100*K^250 => K =0.9675
Meaning an annual deflation of 3.25% for the last 250 years.
I wonder if this happened in one disasterous event (the rise of Orr, as the Xunlai guild's influence faded?), or if it's been gradual.
Also, is the reason GW2 has so many different currencies, one of which is literally "did good deeds, gets pretty things", that Tyria's inhabitants don't trust coin as they used to?