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Feedback: Official Path of Fire Feedback Thread

New forum / same request:

Please share your high-level feedback about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire in <100 words.

This is our traditional request for your main points of feedback about our newest release. Please share your likes, dislikes, suggestions -- all are welcome. But please keep these comments to 100 words or less, and join or create other threads for a more in-depth conversation on a specific topic.

Thank you for sharing!

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  • Pretty good. Would recommend. Change enemy spellbreaker's Winds of Disenchantment to be red to be more visable. Please open worlds so friends can play WvW together.

  • @DoctorWunderbar.5037 said:
    Pretty good. Would recommend. Change enemy spellbreaker's Winds of Disenchantment to be red to be more visable.

    This would be a huge QoL plus on the PvP end of things. As it stands now the little red ring is too little to be of any usefulness when there are 50 other little red rings.

  • Everything is awesome except the fact I want to play the story with my friend and many instances don't give you the chance to do the achievements if you are in another persons story.I hate redoing the story and it's always more fun to do it with someone else.

    The maps look awesome so far.Great job.

  • New Skins from PoF need to be view-able so players can set goals for fashion wars. Over all QoL is great! Lack of Map Meta's are a little bit of a let down. Vabbi feels unfinished aswell. Very empty.

  • Rauderi.8706Rauderi.8706 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Mount abilities go very well with the open map layouts.
    Challenging but more manageable hero point challenges. YES!
    Some creature designs are reasonably robust in combat. (Could use more buffs for disenchanting, but that's just me as a Spellbreaker.)

    Would appreciate different icons for repeatable anythings on the map. Being too similar makes it look like they weren't done.

    HoT's charging-knockdown AI meta has been replaced with PoF's perma-blind meta. STOP with the constant CC auto attacks.
    Finding out I can't spend contracts because I need them for buying mounts was a kick in the shin.

    (More to come as I progress, but top-top level feedback? Game is fun, yo.)

    Many alts! Handle it!

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  • Overall I love the expansion, it's amazing.

    I think both expansions have had a lot of disparity in elite specialization usefulness, uniqueness, and mechanics. I understand different developers have different strengths and weaknesses, and because of that I think the devs should rotate and touch all of the elite specs during development, they would be more consistent and balanced that way.

  • PoF = best gaming money I've spent since... buying HoT! Was a mount skeptic, but absolutely love its implementation here.

    Only change I would suggest is the removal of invisible pathing blockers near certain masteries, replacing them with visible terrain/jump-blocking ledges, etc. I feel invisible walls do injustice to the overall visual richness of PoF and the game at large.

  • meeflak.9714meeflak.9714 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    Positives: =) =)
    -Mounts, which seemed like a foreign idea in gw2, were implemented so flawlessly that they instantly felt they belonged in a game that strives so hard to break conventions

    -map design is amazing, should be considered an industry standard for amazing world building

    -story seems to be maturing, and the delivery of story through instanced content and ambient lore is amazing

    Negatives: :'( :'(
    -elite specs can feel alittle too niche, spell breaker/mirage

    -i agree PoF doesn't need metas, but a lack of epic open world encounters is slightly disappointing. I'm sure there's a balance somewhere that would please both crowds without invalidating HoT.

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  • Story was avesome. Maps looks great and so wonderful (have tons of screenshots) But......after launch PoF most of map are empty..... i am done story and some collection, take all mounts and nothing to do more for me. its sad but true. Bounty boards is boring. There is nothing more to do in the new locations

  • @Ashantara.8731 said:
    Less than 100 words not doable, sorry. There is too much to say. :) Of course, you can always skip the "Praise" section and get straight to the criticism. ;)


    Item mechanics:

    • unidentified items leave you a choice (to salvage or to open)
    • left-over event items (trophies) no longer need to be deleted, you can exchange them for karma and other useful stuff at different heart vendors
    • you don’t lose your equipped (event-related) item when you mount or glide


    • the mechanics invented for the several mounts are so much fun, I really hope we will see more of it in future content (not more mounts, but further content that makes use of their abilities; of course, adding a horse mount still wouldn't hurt ;) )
    • great creature design and animations, but that goes for all of PoF’s creatures/monsters/NPCs


    • ideal layout for exploration, engaging and exciting
    • breathtaking designs (architecture, environment, ambient sounds), including the story instances <3
    • enjoyable, atmospheric soundtrack
    • an event system that doesn’t usually stress you out nor limits your options at any time; also, many events require you to use your brain in order to figure out what to do, which I welcome
    • finally, there is real adventure to be had during exploration by going everywhere to discover treasure, unlock new collections and simply feel rewarded for taking your time to explore an area (in previous releases, so much potential was constantly wasted, but not this time)
    • engaging in conversations with NPCs no longer feels pointless and tedious (where you would simply skip through dialogue) but is filled with rich lore, important hints, etc.
    • wonderful ambient dialogue that often has you stop and listen, making your environment feel “alive”


    • the story is so well written and perfectly paced that I find myself completely immersed in it, excited, surprised, shocked, moved, a whole bandwidth of emotions that good writing evokes in the recipient; I constantly find myself craving for more, impatient to see what happens next <3 (and still am for the rest of the story)
    • the player character’s personal background finally matters again, though only in small portions ("I was blessed by Lyssa at birth."), so I wish they made more use of it and gave it more depth and significance :/
    • the quality of dialogue was mostly superb, the best by far in this game (no more super infantile humor and bad jokes, silly conversations, severe out-of-character behavior, and what have you; the only thing that got on my nerves that way was the childish banter between Canach and Rytlock, and especially Rytlock has become too much of a whiner in PoF)


    • your brain gets stimulated in so many different ways that you never get bored; be it side quests, Hero Point challenges, Mastery Point missions, and so on; instead of having all the focus primarily on fighting, like it was with most of the previous content, you now have a huge variety of different tasks (kudos!)


    Item mechanics:

    • you cannot rely on the color of common (green) and uncommon (blue) unidentified items, as some do contain rare (yellow) items as well


    • idea: quick mount swap UI button; just like you have two sets of weapons and two pets between which you can swap, give us that option for mounts as well?
    • please make it possible to activate your respective mount as soon as the enemy is dead or you are no longer being targeted, even when you are still suffering from conditions (the wait time for conditions to expire in such situations is tedious)
    • please make it possible to activate the Skimmer even while taking damage from sulfur (equal to quicksand, where you can activate it at any time)
    • dismounting often leaves your character at a different spot than where they were standing before while mounted, which can easily lead to your toon falling off the ledge
    • dismounting for every action quickly becomes irritating; maybe change to remain mounted when engaging in dialogue, picking up event objects to carry to target, etc.?
    • make mounts available to your companions in more story missions than just the Forged fortress one
    • make it possible to switch to the glider (by holding Space) if you accidentally fall off a great height while mounted (so you don’t have to wait until you finally hit the ground, then have to work all the way back up)


    • many mobs have a disturbingly huge aggro range and/or respawn time, making some areas painful to traverse or explore
    • stop enemies from interrupting dialogue; for instance, I was in a conversation with Defector Basma, but couldn't read her full response, because I had to dodge an AoE attack by a Jacaranda above me (which, once more, leads me to the annoying aggro range)
    • some events overlap, getting in the way of each other and making it hard to survive unless there are other players around to help you deal with the mobs
    • you often are forced to fight, whether you want to or not, due to the aforementioned issues


    • even though we had one option to make a seemingly significant choice (between the two factions and neutrality), it turned out to be of no consequence, which was a huge disappointment :(
    • although a major improvement to LWS3, the dialogue could still use a little less contemporary wording by the PC and her/his companions (e.g., use “Are you alright?” instead of “You okay?”)


    • people have been complaining about the difficulty level of some fights; there is a reason I started PoF with my Necromancer first (usually, my first character is my Ranger), because of his high survivability, damage, and elite spec boni (I am not sure it will be as easy with my Ranger...)
    • the new character selection screen: please read
    • some event notifications in the UI are huge spoilers, that was a bummer

    please keep these comments to 100 words or less, and join or create other threads for a more in-depth conversation on a specific topic.

  • Taelac.7036Taelac.7036 Member ✭✭✭

    Took two days off for a four-day expansion weekend--well-spent. Maps are beautiful. Mobs are interesting-- a couple of mechanics (invuln. to ranged?!) had me yelling "those kittens!" (affectionately). Being forced to switch my longbow ranger to melee weapons in PvE once in a while should improve my PvP skill.

    Callbacks to GW1 are great--loved that "didn't this used to be above ground?" feeling. Story overall was a good experience, though I thought

    Vlast was under-utilized. The refrigerator is no place to put a dragon.

    Love my mounts.

    Looking forward to more time in Elona.

    Good luck, have fun.

  • Great story, great maps. Despite lots of players, the maps feel a little empty. Also, Deadeye needs some work- rifle is practically useless at the moment. Starting to wonder how much replayability there will be, too, in terms of revisiting maps.

  • @Seasniffer.1763 said:

    @Ashantara.8731 said:
    Less than 100 blah blah blah

    • idea: quick mount swap UI button; just like you have two sets of weapons and two pets between which you can swap, give us that option for mounts as well?

    Option>key binding>(in the end of list)mounts hot key.

  • Map design and layouts are breathtaking. Mount acquisition was reasonable and accessible. Story (so far) is enjoyable and engaging. Mounts need a 2nd dye channel to customize better. Solo exploration can be painful and frustrating due to dense mobs or quick respawn. Love almost all of what I’ve experienced so far.

  • Fermi.2409Fermi.2409 Member ✭✭✭

    Map design is good, mounts are good. The amount of masteries was disappointing, as well as the lack of non open-world content.

    Overall, good but could have used instanced/repeatable content. Another dungeon, a fractal or two, a couple meta events, that kind of stuff

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  • Just a flesh wound.3589Just a flesh wound.3589 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    Y'all did a great job on mounts and aesthetics.

    1) a way to take your alts to the expansion without doing the story instance for each one or requiring a gemstore purchase is needed. The NPC at the ship in Lions Arch could have an option to send a char there once the first story instance has been done.
    2) those large empty maps feel empty of content. Maybe a gizmo that a player can have to show all currently active events on the map? The maps could use Harathi type chained events leading to an area boss. The events now seem disconnected from each other. There's no feeling of epic getting together to beat a story line boss.

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  • 10/10. The mounts, the maps, the story, everything is on point, feels great and is a ton of fun. Well done Anet!

  • Tseison.4659Tseison.4659 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    Please rework/fix the MIRAGE specialization and also CORE Mesmer. Aside from that, the PoF expansion was alright. Patiently waiting to continue the story as I feel I got through it too quickly.

  • I like the mounts dont know about the griffon though.
    I really hope we are looking into add condition defense attribute like armor/toughness. So, that classes that are tanky can have other options then just condi cleanse builds in pvp. I believe that will be a work in the right direction. Yes, I know spell breaker has been created, but i don't believe that having a spec on one class to fight the problem solves the problem , but ill make a post on the topic when i become more educated about the problem in whole.

  • Love the expansion so far. Only feedback I would like is that the divide between power and condition builds be narrowed.

  • -Deadeye feels good, but the results point to it being Dead-weight. The damage for mechanical investment is just not there. In addition to this Fire For Effect has an application range of like 240, which is like melee range. If its supposed to hit TEN targets and have an impact on raids I would consider increasing this to 600-900.

    -Mounts are awesome. -> Mount Skins.

    -Classes are fun -> Make class specific boons hit 10 players across the board so we can see more of them in raids. ex. Empowered Allies, Spotter. A lot of them dont compete well with the existing class utility.

    -Meta events in the new maps would be great.

    -Braham's Wolfblood Mask as an individual armor skin for light/medium/heavy pls.

    Thanks~ <3

  • Fallesafe.5932Fallesafe.5932 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    Y'all did a great job on mounts and aesthetics.

    1) a way to take your alts to the expansion without doing the story instance for each one or requiring a gemstore purchase is needed. The NPC at the ship in Lions Arch could have an option to send a char there once the first story instance has been done.

    Yes... this! I don't want to do this story over and over and over. There's no reason. It's just a tedious drag and time-sink. Otherwise, I loved this expansion. Please expedite these waypoint unlocks that everyone has been talking about!!

  • John.8507John.8507 Member ✭✭✭
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    Great map design and some good events that I have seen so far. Some good group bosses with the bounty hunts and the landscape and mounts are great.

    Need a world boss or some more group content outside of bounties - and improve the mega server or increase population limit on these maps as seem empty but there is people there.

    Mounts need a more dye channels.

    Work needs to be done to stop mounts going places they shouldn't in the rest of the world.

  • Overall PoF is an amazing expansion. The story was really nice, the maps are beautiful. NPC dialogue is really interesting and funny.
    I LOVE the kites from the casino! They're so pretty. Will there be more in the future? :D
    My biggest critique so far would be the density of mobs / their attack range. I never had any problems with this in the core game or in HoT, but in the desert it can be frustrating if you're trying to activate a mount while being attacked from every side. But all in all it's been a great expansion so far!

  • jheryn.8390jheryn.8390 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    Less than 100 words? OK.

    Maps: Freaking Incredible
    Artwork: Amazing. Keep finding awesome things.
    Story: Engaging and flowed nicely. Fun instances if you are the commander. If you are not…
    Mounts: Jury is still out for me.
    Tihark Orchard: Sucked
    Garden of Seborhin: OMG! Incredible!
    Kodash Bazaar: Great job. Wish it was easier to explore.
    Junundu, Jacaranda, and Iboga: Too small.
    GW1 Awakened: Where are they? Undead don’t go “extinct.”
    Hydra: Finally! Great revamp.
    Djinn: Love them! And all four elements! Again, great revamp.
    Places: Can’t tell you how much it means to recognize places from GW. Thank you.

  • Swagger.1459Swagger.1459 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    I'm liking the new maps and story. Hope you add meta events to these areas as the story goes, because the zones cannot be sustained with only bounties.

    Thank you for making it smooth to unlock new elites, made my time going through the zone much more enjoyable.

    Some new legendary weapons would have been nice. A redo of the medium legendary armor would have been great.

    Soulbeast dagger, off hand dagger and Soulbeast slot skills leave a whole lot to be desired.

    There was an opportunity to bring us a much needed profession and combat mechanics and skills and roles... 2.0 revamp, but here we are. Yes, it was, and still is, sorely needed.

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  • Purgatori.3645Purgatori.3645 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    Happy with the expansion overall and love the mounts. The story is fantastic and Im happy with the progression of the new elites ... so far I have Firebrand and Soulbeast. As a solo player this was important to me. I think Anet did an amazing job! Thank you so much for this <3

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  • Deihnyx.6318Deihnyx.6318 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2017

    Trying to give balanced feedback :)

    The good:

    • Love the story (good writing, voice acting, no slow down, difficulty is balanced enough to still be simple but not too easy).
    • Mounts are very enjoyable.
    • Map design is great for relaxing gaming.
    • The music... keep these guys and release ost please!
    • Bounties are a great idea.
    • No need for stupidly slow grinding

    The less good

    • One or two big meta to keep everyone happy would have been nice.
    • Story a bit on the short side.
    • No end game hard content (coming with raids I know, but I still regret the disparition of dungeons)
    • WvW would benefit from having one (only one) mount friendly map.

    The absolutely ugly!

    • No Samarog mount, Aurene mount or prenium mounts, I need more Samarog in my life. Please let me spend gems ~
    • Where are my margonites :'(
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