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  • dusanyu.4057dusanyu.4057 Member ✭✭✭
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    @Deihnyx.6318 said:

    The less good

    • One or two big meta to keep everyone happy would have been nice.

    sigh this again there is a couple big metas one near the mouth of torment in the desolation stands out there is no reason why arenanet should have to tie up the whole KITTEN GIGANTIC MAP for a "Meta event" all they do is cause Grief for people who are in that map for other reasons I am looking at you AB octovine blocking off the city when i want to do LWS3 stuff or get to the vender, or the Hero points

    Now that the rant is over, I have no complaints about PoF (but will if you Nerf Spell breaker getting tired of getting my power builds i find fun in pve ruined because of Dead PvP cap point formats) if i did have a single beef it is with the lack of love for power builds Condi is boring to play and even more annoying when you die because you get garbage staked up on you more than your cleanse can handle. (create a reduce condi duration Stat or give us some sort of PASSIVE way to deal with condi like armor does for power damage)

  • I absolutely love these new maps!! Gorgeous and engaging, each one sets a theme from the moment you arrive. There are just enough hearts and I don't mind them being repeatable because so many of them are just downright fun to do! The events, OMG!! The events are marvelous!! And rushing to find ingredients for the chef was a hoot and a wonderful way to receive a skill point! There's so much to do and see!! I got PoF less than a week ago and I just can't stop playing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3

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    @dusanyu.4057 said:

    @Deihnyx.6318 said:

    The less good

    • One or two big meta to keep everyone happy would have been nice.

    sigh this again there is a couple big metas one near the mouth of torment in the desolation stands out there is no reason why arenanet should have to tie up the whole KITTEN GIGANTIC MAP for a "Meta event" all they do is cause Grief for people who are in that map for other reasons I am looking at you AB octovine blocking off the city when i want to do LWS3 stuff or get to the vender, or the Hero points

    It's not map metas that cause grief, it's how Anet designs them to operate around maps, locking out certain areas. So if Anet designed them without the need to lock off certain regions of the maps, they'd be completely fine.

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    Apart of some minor issues I absolutely LOVED the expansion. Great storytelling. Finally equally to the epic quality of the Prophecies storyline missions.
    Also, great job on the level design and the mastery system. Guild Wars 2 has improved with leaps and bounds since Living World Season 3 and the expansion confirms that you are on the right path. As veteran Guild Wars player I also appreciate that there are so many of the old locations and lore in Path of Fire.

    I can't wait to see Cantha one day.

    Ascalon Will Prevail!

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  • Thornwolf.9721Thornwolf.9721 Member ✭✭✭✭
    • Story was not that great, I feel people are over hyping it and I probably wont be re-doing it at all for there is no reason to.
    • Maps feel like they were built for "One and done", you do your acheivo's you get your kitten and you dont come back.
    • no re-playability because again most things feel one and done to me.
      *Mounts were good, and really cool and I hope you wont need to find a new method of movement in the future and just use mounts for it. ( adding another new one would be a waste of time and resources as mounts can cover literally all aspects)

    • Armor looks good on humans and sylvari, but for anything else its meh(dont play humans or sylvari)

    • Was annoyed with the ret-conning of old lore.
    • was apparent your goal is to cut any ties to guild wars 1 with this expansion
    • the eliet specs were ok but none of them fit my flavor so I have no reason to desire anything out of them
    • felt like you gave us the bare minimum for an expansion, despite the quality I cant recommend this to anyone of my friends. ( It felt like a content pack, or a super sized living story.)
    • everything implemented in this expansion could of been brought in with Living world, it did nothing new ore innovative and is just more of the same.
    • I hate hearts, but I hate repeatable hearts a million times more.
    • You have come out and said you wont be making more guild missions, or guild content as its a waste of time so the entire premise of your name is meaningless now.
    • I felt no urgency or care for anything going on in the expansion once so ever, Only when Balthazar and I were going at it did I Feel anything but it was only ( here comes the twist where its either menzies in disguise as his brother or Balthazar admits defeat and we offer to help him retake his realm. Which leads into the raid we are going to be getting soon, but neither of this happened so I am again meh.)
    • Its apparent Krak and friends will be resolved in the living world, which is craptastic considering how big of a thing he is in the lore of the game ( which you dont care about obviously)
    • sooooo many plot holes.
    • Was way to easy to breeze through, masteries were given way to fast and the story mode was cake.
    • Nothing new? No new race. No new class, just eliet specs ( some better than others) and mounts which again could of been added through living world? Im not upset there was no new race but I Was hoping for some surprises... I guess I put my faith in the wrong company.

    Honestly Im a bit disappointed as this did not live up to any of the hype for me, and I Feel like it was not something id of felt bad about missing which I suppose is my fault for leaping on the hype train. I probably wont buy the next one unless something big happens as this one was kind of a snore fest, was way to easy and had little appeal for me as Im not a human-centric person. A new race or something next expansion might get me to look at your future expansions, but at this point I dont view them as expansions I view them as content packs which is somewhat of a turn-off for me when other games can offer more and better. I hope everyone has fun in the new zones though and wish everyone well, good luck on your adventures and such sorry I had to be so critical but I love this franchise and I hate to see it go this route.

  • I've been playing PoF from the release date and I love it. Most fun I've had in a long long time. The maps are massive, going back to the desert and seeing tombs brought back memories from GW1. Seeing the desert again and very well designed maps are stunning.

    The stories and the hearts are fun, and make quite a bit of money as well in the process, maybe not as much as HoT but still fun.

    The mounts make it fun to use their abilities to get from point a to point b. Seeing mounts in GW vs WoW, I like how Anet made it so you actually use the mount for something rather then riding.

    I look forward to some seasons and events come someday. I spend most of my PvE time in PoF now.

    Anet you got it right I think. Thanks for an awesome expansion. :)

  • Joxer.6024Joxer.6024 Member ✭✭✭

    Ok, there is probably a post about this somewhere but I couldn't find it so here goes. ANET.....I know its new and shiny but can you all do something about the Mobs and the bloody damage they do? If I cant 1 shot something then its only fair that they in turn cant 1 shot me. Even the low level? "regular" little dudes can own, much like our beloved raptors back in the day. But at least those little farts were spread out! In POF you have hardly any chance of just enjoy your hard work as I am constantly being ganked....feels like old WOW pvp days, only not players!! I can take on a Vet no worries but when 16 of his friends show up then yea, not fun. OR they repop while I am communing!
    Surely I am not the only one who feels this way. If I am, then I suck and everyone carry on as is.....I'll just go find a hole to hide in.....oh wait!!! I cant, filled with mobs!!!

    And why not remove repairs if I am going to die every 5 feet?

  • Zionka.6897Zionka.6897 Member ✭✭✭

    My feedback on path of Fire, after a lot of gameplay, and the game in general, after 5 years, is that I'm so very very happy I found GW2 as my "home" in mmorpgs. In Path of Fire, I absolutely love the things added. I am pretty much exclusively PvE, and solo content, at that. I am also a very immersive player, which is why even though my playstyle is sort of that of a loner, I dislike feeling alone in the world, so prefer mmos. I also in the past, with other games I have played, resented change. I wasn't alone in wishing for "the good old days", when companies would, in my opinion, ruin my experience with "improvements" Anet doesn't do that! The things that get added or changed have only improved my experience. Yes, core Tyria can get a little mundane the 10th time through with a new character, but it's comfortable, and now with mounts being allowed there, it's actually sort of fun again. No changes in base game needed.
    I really enjoyed the story a lot, and was especially impressed with the voice acting. Totally top notch. The cinematics as I took off on the airship to the crystal desert, along with the music, had me grinning like an idiot. My first experience on a raptor was delightful! I was just amazed at the attention to detail with their animations, overall look, and how they made me feel like I was driving drunk at first with the feel of weight behind controls. Mounts are done right every angle you look at it. Worth alone the price of expansion and then some. I finally got the griffon a few days ago, and I don't know if it's because it was a lot of work to get, or cost so much, but that griffon is the ultimate possession I've ever had here. Sooooo glad they were made dyeable too!
    The new maps are a joy to explore, except for those of us who like to absorb our surroundings, the aggro range is beyond annoying. We can't really sightsee and appreciate the desert beauty when we have to constantly be running from junk. Let's be realistic here. If a place was truly as hostile as the crystal desert is, no human life would survive. Mob aggro is my only complaint with expansion. it'd be nice to have a minute to examine my map without first finding a high unpopulated ledge to study something. And even then, that hydra 10 stories under me might see me and send me running again! I'm thankful this is just a crystal desert issue and not a world-wide change.
    Overall, very happy with PoF, and Tyria in general. Thanks ANet!

                                                                                                                                       Yes, I'm a glass is half full type.
  • Pros:
    Maps are very nice. Mounts are well done for the most part. I have no issues with mount movement, or length of time to change mounts. That's fine.
    Where HoT was very intense at times, PoF is the opposite, more open range and exploratory. Both approaches have a place in the gameworld.
    Difficulty in PoF is pretty easy. I'm really a fan of HoT difficulty, but I can see the need to tone things down more for all the people who had difficulty with HoT.
    Did I get $30 out of the expansion? Yes, I believe I did, compared to $30 single player CRPGs.

    Story is lacking, IMO. the whole Balthazar going rogue just doesn't go down well. If the other gods cared that much about humanity they would have taken Balthy with them, instead of locking him up with a chain so flimsy that even Ritlock can break it. Balthy already proved he could kill the main character easily, why didn't he just kill us again in the final battle? I imagine Joko's free now since Balthy maintained his little cell? I assume that will be dealt with in another LS espisode.
    I miss HoT's rush of excitement and sense of danger. Each map had a purpose, something was going on in the whole map while they player's storyline was going on. Each map had fleshed out chains of events that you could participate in to get the full experience of what all the various Pact forces were doing during the conflict. PoF is just kind of... there. The quests describe what's happening, sure, but there's no sense of urgency in them. PoF really needed at least one meta map with an epic battle like Dragons Stand. Events like that create situations where the whole map needs to work together to achieve a single purpose, and PoF doesn't have anything like that.
    Will I be playing in PoF for as long as I played in HoT? Nope.

  • Maugetarr.6823Maugetarr.6823 Member ✭✭✭

    Fight with Balthazar feedback:

    Initially cool, but giant healthpool made it monotonous after about half health. Suggestions that might have prevented that and could be used for living story updates.

    Reduce his health by 1/3. At first he doesn't take you seriously because he's killed you once. At half health he gets annoyed with you and summons 2 forged hounds of Balthazar or similar large ad (each with health at about 1/6 Balthazar's current health), unique in their types of attacks from each other (think flame and frost duo). After you kill the hounds, he comes back, angry, and fights like how he did at the end of the current fight with the AoE spam and the stun mechanics with Aurene kick in like the current fight as well.

    General feedback:

    Casually playing it, I enjoyed the game. Difficulty was somewhere in between HoT and Core, which seems about right. Without knowing what's to come, it seems you guys have left open the possibility of extremely hard open world content by having the option to open up the mouth of torment if the story goes there.

    I enjoyed the maps more than the HoT maps, but that comes down to personal preference and I largely enjoyed the storyline more than HoT. Mordremoth (in regular mode) was a more mechanically interesting fight because you had 2 pre-fights with bosses you got to choose, but the fight with Balthazar got to the final fight in a more sensible way than the HoT storyline.

  • Martnor.1746Martnor.1746 Member ✭✭✭

    I have just finished the story and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The dialogue between the npc are so fluid and natural. It does not feel forced. The characters are well built. The story felt a bit rushed towards the end though. I think there could have been a larger build-up and potentially more preparations to be done before the final fight. The story missions did have some issues (bugs, problems etc) which did take away some enjoyment somewhat. However, overall the launch of the game was well done.

    The maps are beautiful. Although large, there is quite a lot to do! Admittedly, it would be nice to have larger events such as world bosses on the scale of Dragon's Stand but I am sure this can always be added as time goes on. The mastery points with the puzzles lack replay ability. That is a real shame. Especially since they are account-wide, they can only be done once. Some of that are really fun such as the sous-chef, the memory one and the one with the lighting pillars.

    The mounts are really awesome. They fit so well with the expansion and each have something special to offer. Their movements are a bit awkward when doing small steps but arguably, they are not meant to be used for small distances.

    The way the speech at the end of the story was done has particularly struck a cord with me. I hope this will be used more in the future. Giving us a choice on what the player-character will actually say. I hope this is used much more. Giving branching speeches if not actual stories. I know this would require a lot more work but this would increase replay ability so much to discover all the actual options.

    The use of cut scenes was really nice too! Again, I am hoping to see more of those (when appropriate of course).

    The hearts were not really exciting for me. Most of them were interesting and fun to do at first. However, quite a few did drag on for longer than necessary. I found myself repeating the same tasks over and over just to fill the bar. The hearts that take more "contributions" to fill up should have a larger set of tasks to contribute to avoid the monotony of a task.

    Overall, I think the expansion was really worth it. It showed that a lot of effort has been put into it, although the steam did run out a bit in certain areas. I understand that this may be due to time constraints. The improvement in story telling is clear. I hope that you continue on this path of fire ;)

    Please continue your wonderful work and allow me to continue writing my story...

  • This expansion was full of adventure, combat, social interaction(Hero point mastery points trains). But the story(for me) fell very flat.

  • battledrone.8315battledrone.8315 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Kroxigor.5134 said:
    This expansion was full of adventure, combat, social interaction(Hero point mastery points trains). But the story(for me) fell very flat.

    yep, its way out of proportions: a god? ill just sharpen my sword, and take care of that
    AFAIK, they fired the writer

  • LUST.7241LUST.7241 Member ✭✭✭

    Didn't see it in the Oct 17th Release Notes...but Dismounting and Remounting is now faster. Thanks!
    No more cooldown timer on dismount (just the animation), which makes switching mounts when traversing way smoother!

    All my alts are just storage for my Engi.

  • Garr.1823Garr.1823 Member ✭✭

    PvE = almost good. Main issue that mobs got a huge agro range, and became extremely annoying. That's why I don't want to explore new maps more than I needed for story/mounts.

    Balance and PvP = total fail

    PvP became "1shot" or "3-4 hits" that were not dodged/blocked. Conditions became "5s delayed 100% hp damage". Some professions became 100% imba and able to 1v2 at any time, some professions - completely useless. And that was predicted during the beta tests, and nothing changed.

    Result - a lot of players returned, completed story and mounts in 2-7 days, tried PvP/WvW (our main activity before) - and that's it, they are offline for 1-2 weeks again.

  • AI of NPCs is still unsatisfactory. Almost broke my "Lurking among the flames " achievement. I try to stick next to wall and not aggro mobs and those two dimwits (Rytlock and Canach) run to the center and start fighting two forged veetran mobs and trigger sentry to start running. We need flag system like in GW1 to order them to guard certain location. I know i am better at aggroing mobs than AI so being "Commander" i want to do it my way. So far i have seen allies behaving like headless chicken and its like 5th year of this game's existence.

  • And besides. Finally standarize the difficulty of storyline chapters. Some seem to be made for three people, some are too easy with one person. Im referring mainly to the combat. Some include achievements that require three people to do. Maybe put a requirement of how many people should be in party?

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    best expansion ever and incredibly magnificent graphics, jaw dropping vistas!
    Now to get a bit neutral... The PVE aspect of this expansion was obviously covered and is amazing, but I do hope ANet does not forget the end-gamers who need more raids/dungeons/fractals, because right now they aren't that many. Also please do inform people here on the forums and reassure them that you will balance PVP. I understand it takes time to think out patches and solutions, but the SAYING alone that you will look into it and that you will soon have an upcoming balance patch works WONDERS! That alone is enough to keep the toxicity in PVP down and make people stay longer.

    What else? Firebrand! Amazing elite spec and finally makes Guardians less boring. I love having a tanky class that can ditch out strong DPS and with which I can play the story mode solo. But can you please bring back the old Tome Animations? These were AWESOME!

    This is huge and tons of people loved it! Please make it happen!

    Talking about raids, this has been consistently brought up... give the party buffs a 10 players limit instead of the 5 players limit. Now we have to bring 2 Druids and 2 Warriors just for the buffing alone because you gate it behind 5-targets limit. Make it 10 and free up the whole raiding diversity. And please adress Chronomancers Alacrity state. It is so manadatory that it locks you behind 2 Chronos to keep perma-Alacrity. 60% of a raid group is insta-picked. This is very unhealthy for group diversity.

    And please add either a Night-Mode or change the WHITE forum background to something DARK. Take example from Blizzard and WOW where they always have this brown-dark green background. I and tons of other posters can not for the love of me concentrate with this white blinding background.
    Come on Arenanet these are standard things...

    Anyway despite my ranting, which are actually suggestions because I love this game and have been a GW1 & GW2 player for many many years, the POF was massively satisfying and really.... GOOD JOB!

    edit: Finally found out how to edit... It's funny to see how Anet adapts after each expansion and I can see that from GW1 Prophecies to Factions and then Nightfall.
    Prophecies was very big with loooooong maps of walking and difficult encounters. Players complained about the difficulty and the long huge maps and then Anet made Cantha which was small and had much easier encounters. Players completed it super fast and complained that it was too easy. Then Anet made their masterpiece: Nightfalls which was imo the best expansion of GW1 along with EotN and made it not too long, not too short, not too hard, but not too easy.

    The same thing can now be seen with HOT (long, difficult and complex) and POF (short and easy). Anet is adapting and listening to feedback which is great. If they keep this up then the 3d expansion should be of similar PVE quality to Nightfalls. It will most likely be the best expansion by far

  • Overall I really enjoyed the expansion. I thought the story was very good and some of the new tech involved in telling the story was very cool, like having things happen in gameplay that normally would be relegated to cutscenes. I do think that Balthazar's characterization was the weakest part, because he seemed very one note, but everything else was pretty outstanding in my opinion and I'm looking forward to future story updates.
    The mounts are great and pve is great. I do think it would be neat to have maybe one map with a map-wide meta event, but that's just because I personally enjoy that kind of content, and I do like the smaller meta events that are there. Other than that though I think the difficulty of the enemies in pve is at a good level, and the same goes for the story instances (except the eater of souls but you already nerfed that!)
    I'm not well versed in balance so I can't really comment on that, but I can say that I am really enjoying playing soulbeast, and I have found dagger gameplay on that to be very fun. I'm not fussed at all about the lack of raid content, fractal content, pvp content, or wvw content, because those aren't handled by the team that did pof so I don't think it's reasonable to expect those things to be packaged with pof. Plus, we just got a new fractal with one path ends.

  • battledrone.8315battledrone.8315 Member ✭✭✭✭

    why do they have to make every story mission a completely overtuned zerg event?
    its annoying, unrealistic and only fun for the chosen few
    and it clashes hard with the world outside the instance
    any good points in the story simply gets drowned out by the constant zerging
    nerf it or give us a story difficulty

  • Equipment:
    The following equipment “suffix” should have been added for Ascended Gear
    Marshal - Trinkets and Backpacks exotic craftable and Ascended options
    NOTE: there are trinkets and gems for Spear-Marshal orange exotic variety available that drop from monsters and bosses therefore it’s plausible Spear-Marshal Ascended “Nadijeh” should also be made available, for a complete set.

    The following armor, weapons, trinkets, and backpacks, “suffix” should have been added for PvE and not limited to PvP only.

  • Any reason we can't dismount while in midair on griffon? It would make sense to have that be a tandem skill to being able to mount in midair. Sometimes you just need to drop faster than a griffon can.

  • Honestly, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is making me think about giving up on GW2 and moving on to something else. I come on here to have fun and decompress. I don't come here for constant frustration and harassment. The Mastery points have been too difficult and frustrating to get. Running around endlessly having a chef yell ingredients at you? Really? Trying to negotiate terrain, your mount may or may not have the ability to get to the goal and you don't know until you get there. There is almost constant harassment from MOBs with too large an aggro field. I can't even stop to open my map without getting attacked. Also, being told EVERY minute my draft is being saved is annoying. My goal is to have fun and progress in the game. Long story short, I am not have fun anymore and progress is tedious at best.

  • Uruk.3215Uruk.3215 Member ✭✭


    -Story is pretty solid. Aside from few scenes which are kinda disappointing, I found it pretty fun to play and it left me wanting to find out more.

    -Mobs are great. Not too difficult, not too easy. A nice balance. Love the hydras.

    -Masteries are easy and fun to get, you don't need a whole truckload of them for one skill and the mastery XP is not tedious to get.

    -Mounts are awesome. I love how each of them is unique in its own way, with different skills and uses. And they look great too.

    -Maps are big, detailed and immersive. Everything feels coherent, the desert actually is teeming with activities and you really get the feel of it with the music.

    -Events are fun.


    -Bounties are fun, but I don't know, I think they could offer better rewards. I mean, we are killing some pretty nasty creatures.

    I really like renegade, but I feel that the energy cost could be a bit toned down. Personally, I am not a fan of energy/cooldown combo, but having lower energy costs would at least ease the problem imo.

    -Hearts are mostly fun, but I feel like they are missing something. Maybe a temporary buff or something similar?


    -No giant zone-wide meta events in any of the PoF maps. HoT meta events were really fun and they gave a lot of longevity to the content, as is evidenced by the relevancy of the content even today. Maybe they could have been player-triggered instead of being on a timer, but overall I think having one in at least one of the maps would be good.

    Overall, pretty fun expansion. As a casual player I don't regret buying it and it always gives me something fun to do. 8/10]

    Hoping that LS4 will continue on these improvements and be just as good. o/

  • @Tiabdtir.9536 said:
    Honestly, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is making me think about giving up on GW2 and moving on to something else. I come on here to have fun and decompress. I don't come here for constant frustration and harassment. The Mastery points have been too difficult and frustrating to get. Running around endlessly having a chef yell ingredients at you? Really? Trying to negotiate terrain, your mount may or may not have the ability to get to the goal and you don't know until you get there. There is almost constant harassment from MOBs with too large an aggro field. I can't even stop to open my map without getting attacked. Also, being told EVERY minute my draft is being saved is annoying. My goal is to have fun and progress in the game. Long story short, I am not have fun anymore and progress is tedious at best.

    Ok, I have sorted myself out, but the statement about the mastery points still stands and it appears that is the case with numerous people in this forum.

  • Really enjoy the maps and aesthetics. New events and enemy types are cool and challenging, and definitely recapture a little bit of what made GW1 so engaging.
    Would be nice to see -some- of Vabbi unbranded. Its also a shame that a lot of the meta event areas and npcs didn't feature in the storyline. Storyline was good, felt a lot more satisfying than the HoT story, although could have definitely been a few acts longer.

    Lot of NPC dialogue is buggy and some adventures need their active areas looking at as they are a little bit too small/not really clear enough.
    Please remaster some of the core Tyria maps to the current new POF standard of quality. You don't have to explain it in lore or story, just redo that map and upload the new version.

    • Maps or graphics in general are nice as always
    • The mounts also look decent enough
    • Finally another chance to get the giant slayer achievement

    • The story looks too much of a rip off of guildwars nightfalls. Yet again you have to kill a god who yet again raised a specific army. It looks like when anet can't come up with
      any they always come back to killing a god.

    • the maps don't hold any long-term fun

    • the mount control could be better
    • again you have to suffer through your character half sinking into the body of its mount
    • the maps are too vast for these few waypoints
    • no decent gemshop items were added
    • there is no challenge in Path of Fire

    All in all, I wish I wouldn't have wasted my money on the addon.

  • Mako.4137Mako.4137 Member ✭✭

    I feel like renegade is a bit underwhelming and could do with a bit of a rework, particularly with the energy system. Personally feel like the Rev profession as a whole is long overdue for a rework to put it more on par with the other professions.

  • @Tiabdtir.9536 said:
    The Mastery points have been too difficult and frustrating to get.
    Ok, I have sorted myself out, but the statement about the mastery points still stands and it appears that is the case with numerous people in this forum.

    I recommend going to Domain of Vabbi where you can get mastery points for just answering simple riddles.

  • Pros:
    +Beautiful maps
    +New elite specs
    -R.I.P necro
    -Low replay value (ended up playing way less than HoT metas)
    -Raid schedule probably delayed due to expac

  • Hello ArenaNet. Let me start with i love PoF, i like how you manage to distinguish HoT and PoF. From the meta event to the mounts. The story is very awesome and the ost my goodness. The mounts was incredible and im waiting for more awesome skin. Lastly, I would love if you could make "Sell Junk" more detail like giving option what to sell (especially runes). That is all. Thank you for a GREAT GAME. Keep it COMING. <3

  • Some feedback


    • Map design was great (except you Desolation)
    • Mounts are a fantastic addition
    • Elite specs are great (perhaps a slight tweak for pve usage)


    • No replayability in POF maps. I finished my elite specs, bounty achieves, funerary achieves and a ton of other achieves about 2 weeks ago - haven't been back to POF since.
    • No META type event. I get that folks dislike events that lock the map (DS) but meta events don't have to lock the map (i.e., Silverwastes).
    • No new legendary to work towards in actual POF maps (but this can be tied in with the lack of META or world boss)
    • Rewards are, quite frankly, kitten.
  • Good:

    • Exploration felt great as usual
    • Maps looked great
    • Mounts are great
    • New specs are great
    • Story was rather good
    • Pieces of unidentified gear
    • Single currency-key accross all the maps (Trader's Key)


    • Unskippable dialogs in story missions (15min talk for a 20sec achievement, really?)
    • Maps replayability felt subpar to HoT. Cumulated time spent in all PoF maps = Verdant Brink alone.
    • Forcing to replay the golden hearts to access the related karma vendor is a poor attempt to increase replayability.
    • Rewards are meh.
    • Too little waypoints.
    • Can mount the griffon in the air, but cannot unmount.
    • "Only" mounts masteries, too many extra mastery points.
  • battledrone.8315battledrone.8315 Member ✭✭✭✭

    i finally made it past that barricade bot, that has to some of the worst story design i have ever seen
    it will be a very long time before i even try to do another story mission
    in HoT most of the story disappeared in the metas and mobs, but here you really had to live through it all
    i would rather have no story at all, than this kitten

  • elvenswordsmen.3975elvenswordsmen.3975 Member ✭✭
    edited October 24, 2017

    A few impressions:

    • I wasn't sure about mounts going in, but they're hands down the best implementation I've seen in an MMO. Awesome job.
    • Story difficulty felt right (engaging but not brutal). Also enjoyed the variety of the mission mechanics (i.e. gathering a pack of awakened)
    • Masteries are significantly less grindy than HoT. I'm undecided if I think it was over adjusted or not, but it's definitely better.
    • I love the little (and not so little) things hidden around the maps to reward exploration. Special call-out to whoever thought of the runestone keys in the dwarven ruins.
    • The story itself seemed like it was missing some plot development. I felt like we needed an arc research HOW to kill a god rather than just trying again and expecting different results. I know that was the role Sohothin was supposed to play, but it needed more development.

    Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised by the PoF. I feel like you all are continuously improving on your content delivery, and it really shows. Keep up the good work.

  • Biggest gripe is the new soulbound bags. You can't use them on a character unless they are the master crafter of that bag. If you do, that bag is locked on that character and impossible to upgrade later. Bags should be something you can progress over time, not be forced to sink a ton of time/money into or else be stuck with a potentially smaller bag forever. As it is now, don't get 24 slot bags or higher unless your main character can upgrade it later.

  • It's incredibly frustrating and inconvenient that 24 and 28 slot bags introduced in path for fire are soulbound. If a player equips and soulbinds a bag on another character who does not have the crafting discipline to upgrade it, then that bag will forever stay a 24 slot bag and can’t be upgraded later. Most players don't have the money to purchase and make 32 slot bags (currently it costs around ~250 gold) and its hurts my motivation to work towards these bags when I can't use them for fear of soulbinding them and losing my progress.

  • Just started PoF. First comment: please don't get main character voice actors to voice other characters. Listening to Fidus Foefire talk with Braham's voice was very disconcerting. I kept imagining he was going to rip off his charr mask and reveal himself as Braham. (Wait...does he later? I haven't played thru the story!) :astonished:

    Spiral Madheart | Yak's Bend

  • blambidy.3216blambidy.3216 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Things you did better than heart of thorns.

    Bigger maps.

    Which out ways the rest of what I have to say.


    Balthazar was much easier to beat.
    Hps in pof maps too easy compared to hot.
    Maybe if they get nerfed up a little it would be better.
    No meta events.
    No map mechanic masteries like you did with hot.

    Things I wish you added.

    Player to player trading.
    Player to player dueling in open world.
    Underwater mount.
    Adding a game changing feature no mmo has like you did with gliding.

  • Story step: The Departing, Please fix the disconnect errors!

  • Pros:
    1) Mounts!
    2) Unidentified gear! Great space saver!
    3) Story really engaging.
    4) Awesome to revisit Crystal Dester/Vabbi Lore/History.
    5) Dwarven ruins at Derelict Delve were awesome. Spent several hours there alone.

    1) To get springer mount, needed 4th Raptor mastery tier but few mastery points were doable without other mounts. (this may be my ineptitude)
    2) Graphical issue: after dismounting, character model’s arms are spread like wings. Remounting and dismounting again usually fixes.
    3) Would like to see attention given to PvP/WvW.

    After epilogue; I hope we eventually go to Cantha.
    Overall PoF is Great!

  • Halan.8951Halan.8951 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 19, 2017


  • At least scale down number of awakened canid cc skills . How many can one monster have?

  • Malerian.8435Malerian.8435 Member ✭✭✭

    I do not dabble in PvE to much. But I will say that PoF is a vastly superior expansion for those who wish to play solo. If I had a favorite thing about PoF it would be Firebrand. I just really love it.

  • Do not like the aggro radius of mobs it's way over blown. I rarely stop to gather in the desert maps because it means what feels like 10 minutes worth of fighting. They also respawn too fast. Less aggro radius, longer respawn rate, or just less mobs in general would be nice. Hard to enjoy exploring when you can't stop to enjoy the scenery.

    Do not like how to acquire the exotic weapons for the elite specialization collections. Drop rates are way too low.

  • crewthief.8649crewthief.8649 Member ✭✭✭

    The dye channels in Funerary Armor are awful. Specifically, there are several pieces that have metal and cloth sharing a dye channel. Makes no sense whatsoever, especially considering that is supposed to be the premier armor set in the expansion.

  • Zaltys.7649Zaltys.7649 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 27, 2017

    Desolation is by far the least fun zone I've seen in the game (and one of the worst in all of the MMORPGs that I've played).

    Get knocked off from mount by unavoidable attacks, and you're as good as dead, because you'll get mobbed and cc'd by dozen aggros (many of which are vets) or die from sulfur. Certainly doesn't help that there's far too few waypoints. Trying to get full exploration there is making me hate the game.

  • Daddicus.6128Daddicus.6128 Member ✭✭✭✭

    OK, I finally was able to buy a copy, and have been playing. I say it's pretty darned good.

    Two things come to mind, though:

    First, the mini-map needs to be fixed (or rebuilt from the ground up). Verticality still exists, but at least there are only three levels on the three maps I've so far visited. Changes needed:

    • Allow us to tailor the up and down arrow colors. I'm partially blue/yellow colorblind, so they look nearly identical to me. I have to zoom in to see if the arrow points up or down, but zooming carries problems as well.
    • Once we've been to the levels on any spot on the map, show those levels in the mini-map. Perhaps as dashed lines of the same colors as the arrows (after they've been fixed -- see above).
    • SPOILER!!! - in the battle where Balthazar sends you to that other plane of existence, please note that the emotions you are trying to get characters to "feel" is exactly how many of your PLAYERS felt in some of the boss battles in HoT. And, it's not a good feeling. I mean, really, the only way to complete a couple of those (solo) is to die 50 times, until I exploit the game's saving of damage done. Ugly. Please avoid this for future bosses that are not a "Group Event".

    Overall, it's an excellent release.

  • Amazing expansion, 10/10.

    My only concern is the following: currently you can "Praise Joko!" at statues around Domain of Vabbi by doing /kneel or /salute in front of the statue.

    This is not enough.

    I need to be able to "Praise Joko!" (/praisejoko?) anywhere in Tyria.

    A portable statue of his Greatness may suffice.

  • battledrone.8315battledrone.8315 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Regi.7804 said:

    Amazing expansion, 10/10.

    My only concern is the following: currently you can "Praise Joko!" at statues around Domain of Vabbi by doing /kneel or /salute in front of the statue.

    This is not enough.

    I need to be able to "Praise Joko!" (/praisejoko?) anywhere in Tyria.

    A portable statue of his Greatness may suffice.

    a perfect score? if that was true, they would have sold a lot more
    this expansion has many problems with bugs and overtuned mobs, and now they have twice as many classes to balance
    and it made the gear gap even larger
    it is a little better , than HoT, but that doesnt say much

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