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  • After playing the full story, exploration and more PoF open world with my elementalist, all using the new spec weavers, I have a few comments about it.

    1) The sustain skills are clearly tuned for PvP, but nearly useless in PvE. They need some boost (and by that I mean at 500-1000% boost ...). Invigorating Strikes and Stone resonance give barriers. It's nice to have personal access to this new mechanic while leaving team support to necro. But the numbers are so low, they don't do anything in PvE. 650 barrier, pulsing or not, will not protect me from anything, not even from a hit in the last second of casting a meteor shower. This is a purely defensive skill and will never have a place in meta dps builds anyway, so I dont't think it will break the game if it gets a big buff that makes it usable in PvE (without having to rely on healing power gear, something nobody will get for solo play purpose). Both the trait and the utility should be buffed to 2-3000 barrier instead of 6-700.
    Same goes for the heal. I had to replace it after a while with an old heal skill, because I couldn't survive with it. Aquatic Stance is a nice concept, but it's too weak with the 1s ICD. IMHO it could use a much lower icd (or even 0, why not, after all the worst thing that could happen would be a full heal, something that is already achieved by berserker's and herald's heals. And in teams ... well the risk is to see people run content relying on this rather than a druid : I wouldn't be against having more than 1 heal option in the game)

    2) The whole weaver concept with the dual attunements and the dual attacks is very cool. Weaving through all elements all the time and create the dual skills or get combos is nice. However, the result is, without a surprise, that meta will still completely rely on those old conjures, weaver only being a small change in the weapon skills rotation. You tried to change the use of conjures recently but the only change in their usage was to make it more difficult for non-top-skill players because the 2nd copy on the ground disappears a lot faster. IMHO it would be cool if weaver could dps by ... weaving, not conjuring. For this, I guess that more work would be needed on conjures (but it would get them out of meta including for core ele, so I don't know what to do), and also buffing the dual attacks including those with Water (current rotation uses 3 elements out of 4, so the weaving is limited : it's a simple circle with 3 elements that grants access to 3 dual attacks ... We'd need all 4 to start the fun because it creates more duals than elements ... that's what I've been doing in story/openworld but will not happen in fractals/raids). I guess the elite could use a buff too in order to be viable in pve over using the conjure for additional dps skills. for example, change the fire buff to affect all damage.

  • I am in a happy mood and PoF has helped me immensely, so here is a biast feedback for those who are looking for one.

    1) On a wider view, PoF brought back a lot of old players into the game as it became more like a common MMO with the addition of mounts whilst retaining the Guild Wars image that I'm sure the developers wanted to convey to us
    2) Mounts are bloody brilliant
    3) Normally in MMO's I have to say I am very reluctant to explore. Especially in this I had 1/2 areas 100% at mastery 50 (very bad I know) and having the fattest and biggest character doesn't help in jumping puzzles! Yet know, these mounts with he addition of these AWESOME expansion maps have pushed that number from 1/2 to 6 in just 1 weekend of actually enjoying myself when exploring! This is the first time in ANY game I have genuinely loved and postponed main quests to go explore stuff.

    Love it! Keep up the amazing work <3

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    100 words? Will try.
    Overall: Very good expansion.

    • Mounts are awsome
    • Story is engaging and of good quality
    • A lot to do and explore (Achievement hunting :smiley: )
      Have beef with:

    • Mobs excessive aggro range -> dismounts while just passing by (+ Lots of mobs with stunning ability), can't even take time to chat or look at the map.

    • Mobs with projectile reflection. For an axe + axe/longbow ranger this is agony
    • A lot of collecting items cluttering your inventory
    • Desolation region is terrible to navigate (see first point), don't want to go there.

    • Hoping for mount-based combat/dungeons

    Nailed it.

  • I really enjoy it. Looks great, plays well, accessible solo but good group content. Mounts are well executed.

    While it is true that masteries still gate some content, tying it to mount abilities is so much better than just having to do a mastery so someone will talk to you, which was very weak.

    Anyway enjoying it. Would like to see more bounty groups. Maybe that will come with time. Pvp will take some tuning but no complaints.

  • I'm ovrally happy with it, You guys really out did ya selves...and now i have more stuffs to go after :open_mouth:

  • Great xpac. Mounts are better than any other game I've played. Maps are big, bold, and beautiful. Story isn't perfect but is the best GW2 has had so far. Still wish there was more story/lore/buildup to elite specs though. A little let down by no race-specific dialog. Boss fights were spectacularly flashy, loved it. Glad to see the world expanding and am excited for the future. Overall a very strong xpac that carries good momentum for the game in the future. You can tell a lot of hard work was put into this. Good job guys!

  • Just my two cents:

    • Mounts exceptional with the exception of having to dismount just to swap mounts when terrain changed. Problematic if you get aggro on a single mob as you run through only to end up "in combat" so its impossible to remount if you get dismounted. Becomes a problem when only one individual tends to expand into a group.
    • Getting an army for the story seems an interesting concept except that I was supposed to take on an entire main base of mobs with only two NPCs to help?
    • Last instance problems:
    1. Mob hit boxes the size of the entire instance plus their power was over whelming.
    2. Being chain stunned and pulled around the mobs like a ping pong ball only to get nailed down and unable to recover even blowing all my cool downs.
    3. Respawns almost instantaneous which begged the question of solo viability to complete the instance.
    4. "Helper" NPCs not powerful enough to be of much help as mobs kept ignoring them and dog piling on me.
    5. Practically impossible to peel off only one or two mobs away without 4+ others immediately joining in the fight.
    6. Bombs around the instance were practically useless and did very little damage to sub-bosses or groups. Seemed better suited to only a single enemy ignoring his partner altogether?
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    Path of fire expansion is too safe, new zone doesn't do anything other then just story and once your done with that there's no reasons to stay in the crystal desert, most of my friends have returned back into HoT due to it actually being fun and getting things of use out of it. The new elites are fine that's about it but the overall release of content for the expansion is quite frankly boring my friend zach hasn't even finished the pof expansion he got upto springer and said already this is boring as kitten ima go back to hot or do some fotm or raids.

    Crystal Oasis is way more boring then Verdint Brink objectively just based on content secrets and events Crsytal oasis is basically harathi highlands.
    Desert Highlands vs Auric basin sure the map is bigger then AB but AB still had better meta, better fights. better events, hell even better hero points and MP locations.
    As for elonian river lands and the last two it would be a highly subjective opinion given that i am a huge fan of tangled depth because my belief is that the did a phenomenal job of portraying how confusing and hard to navigate a jungle is love the fact that its one of those places you know you can handle alone but you'd rather have a friend to be sure.

    Dragon stand IMO is prolly the best map in the game to date thats my opinion and im sticking with it.

    I'm done with my dear dairy stuff hopefully anet will look at this and not try to be super safe again.
    BTW how do you guys feel i know i can't be alone here.

    For those on the forums who advocate for the removal of duo queues in Spvp, realize your actions over the past 7 years has destroyed gw2 Spvp and thinking doing the same thing again is a good idea after several years of it not working crazy. Get better at pvp.

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    Figured out the main season why I find the combat so dull in story missions and why I hate replaying them: because there's no loot drops, and I don't need xp. Taking down all those veterans and elites takes a long time, and it doesn't feel rewarding at all. It's just a roadblock, to make the missions unnecessarily long.

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    Still waiting for Gaile Gray or a dev to finally answer the question about the new stat combo insiginiae and inscriptions (how to acquite them, since some cannot or can no longer be crafted). It's starting to kitten me off.

  • Thoughts and Suggestions about play-ability in the new PoF zones:
    1. Replaying hearts is a nice touch, BUT it would be much better to have the hearts themselves** offer up random scenarios** to complete, rather than the exact same one all the time. (think rotating heart dailies)
    2. Bounties seem to be more geared toward group play than solo. I have not succeeded with any solo ones that I inadvertently encountered, but group setup is nice.
    3. No zone-wide events? I miss the massive zone-wide events we had in HoT. I would love to see similar ones enabled in PoF zones.
    4. Notification in zones is sketchy when random events start. The only two I've seen are for the coins & races in Amnoon.
    5. If a solo player encounters a large mob event, have NPCs show up to help. Not all players can solo these group-type of events.
    6. When helping a group of refugees across the map to safety it would be nice if the mobs scaled according to the player(s) actually involved.
    7. Loot seems mediocre compared to the HoT zone drops. Increase the value of loot drops and cut out all the silly gray drops that just take up bag space (most are only worth 2-3p anyway).
    8. Single point Mastery/Hero Points are a big letdown. Have some difficult ones provide more points. Similar to the HP's in the HoT zone that offer up more points based upon difficulty.

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    I'm at a bit of a loss about what the impact of our decision to side with one of the 3 factions early on in the story actually means for us. I sided with the Sunspears, but they have not made all that much of an appearance. I would like to see more Sunspears, and generally more of an impact based on the choice that was made, despite which it was. Because as of right now it almost feels like it was arbitrary, which is disappointing to me as I was hoping for a lot more interaction with the Sunspears in general.

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    I sincerely hate the Firebrand's mechanics, for the following reasons:

    1. The basic mechanics are a copy of the Engineer's. However, the implementation is bad, because you still make the most damage with your weapons and have to switch far more often between F-skills and weapons. It's just a chaotic mess to me.
    2. The F1, F2 and F3 skill icons are indistinguishable. The images tell you nothing about the skill and they often look too similar. They don't even have different colors for the three different F-slots. That means you can't memorize them visually, you need to remember them by position (which takes a lot more time and is not very intuitive to use in general).
    3. The activation time for mantras is annoyingly high.

    I think I'll go back to Dragonhunter...

  • I like the repeatable hearts, I find it fun to redo them.
    Mounts were implemented well, it's good that they aren't just move speed but movement abilities, although they do make core Tyria feel small.
    I love the races around the zones, and the casino blitz in Amnoon, it's something easy and fun for people to participate in.
    The new expac is gorgeous, the world is amazing to stop and look at.

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    I am unable to play PoF due to the support center having not replied to my support request (which I submitted 12 days ago). Not a peep; they haven't even replied to say "we'll get to it in X days/weeks".

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    maybe i can play it in a couple of years..after some heavy nerfing from top to bottom
    very close to a refund, but the raptor mount saved it
    no play
    and the story is so far from reality, that it loses any emotional impact
    we are actually fighting a god now ...LOL

  • HATE IT, so far. I did not purchase the expansion to be beat within an inch of my life by every damned mob within a half mile radius. Turn down the aggro distance and enemy spawn-in numbers; they're twice what they were in HoT, and worse still than Orr used to be. Ridiculous.

  • BlackBullWings.2734BlackBullWings.2734 Member ✭✭✭
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    • The story is amazing and an absolute improvement to anything done beforehand.
    • Large, beautiful maps with lack of waypoints truly bring out a feeling of exploration.
    • bounties are a fun new addition that can be done with small or large groups.
    • the new specs are great and most of them feel truly unique and class changing.
    • mounts revolutionize the game's experience (not just in PoF, but in the entire game).
    • plenty to collect/achieve after you're done with the main story.


    • Still a ton of bugs.
    • No new WvW or PvP experience (which HoT did bring)
    • The scale of the maps makes them feel empty and desolate.
    • Many events in maps are overlooked due to lack of rewards, and are shrouded by bounty hunts.
    • Unless a dedicated achievement hunter or collector, there's no real reason to go back to the PoF maps after completion (except bounties, which can get stale after a while).
    • Bad meta events. the fact that they are small is not the problem: bad rewards & uninteresting, recycled, upscaled mobs make it boring and not fun, feels like a genuine downgrade since HoT's unique bosses at the end of events.
    • Empty areas that look amazing could have included far more interesting content, yet are completely unused.
    • Balancing Issues, especially in PvP

    To summarize:
    Yes: Good story, great elite specs, mounts rock, beautiful maps
    No: No new pvp/wvw content, bugs, bad use of map space, lackluster events, feeling of emptiness.

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    I liked it but the difference between loving it and liking it comes down to the renegade. The renegade makes a great PVE elite spec but where it was really needed to work was in wvw and pvp but the design of it just simply does not work there to the point where it is unplayable. Roughly the only way I can put it is mesmer clones and scourge shades they work like that for how they are designed so either something like that or possibly something close to how tomes or engineer kits work.

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    I don't know if this was intentional, but roaming monsters make some events way too brutal in Elon Riverlands, and maybe some other zones, particularly escort events, and events where you have to protect people. As they often go right into the path of these monsters.

    Tag along mobs getting caught up in events is nothing new in Gw2, but when it happened in core Tyria, it was usually "trash" mobs that ere easily dealt with, in POF, it s Veteran Hydras, entire groups of roaming forged, Elite twisters, etc. This isn't a big deal if you happen to be with others, but if you're solo, which isn't uncommon in POF

    Couple scrennies

    Vet Hydra always jumps in on this defend caravan event

    A group of Forged just had to get in on the action in this one.

    Sorry, you can't see him in the shot, but an Elite Twister(?) jumped in on this one

    @FOX.3582 said:
    A freaking chair. Woah. I personally can't wait to buy a gem store CHAIR, so all my characters can SIT around in Tyria while other players see me, SITTING there, looking like a [email protected] ...

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    -Linear nature of mounts and gamespace is offputting.

    -Mounts shouldn't have damage abilities. If you want them let players stay mounted after executing them. Otherwise they do nothing for the player in combat other than offer an awkward entrance into a potentially fatal predicament.

    -Mounts aren't unique. Lotro's mounts allowed mounted fighting, dyeable armour with more than one dye channel and multiple skins per mount. This was over four years ago.

    -Mount masteries weren't needed. Given how you gated them and locked off even the hearts from advancement you could have made mounts and their respective abilities unlocked via basic story/heart progression. Masteries should be unlocked just as hero points are. You either have the points to spend or you don't. Tying them to experience bars ruins the PoF experience. Why?->

    <-Having a respective line for each mount which consists of filler makes advancing through the world a chore/bore. Rather than simply exploring and enjoying content organically, players end up doing so with an eye to unlocking the next mount or ability. If this was intended to be an incentive to further explore the content it isn't. It simply pushes us to grind whatever will get the 'carrot' in the quickest fashion. The zones aren't fun enough to make any but the most obsessive players wish to stay in them long enough to see their rewards. By the time they're achieved it's with a feeling of having gotten a monkey off of one's back- not of having experienced a thrilling ride or adventure. It's a loss on so many levels for whomever slaved to create the geography/locations.

    -Please quit offering elite lines for professions and instead save money for more dungeon, open world, WvW, and raid content(the content which sells true expansions) and the necessary Q&A. If you have to add something, listen to players and add a single new profession per expansion. As well as a race. Many older players have one of each profession. A new race/prof might sell another character slot. Elites won't.

    -In that vein, balance. Nobody wants to play in WvW or PvP knowing you couldn't balance the base nine professions only to contend with another seventeen or more new professions(elites) you still won't be able to balance. You aren't doing yourself any favours by making the mountain of work even higher- unless you never intend to revisit these professions. Depending on the game mode, playing the same worn content with newly-minted, broken characters isn't fun.

    -If you haven't done so yet, invest some of your money into purchasing the infrastructure for test servers. Expecting your player community to pay expansion price for what's essentially a living world update('GW2:The Mount Update') and then test it for you after release is unconscionable. There's no amount of in-game inducements, whether it's gems, skins, minis or other tchotchkes to make up for wasted time and lost nights with friends due to avoidable, game-breaking exploits or bugs. If you're going to continue charging professional prices then act professional. Please?

  • I enjoy the gameplay, but am having issues with performance. A 1080 TI build with 40% utilization while sitting at 40ish fps doesn't feel very good. Would really appreciate DX11 and DX12 support. Please don't ignore your users who invest a lot in their hardware. Thanks.

  • PoF is commendable for a number of reasons such as beautiful visuals, the polished integration of collections, achievements, the elite specs and lore into a package that works together. The clever implementation of mounts and the joy of movement they bring cannot be understated. And even the story, which is not a part of the game I generally enjoy, had me rooting for various characters and moved me at certain moments.

    I want to specifically focus on a few things that were particularly memorable to me, and give anet my gratitude:

    1. The Awakened are interesting as characters - whereas the risen were really just zombies with dopey catch-phrases, the awakened are not just villains. Some are, but others are ....humanised. There's no better word for it. We get to meet them as people, because they are people. And even though they've gone through this life-altering change, aspects of their old lives do carry through, bringing unexpected depth. And above the personal details, they're also an underclass, treated as servants or workers in places like Vabbi's mines. There's a whole level of social commentary there that needs to be recognised.

    2. Flowers for Jingo - continuing from point 1, this small achievement got to me. It starts out simple enough: a mother concerned for her son. But where it ends really moved me. I won't say any more.

    3. The races and supply runs are really fun - they're really the same thing: a race with check-points, the difference being 'races' lead you whereas supply runs challenge you to find your own path. The choice is gratifying. Strangely, after only a few weeks the mounts already seem slow and I yearn to tear around those tracks even faster. XD
      These adventures work well because the interface, and goal, is simple. Instead of fighting the controls, you're immersed in the adventure. Well done. I take part in these whenever I pass them.

    4. In Desert Highlands, on a snowy cliff north of the big temple that overlooks Brightwater, there are these two giants who like to fight each other. Even when there's a player nearby, they prefer to fight each other. They stomp their feet, face off and duke it out. It may be a bug, but whatever it is it's a satisfying piece of realism. Instead of feeling like everything in the map is out to get the player, these two don't care about you. They have beef. You're just the bystander.

    5. Collection items/trophies can now be double-clicked to give karma - such a simple but effective QoL. Those items no longer have to clutter up our banks. By allowing us to consume them, you're telling us that they are no longer required for anything (at least I hope you are). And the karma is appreciated.

    However, as with all things, there is some bad with the good: badly placed invisible walls.

    This has been an issue in Core, in HOT and now in PoF where it pops up unexpectadly to mar an otherwise smooth experience. And it's an issue that doesn't make sense. It suggests some kind of miscommunication between the steps of visual design and collision mesh design, at best. At worst, it suggests laziness.
    Time and again, I'd find a cliff that seems (visually) designed to be climbed with a springer, only to run into an invisible walls where there should be empty space. Unlike Core and HOT, it can't be claimed that these maps weren't designed for mounts. If a cliff or a ledge or even a small rise in the ground is meant to be impassable, it should look impassable. The collision mesh should match the visuals, otherwise it detracts from the immersion that the expac works so hard to bring.

    That's my two coppers.

  • Maps are extremely well done and really big, exploring such huge zones leaves me with the feeling of playing an open world mmo. People working on the maps did an outstanding job.

    The way mounts are done really fits GW2. They add another layer to the exploration system; mount masteries feel very meaningful and rewarding.

    Elite specs are very good and they have a lot more connection with the region we're visiting in the xpac. Really enjoyed the story as well.

    Overall I'm very pleased with the expansion. The two things that stand out to me are the extremely detailed and big maps and the mounts, which really change the way I explore the world in a good and refreshing way. So - thank you for your work guys, appreciate it!

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    Please add general vendor stuff like salvage kits to the repeatable heart vendors.
    At least that would give me a (small) reason to repeat them :-)

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    Perhaps increasing drop chance for specialization collection weapons to defeat Trading Post barons from raising the price higher and higher. They don't play fair! :anguished:

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    i'll do another one since i played a lot since my last post here:

    i actally like the achievments. Something i never even thought about in Hot. I recently had a lot sparetime and used it for pve and i really liked it. Everything feels kinda fluid and Fitting. Some achievments are quite hard and exhausting (like gathering those kitten Blooms for a Piece of armour) But other are extremly rewarding like the dwarfmine or the Dschinn jewelry thingy.

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    I still have a lot to explore in PoF but as for now here is what I think.

    Storytelling AMAZING work, it gets better and better. As someone who remember vanilla story and LW1 it's an AMAZIN upgrade, dialogs are wonderfull, I was having a BLAST playing the story! I can't wait fo the next part!

    Maps/Viasuals Breathtaking, this is a masterpiece imo. The maps are amazing! The Visials are just incerdible! Yet there are too much mobs... their aggro range is too high I can't take a break and just watch the beautifull scenery becouse I'm getting attacked non stop... this is a PAIN. Becouse of this I mostly rush from point to point...
    And I miss meta events...

    Mounts What You did there is amazing, this is the best mount implementation I've seen in a MMO. Mouths gave so much not only for PoF but also HoT and core Tyria, love it.

    New Specialisation From my experience some of them gave a BIG impact on a class playstyle and some... did not. As a Mesmer main I LOVE Mirage in open world. Scourge is amazing, Firebrand is a return to core Guardian, Spellbreaker is fun... Renegade is... just the same old Revenant I didn't feel much changed even with SB it's not too different from the core proffesion.

    Mastery I feel like the mastery in HoT was better designed. It had more impact on the world.

    Bounty's fun with small groups, boring as hell with larger ones.

    HP I think there should be something between HoT and PoF, some of them in HoT where too hardcore for solo players, in PoF they are just too easy.

    There is still room for upgrades, but I love the QoL stuff.
    Thank You for a great adventure!

  • Having finished the story, map completion, my elite spec and mount masteries less than a month after the expansion released, I was slightly disappointed. I recently had a "what now" moment, and I am currently doing old content because I'm not sure what I should be doing in PoF after completing the things above.

    I loved the story, and I love the zones, I think they are all well done. But I think the difficulty level of getting items that were features of the expansion (mounts, mastery points, hero points) was a bit easy. After the difficulty of getting anything and anywhere in heart of thorns, a change was definitely needed for the solo casual player, but I think it might be too far in the opposite direction. The monsters in POF hit hard, and do a lot of damage but otherwise everything was relatively easy.

    I do miss big meta events, it seems those are lacking in PoF, I think if we had larger meta events that gave good rewards, the zones wouldn't feel as...not empty ...but maybe unused is a better word.

    I also felt like the last half of the story was rushed. You spend a lot of time in the first two zones and then just say "hi ...bye" to the Desolation which is an interesting zone but you stop there for 5 minutes before moving on to vabbi, which again your not in all that long.

    All in All I do like PoF and I love mounts, but it felt a little like a Living Story 4 installment than an expansion. I actually found Living Story 3 zones/ideas much more interesting and find myself going back to those zones for the rewards and events....I have not returned to PoF really since finishing the map completion.

    Also- as a side note - One thing I do not like about the story since Living Story 2 is not being able to skip the dialogue. We love the story, and listen to it even in the old original story...but my husband and I had frequent crashes during the dialogue on quest steps in PoF that would cause us to have to replay a chapter over and over. If we would have had the option to skip dialogue it would have resolved this issue or at least made the replay (I'm looking at you eater of souls) more bareable when we would have to do a 45 minute quest 6 times. A lot of times we would be finished with the quest, and crash in the last scene of dialogue.

  • I would like to attribute my feedback to the best kitten post from reddit I had ever seen.

    It is true. You guys delivered everything we asked for and because we are not as forward when we enjoy aspects of the game, the devs are missing half the picture. Kudos on a thoughtful and engaging expansion relying on feedback. I feel this one was far superior to hot and it gives me hope again for future expansions. I like everything from the mounts to the wide open expanses of maps. I am not in the least perturbed by the lack of meta events; in fact, I am hopeful a smaller map released as part of living world will be a meta map similar to TD or even DS. (I like the DS structure) I honestly can not imagine such a large map trying to pull off an AB event nor do I want to. It sounds dreadful. And thank you for making Necro via Scourge useful again in raids! Please don't make me eat my words....

    My only complaint and it is a very small complaint... is the trickle effect I have witnessed in the POF maps. It is one thing to see that there are 10 bosses on top of a gathering node, chest etc and decide... yes I have time/energy/ability to take on those things to reap my reward and quite another to be ambushed. But ambushed isn't quite the right word either is it? I will stop for a flax... realizing I have to kill the three snakes near it to be able to mount... by the time they are dead? OH LOOK! A sand lion wants to come play once all my best hitting skills are on cooldown... sure, okay I can do this. Oh... look... a hydra wants, wait what is that? Okay a troop of unhappy awakened... I have such PTSD that though gathering through the open world as I explore is usually fun this trickle effect of monsters with rather large aggro ranges combined with large wandering paths has diminished if not extinguished my enjoyment of this aspect of exploring. But it admittedly is a very small thing and my only grief with this expansion. Thank you for a great job!

  • Jaidy.1824Jaidy.1824 Member ✭✭✭

    Only started last week on the new map. Had to catchup with all the previous stories (Hot and LW3) and maps first :).

    I like the mounts (especially my raptor) and enjoy the race which happens in Amnoon. Can't really say much about the story, as i havent left amnoon yet.

    Things i dislike sofar, lack of waypoints, to much monsters have some akward range skills with insane range. The maps aren't explorer friendly, due to to many creatures around and agro a lot.

    Overall difficulty of the map and creatures. Noticed this living world season 3, it goes up every map and to a point it becomes to difficult. At least for me. I can't image people who could enjoy this if they aren't in full ascended gear.

  • @Wilwynd.5798 said:
    Perhaps increasing drop chance for specialization collection weapons to defeat Trading Post barons from raising the price higher and higher. They don't play fair! :anguished:

    Yes please! :bawling:

    Click on your name up top. Click the little icon with the down arrow for preferences. Click Signature Settings to the right.

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    Zone design
    HC's are vets
    Mount mechanics
    Event design
    Elite Specs other than Deadeye


    Deadeye; too static in a quasi-action game


    Several Melee Weapons for Elite Specs and near-constant PBAoE from many mobs
    A lot of mobs have too much health
    No fix for story instance DC during dialogue (started with HoT) that makes story a pain rather than fun
    Scaling issues (guild hall capture mob health; too much CC required for break bar on some HC vets

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -- Santayana

  • Love the Expansion. Love: Story, Mounts, Holosmith, New Maps. I love that the focus is on the exploration and that time has been allowed for people to play the story and discover the maps at a more casual place. I don't think they need more meta events, at least not for a whiiiiiile. Great job ANET!

  • tekfan.3179tekfan.3179 Member ✭✭✭

    I don't see any reason for the 24-slot and 28-slot bags to be soulbound. All that account-bound crafting is already anoying, but now I can't even use my own leatherworker to craft hamaseen bags for my other chars, without gathering eighteen Supreme Runes of Holding before?!

  • Funerary is too hard to get. It requires event completions few are willing to do and for those of us overseas, at dead times it's pointless to try.

    Most zones are now dead, the expansion came out less than a month ago...

  • Alga.6498Alga.6498 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 15, 2017

    The new Elite Specs are so fun!
    So far I've only unlocked Mirage, Renegne and Deadeye, but I am going to unlock them all ASAP.
    Really fun and great work with that! :)

  • Love, love, LOVE the mounts. Story is great and I love how the characters matured (I've noticed a huge change in my Sylvari main, kudos to the incredible Jennifer Hale). Awesome work on the environment and overall theme. THANK YOU!

  • On the plus side, the story is good. It weaves a more complicated and evolved storyline that I enjoyed. The maps are wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the building architecture and detailed styling. I also love that they are difficult in places but if learned, they are navigable by being attentive to the surroundings and choosing when to fight. The encounters and events are as good as ever, if not better. I do like that the final mount acquisition is tied to the story and that its actually doable (well, so far) and that the story was able to be completed by my rather squishy character.
    One negative: Be nice if mounts took more damage before dismount occurred and dismounts occurred less frequently such as when talking to NPC's.

    • Path of Fire felt like a whole new game, it almost felt like Guild Wars 3
    • the skies of Crystal Desert look so good at night, I wish I have VR.
    • PoF Mounts are unique compared to other MMO games I played, can't say for griffon though, I am still working on mine :(
    • During the first week it was difficult playing the story due to bugs and the lag was terrible, but the mounts kept us busy.
    • I just noticed that on 4k, the interface are so tiny they are almost unreadable image link here: I'm sure not most of us will play this game on 4K but it would be nice if it will be optimized.
    • I expect to see the monoliths or the behemoths of Junundu wurms
    • I have been to the Bone Palace, I expect it to be larger and grand
    • Where is Kamadan? did I miss it in the game?
    • on mounts, even today, I still experienced not being able to dismount, it might be the lag? the skimmer is slow on turns, harder to control compared to other mounts.
    • among the six, my favorite god is Balthazar, warmongers like us bathed in his glory. lore-wise, no human or mortal should dare to kill a god, not to mention the god of war! there are so many why's in the story and I feel the player (storyline) is overpowered, assuming and arrogant. I cannot wait for the next living world season to start.
    • amazing map design, I love the HoT maps already because of its dimension thanks to the glider mechanic. but PoF is much more interesting for veterans like us, I noticed that the zones are actually maps in the Nightfall campaign, there are moments I am filled with nostalgia.
    • Because of Livia, I was anticipating more cameos of old Elona characters like Zhed, Koss, Master of Whispers, Magrid, Sousuke, Razah or Varesh :(

    "You are not from this place. Who and what are you?" | Video Guides for Fellow Tyrians | Join Us Tyrians on Facebook

  • Overall fun expansion to play, only one comment to make here: Please nerf Scourge and conditions in generall!

  • Ghotistyx.6942Ghotistyx.6942 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 14, 2017
    • Maps are very well crafted and encourage exploring. I can only imagine what new maps may look and play like in the future.
    • Mounts are implemented better than I thought they'd be. Precision movement is difficult and at times unnecessarily frustrating.
    • Between LS3 and PoF Stories, I do not like what story is being told, nor do I like how the story is being told. Its nothing more substantial than plot twists, drama, and shock value. It honestly feels like a television series written for pre-teens. For comparison, I think GW1 Prophecies and Factions are the two best stories told in the Guild Wars universe.
    • Loot changes are fantastic and need to be re-implemented in Core and HoT Tyria.
    • Mob AI is pretty good, and both skill usage and availability are improvements. Its the fluidity that I think is the most important to re-implement in Core and HoT AI.
    • Elite specs and profession changes are excellent and add a lot of interesting mechanics and synergy.


  • I have difficulties that I cannot find what story choice I made with a certain character. I have multiple characters and forgot what story I choose for the backpiece. Make that visible please in the story log just like with the choice for the order in the first story.

  • Lonami.2987Lonami.2987 Member ✭✭✭✭

    So, it's been 3 weeks already since Path of Fire was released, the second expansion for Guild Wars 2. Enough time to see everything it had to offer, both the good things, and specially the bad things.

    Get ready for the good old wall of text.

    Wasted mount opportunities

    Mounts are great, but they have a lot of bad decisions around them, and so much wasted potential.

    The mount races are the worst offender by far. They should be made adventures instead, and then every few minutes, spawn a special event where people is encouraged to complete the adventure under new temporary competitive conditions. Make winning actually important, give traps and tricks to players for use against each other, and require multiple laps to win. Something like this could have been incredibly awesome, yet we got the most bland interpretation of racing ever.

    The competitive race could start every 30min, where the normal adventure mode would be disabled. Some examples of racing conditions:

    • Complete X laps to win.
    • Only use X mount.
    • Disqualified if you get dismounted.
    • Traps and tricks you can use against other players.
    • Players outside the race can sabotage racing players.
    • The path changes with each lap.

    Then let guilds pay favor to spawn their own races with their own chosen conditions, and you have one of the best community content any MMO could possibly dream of. This competitive mode could be applied to non-race adventures, too.

    If you want to take things further, and make mounts relevant outside PoF, add racing tracks to core Tyria. Update the classic zones and the capital cities and give them racing tracks, and use Guild Rushes as templates if you want too. Cities could really welcome this, since they're so empty and useless most of the time. Imagine a race around Rata Sum with portals and people watching and cheering from balconies. A circuit above the roofs of Divinity's Reach. A floating race track in the waters below the Grove. We have the best mounts in the MMO market, and they're just for running? That's a shame, they deserve much more.

    Let's talk about mount skins now. It's kinda sad we didn't get any by release, and I'm talking about prestige versions of the normal mounts, not gem store stuff. Few examples:

    • Raptor: Awakened raptor, mummified with golden jewelry.
    • Springer: Dwarven springer, with beard braids and dwarven armor.
    • Skimmer: Ghostly skimmer, translucent with forgotten ornaments.
    • Jackal: Forged jackal, made of metal and fire.
    • Griffon: Crystal griffon, a cleansed branded griffon.

    These mount skins could be rewards for playing the game, including participation and competition in races aside from scavenger hunts and more.

    What about jumping puzzles? I haven't seen any, which is sad. I would have loved to see jumping puzzles specifically designed for each mount.

    Finally, the griffon. I'm fine with it being expensive, but I don't like that there's multiple griffon adventures. Either make the griffon cheaper, or don't gate content behind a barrier of 250 gold. The other mounts didn't get their own set of adventures, and that's not fair in any way. If the griffon is to be an expensive commodity, there shouldn't be that much content for it, or eyebrows start raising. I would love to see a griffon race, but I'm not sure people would like such an awesome thing to be behind a 250g paywall.

    Zero content for large groups

    One of the best things about this game is the open world content that gets 80+ players working together, united with a common goal. They can be defending camps and escorting supply, fighting against a huge world boss, etc. This is one of the things that makes GW2 unique in the MMO market.

    And there's zero of that with PoF, which is a fatal mistake.

    We don't need map-wide meta-events that affect the whole flow of the zone, like with HoT. Some world bosses here and there with unique mechanics should be enough. Look back at core Tyria or LW1 for examples on how to do standalone world bosses and meta-events.

    Yeah, there are some meta-events in PoF, but they're ridiculously simple, and have awful rewards, if any. There's no incentive to redo them for a second time, you just get your collection items and forget about them, and they aren't fun encounters to begin with.

    Examples that could be applied to the current layout without breaking it:

    • Crystal Oasis: Tug of war between the cavaliers and the forged, with capture and defense events for various camps and outposts, caravan escorts, and champion spawns. Similar to the Silverwastes and Scarlet's Minions Invade!.
    • Desert Highlands: Expand the dwarven mines and put a world boss in there, or put a castle in the sky we can visit by night (or upgrade the existing one) to fight some djinn champions.
    • Elon Riverlands: Refugee escort meta-event, similar to the Evacuate Lion's Arch Citizens meta-event from Escape from Lion's Arch (LW1) and Dry Top's Crash Site. Escort more refugees for better rewards, unlock special vendors, or spawn unique awakened bosses.
    • The Desolation: Upgrade the Maws of Torment meta-event to make it longer and more challenging, and include a real world boss at the end, like the Demolisher from Act 1 (who spun around burning everything) or the Warbeast final boss from Act 3. Make this meta-event progress due to player actions, instead of spawning on a timer. The Mordrem Vinewrath from Silverwastes is a perfect example to follow here.
    • Domain of Vabbi: Upgrade the Serpent's Ire meta-event. Make it start in a more spectacular way, like a branded invasion of the zone before/during the forgotten zealot spawns. The final world boss could be much more, too. How about making the hydra even larger, and make fighting his chopped-off heads part of the event too?

    The final goal is to give large groups of players something to do together other than bounties, which are fun but aren't a good replacement for classic world bosses and meta-events. Bounties are fine the way they are, friendly for small groups of players, and that shouldn't change.

    Rewards are awful; again

    The problem doesn't lie in liquid gold, or new available rewards themselves, but in the way you obtain them. They're completely unexciting, to the point they feel invisible. Let's go one by one:

    • Elonian armor: You get the whole set just by doing the story once. Far too easy. They should be part of the expansion loot tables as yellow quality instead, so we can stop getting the same trash from 2012.
    • Spearmarshal armor: Crafting, and rare drops. Crafting useless, since buying from the Trading Post is cheaper anyway.
    • Bounty Hunter's armor: Crafting.
    • Warbeast armor: Crafting, and ultra rare drops.
    • Funerary armor: Collection for the first set, and vendor for the rest. Pretty decent, though I'd prefer if the vendor sold the pieces directly, instead of the chests, so you can preview them and see the stats and runes.
    • Elonian weapons: Drop like candy, completely worthless.
    • Sunspear weapons: Crafting, or rare drops. Crafting useless, since you need the loot weapons for the elite specialization collections.
    • Awakened weapons: Drop often, but not too much. They should drop more, to balance Elonian weapon drops. Give it a 50/50.
    • Mordant weapons: Rare drops. Crafting useless, since they're cheaper at the TP.
    • Funerary weapons: Vendor only, and ridiculously expensive.
    • Elite specialization weapons/armor: Better collections than HoT's, but kinda ruined by asking for loot-only Sunspear weapons.
    • Dwarf weapons: Really fun, but they should be made accountbound. I assume it's a bug. Maybe too easy to get, some extra steps could have helped.
    • Standalone weapons: There aren't many standalone weapons, just 5 exotic loot forged weapons. HoT had 21 standalone weapons, 19 from loot and 2 from the Mystic Forge. Bosses don't have unique skins, really missed opportunity with bounties.
    • Story backpacks: Disappointing to get the same skin for the exotic and ascended versions. Being forced to do the achievements with different characters is kinda annoying too. Collections too easy.
    • Order of Shadows finisher: Vendor only, too expensive, and ugly anyway.
    • Miniatures: Many from vendors and achievements, that's good. Spearmarshal's Plea drops them like candy too, making them worthless, and you can't even forge or salvage them. There are some ultra-rare drop loot miniatures as well.
    • New crafting materials: 99% of them are worthless once again. I don't know why they keep introducing new ones if they're automatically junk by the second week.

    The biggest mistakes there are the armor and weapon sets. There's way too much crafting and way too much vendor buying, which is the most boring thing ever. Rewards are good when you get them by playing, not by clicking menu options. We need more collections and more scavenger hunts, and stuff you buy or craft should feel good, and not a chore. Also, recipes for most of the crafting are too expensive and too annoying to get, and you can't sell the results. To make things worse, you can get most armor sets easily in PvP.

    I think the biggest mistake with PoF is the lack of a secondary accountbound currency, the likes we had with LW3: Blood Rubies, Petrified Wood, etc. This makes the entire expansion worthless map-wise, since you have no reason to play here or there. This simple design decision made LW3 maps more replayable and more valuable than any PoF map.

    Let's talk about Renown Hearts now. They're useless. The point of repeatable hearts is that you can buy something special from them daily, which is absolutely not the case with PoF. There's zero reasons for PoF hearts to be replayable. Their rewards are mostly junk too, only collection items and a miniature. No ascended gear? No unique skins or crafting materials? And every heart has the same things, so you won't even care about completing a specific heart if you ever need coffee or recipes.

    Time for the bounties. Mostly pointless rewards, and then the legendary ones give elegy mosaics, a new currency used only for funerary skins. I fail to see how they are related? Shouldn't killing bounties lead to bounty hunter's armor instead? And as I said above, no unique rewards from bounties (or any boss in PoF) is very sad.

    And the chests? There's three types. The first, you find them around the map, and need no key. They just give common loot, it's ok, they're for an achievement anyway. The second are trader's, which just give worthless crafting materials most of the time. The third is the ones you find using maps, tiresome to use, and average loot as well. Nothing exciting can ever drop from these chests, and you're wasting your time dismounting to open them.

    Also, giving exotic loot weird names is annoying as hell for TP usage. No one cares about that, it's annoying and pointless. Just name them like the skin.

    Moving on to achievements, we need more collections. Pretty much every set above should have one. Achievement points need an urgent buff as well, every expansion should give 3k-4k new AP.

    Nothing new for core GW2

    The biggest flaw of the expansion as a product is that it doesn't offer anything for new players. All the good new stuff is exclusive to the Crystal Desert, and if you don't go there, you won't experience any new content. And by new, I mean 2017 new.

    This is a big deal for new players, and no, the Level-80 Boost isn't a good solution at all. Boosted new players won't understand the story, and will suffer against basic enemies because they don't know how to play yet, which in the end, might even drive them away from the game altogether, out of frustration.

    Heart of Thorns doesn't have this problem, because it has a new profession, the revenant. New stuff for the core experience, so you don't need to rush to the new expansion zones to get your money's worth of your purchase.

    Path of Fire should offer a new way to replay the old content, so that new players that don't want to get boosted want to buy the expansion too. The best solution is to add mounts to the core game as well. They're a big seller, and it's sad to see them locked to the newer content.

    A simple dolyak mount would do it, but if you want to take it further, let's go the way of racial mounts:

    • Asura: Wheel - can speed up, but becomes harder to maneuver.
    • Charr: Devourer - can teleport to nearby locations by burrowing.
    • Human: Moa - can double-jump using his wings (jump in the air a single time after leaving the ground).
    • Norn: Dolyak - doesn't get slowed down by hazards, and has more health than the other mounts.
    • Sylvari: Stag - can crush obstacles and knock back enemies in his path with his antlers.
    • Heart of Thorns bonus: Beetle - can glide, using updrafts and ley lines.

    Of course that's crazy and there's no way it's happening, but we're just talking ideas here. As I said, a dolyak mount would do it for new players, since leveling 1-80 doesn't take that long.

    Other nitpicks

    I really dislike the new Awakened and Djinn models. GW1 designs were much, much cooler. The awakened looked like a realistic army, instead of GW2's rabid zombies, and they stood upright and had an eerie masked theme going on. They also represented multiple races, including centaurs and giants. The djinn looked like elementals, instead of zombies in robes. See some screenshots and art below:

    I'm also mad that paragons and dervishes are nowhere to be seen. The guardian's elite specialization should have been a paragon homage, wielding 1h javelins or 2h spears, and the dervish could have been reduced to its elemental prayer aspect (since the gods are gone), and be introduced through the elementalist, wielding a 2h scythe.

    But that would have required new weapons, which is my personal biggest disappointment with the expansion. This was the right time, and they flopped. I don't know if we'll ever get any new weapons at all (there's multiple hints at spears and greataxes all around PoF) but this expansion was the exact right moment, due to GW1 history, and Nightfall's unique professions.

    Guilds not getting any upgrade is an absolute disaster, made worse by the lack of large group content in the expansion. The top priority here should be to merge guild and open world content, so we can keep getting new guild content by just adapting open world content available for everyone. Adventures and bounties are prime examples of content that should have a guild option. Guild Rushes and Guild Bounties could be adapted to become open world content too, adventures and bounties respectively. Make all guild content be repurposed open world content and we won't have to worry about making new stuff for guilds.

    I hope the bounty system doesn't get abandoned like many other systems before it, and that it's improved and becomes a permanent feature of the game, with the older zones getting updates with their own bounties too. Bandit champions from LW3 and Guild Bounties could become part of that system, and ideally, all the zones of the game would get their own bounties without too much effort, considering they provide such a good template for replication.

    The achievements panel and the LFG need a reorganization, with more sections to keep things more clear. Right now it's a mess with way too much stuff under each tab. Also, split GW2/HoT/PoF dailies into different categories, or offer 8 PvE dailies instead of 4, because they're always such a pain, and PoF only made them worse.

    I'm also sad gliding has been deprecated. There isn't a single updraft or ley line in PoF, and that's very, very depressing. Gliding is awesome and I want to see more of it. Masteries have given us so many cool things, but then they just get thrown away in favor of new shinnies all the time. ArenaNet loves to throw away old stuff all the time, even when it's awesome and people want more of it. I'm worried for the future of bounties and mounts if this trend keeps running.

    It's unacceptable that there isn't any new content outside the Crystal Desert open world itself, and I'm talking about things like PvE instances (dungeons, fractals, new PvE mode) or updates to WvW and PvP. I know they said those are part of the patch cycles, but I don't think that's a good decision from a marketing perspective. Why would a PvP player buy the expansion? Just for the new elite specializations? Doesn't sound like a plan to me.

    Finally, I would like to see a hero point rework some day, because right now, they feel like a chore, absolute filler with no point whatsoever. I would settle with more complex fights (and no communes, leave that for masteries) as long as they become popular events themselves, which get completed often. Maybe give them unique rewards? Merge them with bounties 2.0? And just bring back the good old hero point on level up system from release if this is any problem at all, or make Tomes of Knowledge useful. Maybe make spirit shards a reward from hero points instead. I would have loved hero points where we fight our elite specialization mentors, too, just for fun.

    Well, that's it. I think I didn't miss anything.

    So, what do I think about Path of Fire? It's good, but not good enough. It feels like a single player game, which is fine for a lot of people who are genuinely enjoying the experience. However, this is an MMORPG, and this approach isn't healthy. We need people playing, engaged by the world and the content, not doing the new stuff and leaving until the next new thing.

    Does this mean we should go back to the design of HoT? Hell no. Both of them have the same mistake, and it's polarization of content. Expansions can and should cater to everyone, all those experiences can coexist perfectly. Hell, they did for GW2's original release just fine.

    ArenaNet needs to address the biggest problems with PoF and fix them, or it will become dead very quick. We need reasons to go back, and the best way is to rework rewards and improve large group content. That should be the priority.

  • well, i dunno where else to put my complaint, since there is no "knowledge base dept " for it, but after 3 weeks of fighting bugs, lagg, patches, and all the other frustrating probs with PoF, my friend and I finally beat Balthazar, only to find out that now we have to spend hrs and days and weeks longer completing horrid collections to get our OWN griffon mount, you should give Everyone that prepurchased PoF and was actively playing the game a free griff after story completion, thats my thots, what a mess, grrrrr, i have the 250 gold btw, just sell me one!!!

  • Maps are beautiful but empty. It's almost impossible to get anywhere as mobs and mobs of bad guys trash me constantly. Love the mounts.

    Very **unhappy **with the part of the personal story requiring me to chase this monster and "catch" it three times. I have nerve issues and cannot for the life of me steer my mount and click on the little box required to catch the thing. I don't know now if I can complete the personal story because of this ONE THING. That's very frustrating.

  • Twyn.7320Twyn.7320 Member ✭✭✭

    Maps are stunning but empty af. There's no difficulty in the open world. No maps metas really hurts the game, there's no reason to return to the PoF maps. The story's the best that it's been in years, so don't go back to the HoT or LWS3 style of story-telling (eg. keep Marjory and Taimi in the background). Don't use mounts as an excuse to make large, empty maps. Work with mounts to make good, content-fuelled maps. Turn off the Griffon until you get full map completion in a LWS4 map. Overall... this isn't a content expansion, it's a feature expansion, so my ratings are below:

    For a content expansion: 3/10
    For a feature expansion: 6/10

  • Ghostt.1293Ghostt.1293 Member ✭✭✭

    my main elite specs are letdown for me especially scourge, dead-eye and renegade. i'm not gonna give feedback on it because all topics in the profession forums speaks for them self so.... read those or not

  • Grunties.6841Grunties.6841 Member
    edited October 15, 2017

    As solo I struggle with the content and I have been in guilds and no thank you. I am well geared and spec'd. Your content forever has been for groups. I was hoping for something for the little guy. I'd say I quit, but that does not bother you, no more gems. That blow your pay to win mind?

  • I am very disappointed in the new content after the mounts there is only the same old grind maybe its wrong of me but i was hoping at least the armor and weapons would improve there is no advancement that i see. I feel like i have been dumped in a loop doing the same stuff just new stuff to look at. The new specializations dont seam to work as well as the old ones and i dont see many ppl using the weapons for them so to me that means it was a bad move to start with. I have played GW2 from the start and over all the POF is the worst part by far. I hope that in the future a-net makes some kind of advancement for lvl , weapon or armor strength. and stop try to make players grind and grind to get something special that has no plus but the way it looks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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