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  • can we get some wvw content finally??
    2 expansions and you guys from ANET still ignoring the game mode...

  • Like:
    1. Loving the content delivery. Everything flows so well!
    2. Love the lack of grind.
    3. LOVE mounts. Movement is a joy.
    4. Love the story. There's even an epilogue this time! Awesomely done, guys!
    5. Love most of the specs, but...

    Needs work:
    1. Mirage sucks in PvE. Everything that mesmers use to generate damage is ignored on the spec, and the stuff that does damage is terrible.
    2. Tweak the numbers on holosmith in PvE some more. It's really a fun spec, it just needs some love.

    1. It's not November yet. Gief more pls

  • takatsu.9416takatsu.9416 Member ✭✭✭
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    Great immersive story. Beautiful maps. So many nooks and crannies to explore and discover. I love challenging fights. maps so large and design of goals causes the solo experience again (may be good but also players scattered, no sense of community). Lack of big meta chains and focuses. Bounties are fun for a while but seems repetitive farming. Too many mob swarms with huge aggro range and hard hitting following you everywhere making it difficult to navigate to destinations especially difficult mount based jumping puzzles needing accuracy while being attacked by mobs and trying to consult map. Killing said mob swarms is fine but they respawn almost or actually immediately after, causing frustrating solo experiences. Group play is not an option, people seem to be scattered and at different progress levels esp with such huge maps. All in all great solo world immersion but also too solo focused and frustrating to be solo as it stands. And of course way too many crashes and bugs, despite demos and stress test

  • I like ...

    • ... the new maps!
    • ... most heart quests and events, because of the different tasks you have to do.
    • ... the mounts! Thank you for adding an option for those players who suffer from motion sickness.
    • ... the story, because it was very exciting and I only had one bug yet.
    • ... the specialisations, especially the Weaver with those cool sword animations.
    • ... the miniatures that can be bought after doing the heart quests.
    • ... the music! And the English and German voice actors, they have done a really good job!
    • ... the unidentified items!

    I don't like ...

    • ... that I didn't get some of the achievements when I entered the story of my brother.
    • ... that there is no world boss, which is very disappointing.
    • ... that the raptor and skimmer only have one dye channel.
    • ... that I have to dismount all the time, for example when I want to talk with an NPC.
    • ... that there is no meta event or at least I haven't seen anything like that yet. This makes some maps very empty and I'm afraid that many players won't come back to the POF maps once they have all masteries and achievements. One or two metas would have been nice.

    I really like POF so far, in my opinion it's much better than HOT.
    Thank you for your hard work!

  • Points where PoF really shines:

    Incredible production value
    Incredibly detailed environments and maps. EVERY SINGLE ZONE was beautiful, unique and a pleasure to navigate and explore. I actually stopped and enjoyed the scenery more than I could count
    Wonderful throwback to GW1 and lore in general. Lore is the CenterPoint of this game. Lore is what makes this game stand out from everything else. Lore is amazing. keep it coming
    Very good storyline and voice acting
    Bounties are unique, rewarding and do not take away from main story, nor from HOT metas.

    Overall I think this expansion is AAA and its your best piece of work to date. keep up the good work!

  • I would not even bother playing this game with any other profession than my necromancer, which has a high survivability rate. I have trouble staying alive as it is in the instanced story. The gated mastery system makes me want to smash my computer to pieces. It is a frustrating experience to go crazy looking for accessible mastery points that don't require higher mastery points than I already have to acquire more mastery points to basically progress through the story or any map. I haven't even unlocked the springer mount (trying to find one more mastery point to unlock the canyon jumping feature). Very annoying to not be able to progress through the game and desperately search the map over and over and over again only to find out that there's no way to reach the mastery point because I need masteries in other things in order to reach the mastery point. Don't get me wrong, romping through the desert on a raptor is tons of fun and the storyline has improved dramatically, but the whole gated mastery system makes me wanna break out in hives. I am not sure I want to continue. I've done the pot of soup mastery challenge over 20 times and it's majorly bugged... it seems to be my only hope of acquiring one extra mastery point. Unless Anet offers me some light at the end of the tunnel, I'm sorry, this is too frustrating. Reminds me of HOT, which I gave up on. When things are tedious instead of fun, I'd rather be doing something else. I will not consider buying a future expansion.

  • eithedog.4678eithedog.4678 Member ✭✭
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    I've not managed to play any of the new stories without encountering one bug or the other - this is especially shocking, when in HOT I think I've encountered two. It's either client crashing in the middle of the quest, making you do the quests again, or trigger points not triggering, making you do the quests again or one thing or the other preventing you from getting the achievements, and again making the quests again. It would be good, if I've done the story already, to start from a certain point, but no - I have to see the cinematic I've seen already, or go through the same dialog options for no reason at all, but just wasting time.

    I won't go into PVE - there're +/- there, but the story has been an especial pain for me.

    I liked to play this game - at this point though I'm effectively being discouraged to do any additional stuff, just because, I don't know - the expansion was rushed? Which is a shame, as I've been a fan for a long time, find the game interesting and pretty, and unique and instead of enjoying what you guys have created I'm just fed up.

    edit: even with the last quest, where all you have to do is talk to all people - I can't talk to Canach, thus preventing me from getting the achievement...

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    Hi there i would like to add my experience from new Expansion.

    • Something new
    • New Elite spec (For some people)


    • Mounts rely clunky and mastery's are made only for them. (Too much hype about mounts but there nothing to get hyped about).
    • Mastery's... only 4 mastery type per mount. ( In HOT Gliding - 6 mastery's, Itzel Lore - 6 mastery's, Exalted lore - 5 mastery's, Nuhoch lore - 6 masterys !! Creators slaked off)
    • Maps are large and everything is spread out and because of that maps feels empty. ( In HOT everything is pact and always something is going on, also exploration is alot
      entertaining because of horizontal progression.) Great example ''Quantity over Quality'' Creators slaked off again.
      -Story is short same as in HOT.
      -Core and first elite specializations could haw been reworked for some classes to make them more versatile to increase learning curve. (Guardian for example).
      -Not much changed in PVP department rather than new Elites.
      -Bounty runs are linear and easy ! just follow Commander and kill mob ( In HOT you haw META EVENTS where to complete it you haw to do many smaller tasks and at the end bid boss fight like in Dragon stand... that was epic)

    In conclusion Creators made big Hype but in reality there is nothing much to see. Disappointing.

  • zealex.9410zealex.9410 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Heres my feedback: Everything is great, lack of meta/s and wbs kinda ruins it. More story next expac kay thnx bye.

    (Edit: ppl will tell u that they hated events on a timer but i cannot tell u how much i miss knowing when an event will take place and have the players there to do it. Again not saying having only that was better, but a good balance of both)

  • Just finished the game and I really liked the expansion. IMHO there are many improvements over HOTs but at least 1 backsteps too.

    The best:

    • The MAPS: They ALL look amazing and have sooo much love put into them. They really feel better designed this time: There is no tangled dephts maze-madness but there is still lots of verticallity and secret parts to explore and have fun with the pets and sometimes the glider. (but I still regret that there are not other uses to HOTs masterys). And the size. They really really feel larger if you dont use a mount.
    • Pets are FUN, heck even with the monster bunny I can have fun (sorry I cant find it cute) and give depth to exploring and the experience in general
    • Progress with the story/masterys is FAR better paced too but without loosing the chalenge. I never felt the need to grind to continue the story.
    • The story: Yes it may still be a clasic hero story with some strange parts (dont want to make spoilers) but it had some really interesting lore parts even for people not that wise on lore things and SPECIALLY in the way of mechanics: optional jumping puzzle, strategic command of units, the "race". and SPOILER (maybe) even playing with the "reforged" sword were really fun. (And I wonder why its owner doenst 1hit NPCs like you do) +It has an epilogue to wrap things better.
    • Hearths are more interesting with the karma minis (more good ideas like that), and the good choya villages is pure genius (even if it is a little steal from FF)

    The worst:

    • Lack of Map meta events (as others allready pointed) in large maps with not that high population
      IMHO Meta events were one of the best things in HOTs: 1) they narrate other parts/views of the personal story, making the lore deeper for those who like it. 2) They help and incentivate people to group and do the more complex but fun non-solo content, making players help others 3) Make the maps feel more dynamic and alive 4) Usually have better rewards if you invest the time and 5) Make the maps more replayable

    • Some insta respawns in The Desolation / Mob density that remembers me of Orr (shivers)

    If I remember something more Ill edit it.

  • Nep Leet.5491Nep Leet.5491 Member ✭✭
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    The mob density is way too high. There's a tipping point where mobs every few yards (truly not exaggerating about this) makes one's gaming experience VERY tedious and frustrating. It's not fun. (I've almost wondered if its some weird 'double spawn' bug, because it just doesn't seem 'intended' in its current state.)

    Aggro range on some mobs is in the "absurdly long" range like some of them used to be in Bloodstone Fen.

    Mobs have a much longer leash, takes a distance of probably 2 to 4 times farther to lose aggro. (Which means you've then run into another dozen or so mobs, resulting in a seemingly endless chain of aggro.)

    And the respawn timer on mobs is bizarrely fast.

    As it stands currently, I'm not sure how appealing trudging through dense herds of mobs will be for players in relation to replayability in these zones over time.

    I truly hope ANet will tone down some of these issue with mobs, just as they did in the Heart of Maguuma zones shortly after HoT launched.

  • Shadowsrb.6241Shadowsrb.6241 Member ✭✭
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    its pointless expansion,its just mounts add-on.after week of playing im pretty much done,there is nothing to do here.its even worse because u destroyed market so its not even worth doing anything.meta map would mask this problems but u didnt make not one,this vanilla events hunt are not substitute for sure u are waiting ls4 for meta,but thats like at least 6months away.idk about specializations,i made all but i dont care much about always for mastering your class then completely changing every year.extra util slot or few skills would be enough.....
    maps are i guess ok,i know thats the theme but desert and wasteland are worst combo,u should made some green oaza map...dont make expansions without green map.stuff u do good like story,presentation....are good here also.....

  • Elementalist doesn't have to the far and away the best, you don't have to nerf everything else just because they are competitive. Not enough armor/weapon collection achievements.

  • It's an amazing addition to the game! Maps are beautiful and atmospheric. Mounts are a joy to use. I consider PoF a success! :)

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    the story is okay, so are the new elites are good. What stands out at being terrible is the new map design. Grand but empty. Lots of spectacle and little substance.

    Why did not you guys stick with LS3 map designs while adding meta events is beyond me. That was already determined to be idle though 5 years of testing.

  • I'll start with criticism:

    -Without going into spoilers, I think some plot points were robbed of their power by pacing issues

    -I would have liked to see the inclusion of HoT masteries in the new maps so there isn't a sense of loss of progression and that there is variety when traversing the new maps

    Overall, the expansion is the best work you guys have put out, including the base game, and it is miles ahead of HoT.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
    • too few waypoints (and no, due to some maps' structures, mounts do not make up for the lack of waypoints)
    • griffon totally underwhelming (feels like flying a crippled bird)
    • mobs still annoying in numbers, aggro range and respawn times (at least in certain spots)
  • All I want to say is the writing team did an excellent job and that the writing in PoF should be the benchmark for story here on out.

  • I would like to say thanks to the anet team as 5 mins age i was solo exploring and found the Grand Court of Sebelkeh and the building is as it was all that time ago, i saw it and just had to smile..

  • Love the maps and mounts. Shame there are no meta events as I loved them in Hot. Was really looking forward to some new armor as most of the armor on my toons are from armour sets I have bought from the gem store. Now there are only outfits coming out and they are useless as u cant mix and match. Being female I would have liked some sexy not kitten armor but was so disappointed with the look of the armor. Most of them are way to busy. Having goals is important to keep me playing but now those goals to get all the new armor are gone.

  • Made a typo above Kitten armor meant to be kitten armor

  • Just finished the story, so here goes.

    The Good: I really like the maps and environments, the mounts, the elite specs (that I've tried), the running around all over the place exploring and doing events. Woo hoo. That's my kinda thing.

    The Bad: I hate that the hearts won't stay full. Hated it in LS3. Hate it here. Please stop doing that. Why do you do that? What purpose does it serve? I feel the soundtrack of the game should include that old Janet Jackson song. You know the one. Dat Da-dah, Dat! What have you done for me lately? Also: so many of the boss fights/story missions. Or, as I like to call them, Marathons of Misery. The final fight is a good example. Even though I got through it, albeit with every piece of armor broken (even though I went in with two repair canisters), I felt no sense of accomplishment whatsoever, I was just glad to be done with it. Much like that damned silly chef, these curious injections of un-fun and frustrating activities that always, always, seem to drag on and on and on really brought down my enthusiasm for this expansion. Ugh. Just one more thing: the story. While I appreciated the somewhat more, I don't know, sober, I guess, tone, it was still... well... you know how in the movie 'Hush', when the neighbor is banging on the door of the deaf woman's house, begging to be let in, alas! and then in the next scene the deaf woman is dashing to and fro locking all the other doors, and we realize the poor neighbor had the misfortune to run to the one and only door in the whole house that was already locked? Yeah. Kinda like that. Others here on the forums have pointed out specific examples. Seek and ye shall find.

    The Do Not Want: It would be really cool if, for example, the epilogue turned out to be a really bad dream caused by a clash of awakened strawberry pie and branded cactus brandy, or hey! You know how eating too much turkey at Thanksgiving dinner can make you, you know, sleepy? That! Because I really, really, really times infinity do not want to go there and do that. Not again. Ever again. Really.

    Ai, gods, Rytlock, it ain't rinsing I'm talking about, it's repeating!

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    I think the new elite specialization weapon collection have improved compared to HoT, though there is still the “drop randomly from one enemy” item, even if in most cases the enemy in question is rather common, so it’s going to drop quite fast, there are some cases where the enemy in question is less common, such as for the soulbeast weapon where it’s junundu, which are rarer, and since the drop is random it means you’ll have to spend presumably a lot of time slaughtering junundu, so it might take few minutes or hours, and in any cases it’s tedious and mindless work.

  • PROS:
    1) Great story with great lore details everywhere (including open world)
    2) Beautiful, large, easy to navigate maps
    3) AMAZING, "JOYFUL" mount system
    4) Fun new specializations: Firebrand, Holosmith

    1) Ugly, limited armor sets
    2) No map-wide metas
    3) Terrible, unfun specializations: Renegade

  • I love the expansion, I think the team's done an excellent job. What I don't love is the fact that I can't fully explore the maps and take everything in because I'm being hounded by mobs and then more mobs, then other mobs, and they're all so condition heavy mobs.

  • Lanthun.7251Lanthun.7251 Member ✭✭✭

    Bounties are make it or break you; some are unbearable to do. Mounts are buggy, some de-mounting while in mid-animation. Story was good, but I felt it was a lot shorter compared to HoT. A lot of mapping ground to cover; so much land, where's all the metas!

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  • First off, want to say I >>love<< this expansion.
    What I thought was awesome: The darker tone in the story, I hope to see much more of this! The selection of fewer characters to focus on; while I was skeptical at first, this really paid off in the end. The hidden achievement for the griffon was a complete (and amazing) surprise. The callbacks to GW1 lore were very well integrated! Of course, then the obvious such as the beautiful maps, amazing mounts, and fun new elite specs.
    What I feel could have been added/improved: The lack of build templates--I really want to enjoy the new specializations on all of my classes, but on some I feel restricted because I only slightly prefer the old elite specs. Optimization could have been a bit better in some parts of the new maps, time for DX12 wink? Also the lack of new content for PvP and WvWers; I'm not one myself, but I can see why they may feel left out. And Woodenpotatoes points these out but I totally agree: story felt a bit short in the desolation (my favourite map visually), and there could have been a few more things to do that bring people together socially.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Mounts are super awkward in tight spaces.
    Hearts shouldn't be repeatable, that doesn't make any sense.
    Please let us talk to NPC's without dismounting

    Overall really disappointing. It'll keep people occupied for a few weeks before the game dies down again

  • michelada.2947michelada.2947 Member ✭✭✭

    I want more cutscenes during epic moments of the story

  • Nearly perfect expansion with one major flaw. The story. It is presented well but in the end disappointing. Read Lore section. There are enough threads about this. Why not use existing lore and build on it and escalate something like the evil half brother Menzies the Mad, Lord of destruction? Now the brother conflict is in the trashcan. With PoF the memories of FoW get a real bad shadow. Thank you, it turns out we players fought for evil against evil in GW1. GW2 PathofFire = second release kill a god. GW1 Nightfall = second release kill a god... PoF = Abbadon 2.0.

  • First of all, I love this expansion.

    -Maps are great, with many awesome things to explore. I like how they are more like the vanilla zones in terms of map layout and hearts.
    -Mounts are just spot on in terms of everything.
    -Love the theme of almost all elite specs.
    -The story was really good for the most part.

    -Even though i am not a big fan of meta events, I would have liked a meta map.
    -Act 3 of the story was not as well made as the first two, even though the fights were great.

  • Rym.1469Rym.1469 Member ✭✭✭

    The visuals for the new maps and the maps in general are outstanding. Blows HoT out of the water, same with most maps from other MMOs in competition.
    As for mounts - it definitely feels like a lot of resources went into them. Only Skimmer feels a little bit too niche - I'd like even more "drift" feel to it, possibly getting more speed from that.

    However, while a lot of attention went into mounts, a bit less went into new elite specializations, which is visible particulary on the animations side of things. There are too many re-used ones for my liking, some repeating animations even within the same class (Eviscerate and Aura Slicer on Warrior for example).

    Elite specializations are mixed-bag. Some clearly got more love than others, like Weaver vs. Renegade. Dissapointing lack of new, exciting mechanics that would push gameplay boundaries - most of the new utilities and traits are rather simplistic and lack some "playmaking" feel or big potential.

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  • Started playing original GuildWars in 2006 between the releases of Factions and Nightfall. In my opinion, Path of Fire contains some the best content available in either game in terms of: story, graphics, playability, re-playability, new mechanics, maps, collections and achievements, and new specializations/skills. ArenaNet has raised the bar on their other (also great) content. It still continues to shock me that this game hasn't become more successful than WoW. I tried WoW for a while, but after one playthrough to max level, I was so fed up with its inadequacies in comparison to GW1 that I was done with it. Compare that with today's latest content in GW2, and ArenaNet's game is vastly superior.

  • Svarty.8019Svarty.8019 Member ✭✭✭✭

    ★WARNING★ This post contains no facts and consists entirely of my opinion. It's a ridiculous joke that I should have to state such a thing.

    In my opinion, Windswept haven isn't as good as the previous guild halls because it's a big flat empty space with a few pre-decorated giant buildings in it.

    • Exploration: The other two guild halls had huge areas of exploration. In Windswept haven, it feels like there's nothing to explore.
    • Invisible walls are an enormous no-no for players, they hint at more content to explore and then slam the door in the player's face.
    • If you're going to give us such huge spaces to decorate, we need giant decorations to place in them - and I mean GIANT decorations. We need massive walls and floor panels. Let us transform this empty space into buildings of our own design! Hint: Player-race themed architecture might be an idea.

    This post contains my opinion.

  • First i want to say that when the hype first talked about mounts in GW2 i thought ugh we dont need them, what are the devs thinking of. But now i love the mounts the fluidic movement is amazing so well done guys. Now my moans, as other posters have stated some of the mobs can be just too much which gives a problem when you look for a safe spot to stop and sort inventory but 2 mob groups overlap and now you are hit by 10 enemies also the lack of waypoints especially covered ones in the branded areas, which brings me to the most annoying thing in the game THAT BLASTED LIGHTNING in the branded area come on guys what the hell is that all about, i have yet to do a full run of the branded area without dying and having to go back to a waypoint so far back that i know i wont get passed the point i just died at. Now previous releases of the game had branded areas and THAT BLASTED LIGHTNING was never a problem so come on guys give some of us older guys ( 60 ) a chance just have the LIGHTNING but switch of the injury side of it and make a great game even more enjoyable. Thank for all your hard work. George.

  • Strong storyline and awesome new enemies (fantastic job on the creation of such epic looking enemies). Mounts are very usefull and very well intigrated in the maps for exploration. Though the storyline is epic, it leaves a void to know what's going to happen next. It feels like PoF is only a few steps in the new storyline, compared to HoT which had a strong and independent one.

  • TheBravery.9615TheBravery.9615 Member ✭✭✭

    The PvE content is not bad, a lot better than the PvE of HoT. Glad they stopped 'muh verticallity'.

    Professions are more "balanced" than HoT professions at launch, but tweaking still necessary. Pay attention to professions that deal way more damage than other classes (firebrand and scourge comes to mind)

    Can't help but feel like while the content is more quality, there's far less quantity than HoT. HoT introduced more content, a new profession, raid wings, a new wvw borderland, new pvp maps, just way more content.

    Verdict: C+, improve by giving competitive modes like pvp/wvw more attention, fine profession balance more. Keep up the good work.

  • TheBravery.9615TheBravery.9615 Member ✭✭✭

    Oh the final story fight was well thought out. I wvw mostly but that was enjoyable.

  • I like a lot of the exploration mechanics, and the map and story parts are great - overall, that's great as most of my experience of POF is in that area. The meta/bounty stuff I like in theory, but... in practice, the boss design makes many fights really unpleasant. The bounty mechanics are frequently horrible to experience - like phase shifting on a teleporting or charging enemy. Telegraphs are hidden under piles of allies and yet failing to dodge means death. Too often when I join one of these groups I regret it.

  • athos.9034athos.9034 Member ✭✭

    This expansion is really nice (I won't get on with positive elements), but I would have three concerns :

    • Empty maps. Yes, they are beautiful, but the lack of meta events turn some regions into a real desert. Some areas are a nice surprise (the snowy parts of Desert Highlands with the underground ruins are great), but are not multi-layered and the larger-than-ever size seems to be a consequence of the newly introduced mounts, rather than a real effort to put surprising content.
    • Bounties. This mechanic is pretty fun, but for a time. Apart from dailies and achievements, there's no point doing them regularly.
    • Mastery points. I get it, mounts are the big add-on, and why not doing all the mastery tracks based on them. But, the way to get MP is boring. It's just exploration. Central Tyria MP were fun, when we had to complete events (Triple Trouble comes to mind). Too many mastery insights, really.
      All those concerns have a common ground : once we will all complete the maps, what will be next? For now, it's fun, because we're exploring a new/old world. Once it will be done, those maps will become a no-man's-land.
  • eldrin.6471eldrin.6471 Member ✭✭✭

    l Love the mounts. and story was ok.bountys just get plane boring .Ihave maxed out my mastery's and ten days into this expansion am done with these maps.Seems really dumb to design these big maps and not put in any metas or world bosses to give us a reason to come back.Tequatl and the other world bosses are still attracting players every day as are silver wastes and tangled depths metas.

  • Malediktus.9250Malediktus.9250 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 1, 2017

    Just a small addition to my first post:

    • the new guild hall is disappointing, much smaller, not much place to decorate and not even a weapon set like the two HoT guild halls
    • a lot of secret areas and jumping puzzles do not have any achievement coming with it
    • most of the new weapon and armor sets do not have a collection achievement, please add them. there should also be one for collecting every PoF miniature considering there are so many
    • a lot of terrible power creep with the new elite specs, what happened to elite specs being side grades or filling new roles with your class?

    I am already runing out of stuff to do in this "content heavy" expansion vs "feature rich" HoT expansion which kept me busy for months. I would rate this expansion 3 out of 10. HoT was 7 out of 10 in my books.
    the 3 points are for: mounts, the visual quality, exploration and difficult open world enemies
    -7 points for: no content worth repeating, lack of new achievements and collections, story felt like full of lore holes like always, no new dungeons/fractals/raids, new elite specs mostly too OP.

  • Shaaba.5672Shaaba.5672 Member ✭✭✭

    Maps are beautiful and the stories contained in dialog and events is great. They feel empty though and events don't seem to be getting done unless it's for a specific collection, etc.

    Mounts are great fun and well thought out and integrated. I do worry about their implementation for the long run. I've been in a few situations where people are mounting up to get from spawn point to spawn point in a fairly contained space within an event. It seems to speed the game up and make it more hectic. There is this weird dichotomy of leisurely map exploration and hectic event tagging - if you can even find people to do random events.

    Better initial impression for me than HoT. Less reliance on metas is good, less frustrating travel mechanics being gated off when thrown into the map for the first time is good. I would like a better balance of meta and non-meta maps or areas of the maps. Each seems too heavily weighted on opposite ends.

  • Before the demo came out Kralkatorrik killed all the POF world bosses, therefore the expansion as well RIP POF. :'(

  • Tiny Doom.4380Tiny Doom.4380 Member ✭✭✭

    Good things:

    Visually sumptuous.
    "Difficulty" closer to base game.
    Dynamic Events similar to base game.
    Richer ambient/lore/background detail than HoT or any LS maps.
    Storyline is the clearest and least muddled so far (including everything from Personal Story to LS3).
    Plenty to do and see.
    Good value for money.

    Not Good Things:

    Mount inertia/momentum induces motion sickness.
    Mounts in general are gimmicky.
    Masteries are nowhere near as compelling or even necessary as they were in HoT.
    Clarity of storyline comes at the expense of depth. It's thin.
    Lack of progression.
    I like the absence of a total reliance on map-wide metas but the lack of large scale, map-wide events like Dragon's Stand leaves a big hole to fill.


    Not convinced yet that I prefer, or will prefer, PoF to HoT.
    HoT seemed more compelling, somehow, and that compensated for a lot of the problems there.
    PoF is more accessible but so far it doesn't have the hooks HoT did. I played almost nothing but HoT for well over three months and a lot of HoT for the rest of the year after that. Not seeing how PoF is going to hold my interest in the same way.

  • Lack of craftable and earnable armor sets is a shame.
    Elonian/Spearmarshal sets are variations on same thing. <--- This is a long term issue now not just a one off thing.

    Griffon races are amazing. Would love to see more of them.

    Surprises are good. Griffons were surprising and great. more of that please.

  • Rauderi.8706Rauderi.8706 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Bounties feel like a failure. Not in execution or concept, but in expecting players to care.
    Currently 0/3 on getting any player involvement above spitting salt at each other. And one that I need for the griffon is a legendary bounty that no one seems to care to do.
    No one is doing them at all, honestly. They're not announced to the map unless you're close to them like a normal event. Bounties really ought to be regional announcements.

    Many alts! Handle it!

    "A condescending answer might as well not be an answer at all."
    -Eloc Freidon.5692

  • PhiLL.1746PhiLL.1746 Member ✭✭


    • Storyline awesome
    • Maps are really nice. Amount of layers was spot on.
    • Mounts are amazing. Everything.
    • Hearts and events are really nice. You did a really good job coming up with a wide variety of mechanics and story.
    • Exploration is amazing, in general.


    • Game seemed dead. Noone around to group up. Very few helping or in trouble (tried other servers and LFG). Is this a MMO or a Single player game?
    • No replayability. It will be no man's land in a month.

    Improvements for the future:

    In HOT, map wide meta events were not well received by the community but it guaranteed replay capability.
    My suggestion is to make 80% of map events "chain group events" with increased rewards. Only 20% single player event. No MAP WIDE EVENTS that locks the entire map.
    Also, some rewards must be obtainable through EXPANSION ONLY.
    This way, people will have reasons to group up and replay content.

  • tekfan.3179tekfan.3179 Member ✭✭✭

    -Greatly enjoyed the story and design, though the last act felt kinda rushed
    -Rytlock said something relating to my characters’ profession(greatly appreciated, but still not enough character-specific feedback)
    -Race-specific reactions to Kasmeers deep faith would have been nice
    -found no profession-specific mechanics like in Head of the Snake, that’s bad
    -Mobs slightly too op for solo-exploration
    -Putting randomly dropped exotics into specialization collections is bad
    -Mounts are great, but the springer feels too clunky
    -Griffon is awesome!
    -Asura-friendly shoes in new armor sets! Very awesome!
    -All light armors look like Aladdin cosplay...more diversity or dwarfen armor set in desert highlands would have been nice

  • Ohoni.6057Ohoni.6057 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The content teams did an excellent job. I really enjoyed the story and felt consistently engaged by it. It moved through the maps, while still providing plenty of room to explore. The maps were designed to be beautiful, easy to casually navigate, but also with plenty of secrets to reward the explorer. The amount of small details, characters, mini-quests, and collections was staggering, and it was mostly optional enough that I didn't feel pressured by it.

    The Mounts were great, all of them had their own fun aspects of gameplay, and while some took more time to get used to than others, I really enjoyed switching between them as I traversed these new areas. I feel like each unlocked new aspects of the maps, bringing me back to the older maps in a natural progression, and unlocking them never felt like too much of a chore (as some HoT masteries did). It was a great idea to make the "best skills" the 3rd ones, instead of the 4th.

    The class teams really dropped the ball though. None of the new classes were as good as the better HoT classes, they all had some really cool design elements to them, but had poor choices that made them way too niche, only useful in some small role in the game, rather than being flexible enough to adapt to any aspect. It's ok to have one "row" of traits that are "just for PvP" or "just for WvW," but there should also be other traits in that spec that make them just as good as the HoT specs at roaming PvE, or any other aspect of the game. I really look forward to the first major balance patch, and hope that several of the specs get top-down overhauls, but as it stands, I just do not care about most of them.

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