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  • I hate it. sPvP games are now snowballing 4 out of 5 games, thanks to the new PoF classes.
    sPvP is currently not fun at al.

  • i was a little upset after heart of thrones my interest waned to the point i debated whether to buy or not. i decided to buy for my main account and im pleasantly surprised. i like the maps and i i have always hated mounts in other games but i like how they are done in the expansion.. the fighting was the best part of hot because it taught me new ways to fight and i see pat keep many of the same techniques. i didn't like the narrow or alleyways in hot maps but the pof maps are ways better constructed. in combat you still got to watch how far you move away but i like the more freedom of movement. the elites I'm not crazy about but it may be time to get used to them. they are a few bugs and thing that i don't care for but the positives outweigh them by lots. i was a little confused by the re playable hero points at first. i give it a 7 out of 10 where as hot got more like 4 out of 10

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    Here my feedback about Path Of Fire, pros AND cons: Can't make under 100 words, to much to say! So sorry if i'm over 100 words a lot of posters are over this limit. Take the shorter version if you prefer.

    Long Version

    Pros: -Mounts are awesome, look great, amazing animations but not a very great diversity yet... what about adding new ones? as skin, don't know? Fox, a little Dragon, Phenix, Lizard, Golem ?? And also please, make skimmer faster on ground, she is hovering so don't get slow down by ground! And by the way, shouldn't despawn after a timer/ burn on lava in mount maelstrom. -Events and quests , great really look like the world is living, add a fresh touch to old event system, more sophisticated: Kormir temple event and quest as example. :D, some part are kinda isolated so a very few more waypoints can be great for future maps, I think about "deadlock sweep", "shoals of sovereignty" or "enchanted bluffs". -Unidentified Gear, really fun, and all kind of rarity, nice new weapons stuff/armors, want more armors like this! Why not a medium one with jewels? :)-Great environment Music, Sand, Water, Stigmatized hurricane well done in Vabbi. The ambiance is great, we have fun totally the opposite of HoT maps, here it's easy to get masteries and earn the xp needed due to the fact that events are fun! -Most Elites are great :D , but I will keep saying that Holosmith is very aesthetic BUT unfinished, either you do the five first skills to work with heat due to the sword or you do anything! Firebrand, Spellbreaker are okay. Soulbeast feel "meh". About deadeye, I love the idea and the skills, but he is so under-powered; how many people did I saw have a very bad time to kill an hydra as deadeye.... Cons: -The awful story, personally have enough of this dragon stuff parasiting the whole game, the personal story annoy you with that after lvl40, want more customizable story about our unique character, so predictable, seem to be written by a 7 year old child. No emotions, no intensity, seem that nothing can stop us, very boring concept, we can't defeat a god like this! HE IS A GOD! And we are nothing: the proof: he hurts us severely during his fights, like the grenth domain part but again, like we are invincible because you can escape... :'(-Maps design, don't get me wrong, I love these new maps; but I am a great fan of Egyptian Mythology, and so I can't handle some things. All your areas loading screens are LIES, what about this beautiful Egyptian temple on Crystal Oasis loading screen? Unfindable! Highland one stay neutral, and Vabbi's one is better than the reality. So, when you show something, we must find it like loading screen: like Divinity Reach and Rata Sum which are Okay. Some parts of maps seem empty. Don't know, maybe I expected more Pyramids and Egyptian temples? I'm disappointed. :(-Great deception about GUILD HALL, Lost Precipice were the better for me, A lot of explorable areas and caverns, a great design and organization. The new ones seem very small for me, too small, can't think of anything a home for me, a great place to place decos... nothing. Windswept haven is the worst: No beautiful spot or very rare, and a real mess, seem like builds were put randomly. And some stupid buried ones, with only the roof seeable and so can't access inside. :'(

    100 Words Version:
    Pros: -Mounts awesome, amazing animations but not a great diversity.
    -Events and quests interesting, make the world more living.
    -Environment well done: water, sand, hurricanes...
    -Elites are mostly great apart the weak deadeye for exemple...

    Cons: -Awful story seem to be writted by a kid and enough of dragons, also against the idea of killing balthazar so easily.
    -Maps design: Loading screens are lies when you compare it to actual foundable things... No egyptian temples...
    -Guild Hall too small and uncreative , bad organization and design compared to lost precipice.

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN/PRIMORDIUS EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI
    ->NEW Asurapedia

  • It's been nearly a month since I gave my first impression and I have (to my amazement) gotten quite far in the storyline and on the map. One thing I want to say is that it feels like I'm playing the game BACKWARDS. Everything just got easier and it was near impossible for me to begin with. The first few missions were so horrible, I had to do them over and over again to succeed. Getting to and unlocking the mastery points for the mounts was a pain, as it was all trial and error (oops... I don't have the required prerequisites... sigh....). The missions seems to be getting easier as well. It's very very odd.

  • The Good.
    Maps are large, interesting, and lend to exploration.
    Mounts are fun and easy to learn.
    Story was good, fun to play, difficult enough to make you pay attention.
    Art direction is phenomenal.

    The Bad.
    Specializations. Some seemed well thought out others seemed very rushed and poorly thought out. Some specializations have very little if any use in PVE.
    No new legendary weapon released with the expac.
    Rewards as a whole are very, very lack luster.
    Griffons are cool but a gold sink and oh my god, to upgrade your bags cost almost as much as making a gen2 legendary.
    No new raid content.
    No new Fractal.
    No new playable race.
    No new class.
    No new sPvP content.
    No new WvW content. A huge opportunity was missed here especially. i Know that it has been stated that updates to WvW would happen on their own timeline but this is an expansion that only expanded on 1/3 of the game as a whole. It would have gone a long way in the WvW and sPvP community to have done something for these communities for the expansion. Now we just feel further ignored.
    As far as WvW and sPvP are concerned it seems that very little effort was put into balance of the new elites. not only that it seems that the Devs have a very poor understanding of the mechanics of those 2 game modes. Such as the ridiculous condi spam and now all the boon hate on top of that.
    Although the new maps are nice and all, There isn't much replay-ability on them. Bounties are fun for the first few times but once your collection or achievements are done the rewards are so poor that the bounties dont offer much of an incentive to do over again.
    This was promoted as something that was going to feel like a very large story chapter and if it was to feel like that, why no new currencies per map? why no unique ascended items per map like we got in season 3? it would have been logical to continue that trend in this expansion.
    This one is nit picky and i can admit to this: Fashion wars......... enough with the butt capes and trench-coats. Die channels could have been done far better.
    And metas. Why are there no real large scale metas. At least that is an incentive for people to be on the maps and play together to achieve something on a regular basis.

    To be fair i'm not calling this a bad expac. I have enjoyed it. However, after a month im left frustrated in that it could have been so much more. It should have offered so much more replayability. There is really no reason to be on the PoF maps anymore.

  • Just finished the story on my first character after a month. Stunningly beautiful world, garbage story. The underworld bit was ok, but aside from that, it's painful to even imagine dragging myself through that whole thing again on other characters knowing I'll have to tab out each time those three useless sidekicks run their unfunny mouths and giggle to distract from something of the plot line.

  • @Persis.6710 said:
    I Have to agree!. The story sucks! you fight Balthazar and he virtually wastes you in 5 seconds and only by the incredible Sacrifice of a Dragon who has not even met you, do you survive. So! what do you do? you fight Balthazar again a little while later, without not having found anyway to even start rebalancing the odds of such a fight, and so the god plays around with you before slaying you of course. Then! by some Incredible co-incidence, there is a way for you to resurrect yourself, courtesy of the very god that slayed you. Prior to this Second deadly fight, you have decided that you must keep Aurene away from the god for she is needed for him to succeed in his Grandiose plan, only to see a Baby Dragon Aurene, woefully underpowered, come flying over and land in his grasp.

    Mindnumbing and Intellect draining, having to spend 50 minutes working to ress myself on a fight that only a suicidal person would have attempted, and yet you are supposedly the Commander and leader of the forces of life and good.

    Bad! . . .painfully Bad!

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    There's far too much to comment on, so I'm going to restrict this post to one topic: the character assassination of Balthazar.

    What is Character Assassination?

    This is the definition that I will be using for the term, taken from a blogger who summarizes it quite nicely:

    This moment when we, as the viewer, feel betrayed, because the character we have fallen in love with, the character who has won our hearts, has suddenly turned into a total and horrendous jerkface.

    Character assassination is something that happens in long-running series where the writing direction changes and a new villain is required for the chopping block. The effect this kind of writing has is more noticeable on long-standing fans of a franchise and the results are well documented in the world of comic books.

    In my opinion, it's never a good idea to take characters who fans of the franchise know and love and turn them into "the worst villain imaginable", especially when it's such a sharp turn that only had two episodes of build-up between Flashpoint and Path of Fire. I was personally disappointed that a character with over ten years of history was reduced to the Balthazar that we saw in Path of Fire, mostly because I've been playing Guild Wars 1 since the year it released and he always seemed more interesting in the original series than he was portrayed here in this story.

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    These thoughts are shared a month after Path of Fire's release. Also, I mainly play PvE and there's minor spoilers here.

    Things I love:
    1. Mounts
    2. The new maps/Crystal Desert. Love the low number of WPs
    4. The personal story (overall).
    5. New elite specs are very compelling thematically. Love the concept of Mirage and Deadeye.
    6. Various events and metas

    Things I Hate:
    1. Balthazar's a bland one dimensional villain.

    It's difficult to keep this under 100 words. Overall I'm having a incredible experience and I think just need a little polishing done to increase replay ability.

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    When the story and collecting mounts are completed, there is not much to do apart from bounty hunt.. which i find quite repetitive and tedious.
    I wish there were more meta events and such .

    However.. i had a lot fun with the story. that was my fav part about this expansion .

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    +Animations are awesome
    +open world is so much better with them
    -the griffon (owlphone?) is the tofu version of a real flying mount, it feels more like a frog than a bird. I dont like the handling.
    -rock paper scissors style abilities: this is especially bad in the new maps were you constantly have to change mounts
    -only one dye channel

    +they look great
    -bad influence from mounts: not enough waypoints, rock paper scissors terrain
    -hearts are not fun and badly tuned
    -bounties needs balancing

    +is great, but music is turned off because of

    in HoT the class weapons were in a good spot: play the new maps and you get an ascended weapon for cheap
    in PoF they require an expensive drop which translates to most efficient goldfarm, which is one of the more toxic parts of gw2. Devs shouldnt encourage players to go there.

    -The game feels old because so much is unchanged for 5 years. (traits and abilities)
    -every efficient groupplay is a meleeblob, because of how buffs and heals work, this results in poor builddiversity
    -Most classes have the same problems they had at the start of the game or even worse because most balance changes were done by PVP devs.
    for example ranger: after 5 years there's still no reason to use longbow in pve besides sitting afk on a rock because i dont get any buffs, even the furybuff from the pet is melee. Or take the beastmastery traitline: there isnt even a single mastertrait for pve. Soulbeast is just another meleeblobbuild.

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    sry double post

  • Serpent's Ire is too hard.

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  • I guess I am the only one underwhelmed, mounts are great but for me the rest is somewhat meh, the story has some huge holes & issues (I will not go into for spoiler reasons), the maps are okay big & somewhat empty, the bounties seem pointless to me unless you need to collect every trinket & back in the game, game play is same as every other map, dont matter a kitten what your build is you can plow mobs, the new meta's are near all the one build viper for most all, before their was a point in having some power gear for some chars now it seems pointless & the time/mats/gold are wasted now, yes I know no one is forced to follow the meta track but if you wish to compete you have no option, I for one just cant bring my self to spend all that time crafting, farming, etc again, maybe it was just bad timing or something but game as a whole is run of the mill, by that I mean vanilla & both xpacs, its the community that make this game stand out from the crowd, I will keep checking back weekly or so to see if world bosses get or something interesting gets added to pof maps.

    This is my point of view alone & I will enter into no arguments with any one that wished to disagree, you are entitled to agree or disagree as you see fit, but I choose not to reply to any comments.

    I love the gw2 community best community of any game I have played over the last 25 years, the pof for me was a letdown.

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    Give us mount /dance emotes :D

  • New Specilized Weapons Collections:

    What idiot thought it would be a good idea to make one of the items a very rare drop and consequenlty an expensive TP purchase? Especially as once bought and bound is useless as it is replaced by an ascended weapon. I hate farming/grinding and like to earn things through actually playing the game and doing missions/quests for things like with the original Specilized Weapons Collections in HoT which gave a way to get ascended weapons without grinding/farming or being rich. I have 6 characters now that each need a rare drop to complete the collection or I need lots more gold than I have to buy them and that sucks big time - as do the standards of drops I get.

  • The Departing. This storyline will probably be where I have to end. I just spent a lot of time in there only to meet the final boss who was impossible for me. Is it really necessary to put something like this at the end of a long story segment? That was an hour or more of wasted time. I'm mad because it stops me from completing PoF. Majorly disappointed.

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    incorrect comment, sorry

  • its terrible. you let down those of us who spent years playing guild wars 1. no sunspears? no kamadan? you could have done so much but nothing. its like drinking that beer youve been looking forward to all day only to find out your wife replaced it with exlax.

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  • I love the direction PoF has gone. The story was really interesting. mounts are sexy, the new elite specs are decent (some a bit too strong, others lack a bit of everything) and the references, OMG the references to gw1! (i'm still pissed

    Sadly there are a few little QoL changes that could make the PoF maps and general expansion repeatable/more playable.

    • Add more events/Meta's around the maps... BUT update and increase the rewards.
    • Rewards in general. bounties, events, meta's name it all. the rewards are so lack luster, no one really wants to participate anywhere
    • some mobs (djinn specially, can 1 shot about everyone :< it hurts!
    • the amount of achievement points coming with an expansion should be higher then any other seasonal update. someone on reddit did some maths and you'll get more AP from halloween (doing it every year till now) then you get from PoF.
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    Nothing new to do. No new types of gameplay. Lack of content. Maps are boring, empty and pointless. Aggro mobs are not content and don't make a map less empty. Immersive interactive content is what makes a map full. The content that you haven't ever created, preferring to just copy paste the same pointless aggro mob killing kitten over and over again. The story could not have been worse or more railroaded. I'd be fine with a short story if it was well written and really made me feel like I had agency and actually accomplished something on my own verse another reliance on deus ex machina at every step. "Victory was taken from you by writer fiat. Now it’s being foisted on you by writer fiat."

    The events which still reward less than the cost of a port aren't even worth farming, especially considering how long they take to do.

    All the aesthetic content seems to have been axed and put on the gem store.

    Meta events wouldn't save the content because meta events are kitten. Meta events turn players into cogs rather than individual players which is the same reason why I dislike raids and Fractals. I don't want to be just another person wailing on a mob using cheat codes to pump up its stats and give it bs immunities. That isn't fun for me and I have never once understood how or why players enjoy doing that in raids and fractals. At least in normal events you actually feel like you are making a difference individually for the 5 minutes that the ride lasts before the game resets and completely undermines all the effort you put in to save the npcs from being killed by Joko's minions.

    PoF is only better than HoT because HoT was the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to game expansions. There has never been a worse expansion than HoT.

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    :+1: =
    -Mounts refresh and revitalize the process of map exploration. Movement is a joy now.
    -Story was engaging and fun. Definitely had me hooked. loved the afterlife level and sohothin felt great to use!
    -Bounty trains are great!
    -The griffon quest integrated lore into mount acquisition really well. I'd love to see more mount-related collection quests like that in the future, minus the gold paywall!
    -Scored beautifully.
    -Map designs were a lot of fun to explore.
    -New elite specs are awesome! Scourge is my favorite, but Spellbreaker is also really aesthetically pleasing.

    :-1: =
    I feel like things are starting to get locked behind bigger and bigger paywalls. Glider skins were cheap enough that you could buy one that you wanted and be done with it, but if i didn't just happen to have a year and a half's worth of gold sitting in my bank I'd never have gotten my griffon. The new RNG lootboxes to get mount skins are insulting and a huge cashgrab marring an otherwise highly enjoyable experience. They're super exploitative of people with poor impulse control, and I'd hoped Anet would be savvy enough to know it'd be way better PR to let people just.... buy what they want.

    Also, I wish there was more to do on the desert maps in terms of meta once all the story stuff was completed : (

  • Positively, I really do not have much to say about this expansion except that I liked the new elites. That's sadly about it for me.

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    The Maps Are Fun, The Mounts Are Fun, Griffon is Amazing. The Story was okay, I would of liked to see Taimi a bit more in person, though her banter was appreciated on the comm system. There didn't seem to be as much content in this xpac as there was in HoT. I seemed to have finished the Personal Story faster and I feel there isn't as much reason to go back as there is with HoT.

    I think a better way of getting to the Crystal desert would have been for the air ship to crash land in a dust storm and have u wondering around in a dust storm (think lost woods in first Legend of Zelda) That way we get a feeling of isolation and then we finally reach an "Oasis", Or are rescued by a native traveler. I Wish there would of been some JP content.

    Another thing that would be cool would be bandits that actually go around the map as if hunting for the players.
    Thats all i can think of now. I really hope you impress us with the Living Story and new events.

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    -Randomized mount skins.
    -No Tengu?
    -Giants, hydras, sand lions, and sand sharks all have broken cc.
    -I'd LOVE to go into first person for riding on my mount (and still be able to see my mount!!!!!). The fact that I can't do this makes me sad.


    -Basically everything else?

    Future suggestions:

    -Another "safe zone" major city. Not even talking about if you ever do add the Tengu, but something in outside of Tyria.
    -Underwater map for Bubbles. Like, a deep one. Nothing in Tyria is deep.

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    Posted in wrong thread sorry

  • What could be better:
    No gold sink attached to leveling features such as mastery's (i.e. Mounts)
    Better support for party story play through or just fix the bugs (kept dropping one of us out of story, probly fixed by now)
    More verticality / floating city's!!
    More underground explorable areas Caves, Dwarven mines, one large area for the whole expansion.
    More Achievement Points

    What was done right:
    Achievement availability at start of story
    Single token for all maps
    Bounty System
    Tons of subtle changes that just rock!
    MORE MORE MORE content like this!! Near Perfect direction for the future.

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    Pros: :)

    • Elona, we're finally in Elona!
    • Beautiful maps.
    • Storyline was really good. Story was engaging and fun. Definitely loved the god lore to meet some of them and know what they're up to within it and what we know about Kralkotorrik.
    • Good themes/OSTs for PoF
    • Loved the new Elite specs, they're all so much fun!
    • Gryffion mount didn't get cancelled and made it to the game. Also, the griffon quest integrated lore into mount acquisition really well.
    • Gods lore, (We finally saw Kormir and Grenth though no Dwayna, Melandru or Lyssa :()
    • Seprents' Ire (META) is really challening, fun and excited, love it!
    • Mounts refresh and revitalize the process of map exploration. Movement is a joy now.
    • Great mini-quests and other hidden stuff across Elona.

    Middle between cons/pro: :/

    • Mounts are ''okay''. We didn't really need them.
    • Some of the storybosses were alot harder than the actual main boss, Balthazar. Who ever created the Soul Eater dude at Grenth's Realm should be fired.
    • Some parts of the story were 'okay' and 'meh'.

    Cons: :angry:

    • Balthazar is dead.
    • No Dwayna, Melandru or Lyssa appearances.
    • ALOT of NPCs armors are still unavailable to us, players. Why?!?!?!?!
    • Rythlock's fault who let Balthazar free from the Mists and we're just going to forgive him just like that..??! What the actual kitten, (Yes kitten, as in kitty, no swearing here, MODs!!!)
    • Not enough drama in the storyline. I wanted someone to get killed, find a new hero but ohhh noo we have to stick with the lame Dragon's Watch.
    • Taimi is back.
    • Confusion of how to unlock mounts, (atleast it was for me)
    • Barely no players in the maps, unlike HoT you actually can find people here and there and same goes to Vanilla. I get the PoF maps are huge but you barely see anyone doing events, running across you etc.
    • I never understood what happened with the Sunspears, Dervish or Paragons, lack of story.
    • No Paragon Elite Spec as we're in ELONA! (Land spear) I really hated that you did not added Paragon as an Elite spec, going to Elona and everything.
    • Still no Polearm weapons, though you can find a few enemies in Elona aswell are having Polearms aswell the Sereph's in Lake Doric.

    Overrall this expansion was OK. Not too good nor not too bad... :anguished:
    I can't wait for the next expansion, hopefully ft. Cantha, Deep Sea Dragon, Land-Spear/Trident and Polearm as new weapons and Tengu as playable race! ;)

  • +++
    Music, Elona, Mastery Points, My own bird (though a bit cumbersome)
    aaand the music <3

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    I've completely lost interest in PoF, and it saddens me a bit. After taking a break for the Halloween festivities in LA I want back to the desert to fight Archon. A few minutes into the fight I realized I was having zero fun, so I walked to the edge of the instance, got kicked and logged off with no interest in returning. I'm sure I'll be back at some point, maybe for season 4 if it looks to be fun and isn't locked behind the PoF story. For now I'm off to play that other game I've seen hanging around the neighborhood.

    I realized that wasn't really "feedback" so I though I would include some. Combat in the PoF maps, and the stories to a lesser extent, are tedious. They feel like a chore with little reward for the effort. If the fights themselves were rewarding it would be okay, but they aren't. There's no sense of accomplishment, just a feeling of relief when it's over. By comparison I find the fights in HoT to be very satisfying, well I could do without pocket raptors. Of course this is just my opinion.

    EDIT: After season 4 arrived my interest in PoF was fully renewed. I am thoroughly enjoying Istan.

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  • Playing the story with a friend was a bit disappointing - joining party members were pushed aside, not getting achievements and such.
    Game forcing me to equip Sohothin every time I downed or dismounted costed me the achievement - when the final boss was at 10%. Did not feel good about that.
    Mounts are fun, maps are beautiful. As with HoT, there could've been more story. It ended when it was just getting good.
    I'd like to be able to change the mount while fighting, so that when the fight ends I'd get to mount immediately.
    Overall I enjoyed it. 8/10

  • Overall love the art, maps, music, new creatures in PoF and the addition of mounts has benefited me in old Tyria when doing map completions. Bonus!

    Downsides for me: not all story chapter achievements can be completed if you're in a party and you're not the chapter owner. Would like the new maps to be a bit more explorer friendly. Not suggesting ezmode by any means but would like to see a reduction in aggro range and an increase in mob respawn timers. Often I was mobbed by multiple mobs with CC - died a lot, hugely frustrating.

    Of particular note: a set of bleached bones in the desert of the first PoF zone - as you try to collect them it spawns a veteran and two friends. Kill them, go for the bones again - immediately spawns the same mobs. Rinse-repeat. If there was a trick to that one, haven't figured it out and still don't have that pile ticked off in my achievements.

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    No matter it is in the open map or in a story quest, overwhelmed by a thousand mobs and their spells is not fun. Everything try to knock me down and I have 2 skills to counter them a few second each. All 11 of my toons finished HoT plus Living World. Only 3 of them went through the PoF story and I don't want to do it anymore.
    PoF elite specialization is seemingly weaker than HoT's, Mirage and Holosmith for example. New elite spec. made our ranged classes become melee without enough compensations, this is where the weakened feeling came from.

  • I enjoyed the exploration part, the story and the new elite specs of PoF. The only thing that was missing for me was new dungeons and raids. I know new raids are coming but many dont. Maybe advertise them together with addon releases to draw more attention. As for dungeons, your original approach was amazing and i would love to see new advances in that direction (even if smaller than the old ones), something between fractals and raids. But whatever you do, just keep up the good work! :+1:

  • POF has killed my enjoyment of Guildwars. Played since launch of GW1. There are way to may events/achievements/collection hidden behind doing other things. While I enjoyed Hot and the collection involved for specialist weapons of which I have them all. In pof spending 2/3 hours a day looking for a group to kill 1 bounty in desolation ( several groups have failed ) is beyond a joke. You can still go to hot maps and find groups for meta events. Pof, maw and ire if your lucky. On that note in a map for 30 minutes with a population of 10ish, why does it not fill that map first before spawning a new map/ip how can I and other's waiting not be in the map that has 1 full squad and another with 20+ in it the minute a LFG goes up. I also have so much kitten that I'm carrying around because it doesn't go into any kind of storage but is for crafting/returning to npcs. And as a necro main and my second main is also necro to have your class so messed about with that other don't wont you for raids/fractals as your not helpful in any way is just beyond belief. Necros were comeptative in pve for about a month yet due to public outcry nerf nerf nerf we got decimated. I have taken all my 13/14 characters through HOT. POF I use tele to a group get all the HP to max out the Elite spec then leave. I just have 2 toons do Serpents Ire in the hope of a chest for a named sunspear weapon then sit in Desolation hoping to find a group for the Aszar

  • Pifil.5193Pifil.5193 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Maps are beautiful.
    Story was very good but very short.
    Mid to long-term goals are noticeably absent.
    Rewards for playing PoF maps are pretty terrible (the meta rewards at least seem to be better now).
    Decision to add a random exotic drop to the specialisation collections was a terrible idea.
    Mounts are beautiful, them only having a single dye channel feels cheap (PoF wasn't free after all).

    All in all this was another light expansion that feels lighter than HoT. I'll be holding off buying the next one until I see if they improve things there.

  • TheUndefined.1720TheUndefined.1720 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 14, 2017

    TLDR: Read Bold

    Ok, now that I've gone through pretty much the whole expansion (excluding doing all of the hearts / bounties / events...) I think I'm ready to offer feedback:


    • Cost: The cost of this expansion was totally acceptable. I think I got my money's worth and then some. Thank you for adjusting your pricing model.
    • Story: Very linear, easy to follow, and it didn't feel like a prologue / chapter 1 like HoT. I preferred having a clear beginning / conflict / climax / resolution.
    • Environment: The whole environment of the maps told their own stories. Mainly the diversity and grand scale of how separated the Elona landscape is was such a fun adventure to undertake
    • Specs: Overall, I think the specs were fun and better focused with the expansion than HoT.
    • Mounts: Probably the best addition of the expansion. I really appreciated how the difficulty of obtaining mounts slowly raised throughout the story instead of that stark wall of leveling up for gliding in HoT.
    • Music: I actually played with my sound off, but from the few tracks I heard, they sounded very well done.
    • Elonian Characters: I really enjoyed the Sunspear team, the banter of the citizens of Amnoon, the children with the springers, the refugees, the Order of Whispers, and Choya were all very interesting and entertaining to encounter.
    • Hero points / Mastery points: I totally appreciate how these points were much more solo friendly than HoT. It made playing my expansion spec through the expansion much easier which resulted in a better experience overall.


    • Story: The actual details of the story to me as GW1 fan were pretty confusing. Coming from Guild Wars 1, I completely disagree with how Balthazar was handled. I understand the writing team stands firm behind their work, however, I think the larger entities and nostalgic characters from GW1 should be respected, not dragged through the dirt and thrown in the cosmic trash to never be seen again - harsh, but just my opinion.
    • Monsters: I understand there should be challenge, and this aspect is honestly very subjective; however, I felt the groups of diverse forged were just too strong for me to solo through. My build could be bad, I could be a poor player, however, I still feel the game should be fun - this isn't a serious hardcore raid or fractal, it's open world. Tone down the crazy mobs or limit their patrols.
    • Cost of mounts: The Griffon mount was way too expensive. I understand this is a gold sink, but 25g to 250g was just silly. Next time, please cap the end expansion big fun reward with a gold sink that is far more manageable, 150g would have been a less jagged pill to swallow. Also, the mounts costing gold was a surprise to me. This is a feature added that should be enjoyed freely, not to mention they're required to progress the story.
    • Season 1 Story Characters: I do not want to share my characters story with any of the established characters aside from Canach. This is also subjective, but overall, please stop recycling these characters. Add a new cast each expansion and bring cameos of the old.
    • Lack of use of the new maps: I was really disappointed with how little use I got out of the new maps. I basically rushed through with the story and moved on. When I went back to get the Griffon eggs I was pretty surprised how much of these huge maps are totally ignored. There should be more incentive to explore and participate in the whole maps than just the hearts (more events / bosses / explorable hidden nooks / caves / treasure chests / etc).
    • Lack of a big end of expansion reward: I have a pretty big complaint about this. Finishing the story should give the player a nice big reward. Ascended trinket, helmet, backpeice, something to show that you finished and as the developer you appreciated the player going through all the hoops to complete the game. I know there is a reward for achievements, but that's something different. I should be rewarded for completing the story. A skin, outfit, ascended armor piece, quality miniature, something should be given.


    • Story: Make your own stories with the lore of GW1 as a foundation not as a tool. Introduce new elements or respect the old and use them in a manner that coincides with the established lore. In other words, stop rewriting GW1, start writing GW2, and respect the writing that has come before it.
    • Characters: Introduce a new cast per expansion / season.
    • Gold cost: **Limit the REQUIRED gold purchases from the character ** unless you set the character up to receive that amount of gold. Put a hard gold cap on gold sinks. 250g is too much.
    • Story Rewards: Provide a substantial reward for the player at the end of the story (weapon / armor skin, outfit, quality miniature, back piece, trinket, etc)
    • Keep up the good work!

    Overall, if I think this was a very successful expansion and set up for a very entertaining living story. However, there were some pitfalls that should be taken into consideration moving forward.

    Sorry that's not 100 words, thanks for your time and hardwork :)

  • PoF is wonderful. This actually causes a bit of an HoT problem. I'm trying to get the Specialization weapons unlocked and I have no way to get the Machined Weapons collections, which are a pre-req for the Specializations. This is because each Machined weapon requires a Noxious Seed Pod drop and Noxious Seed Pods only spawn in Dragon's Stand after a critical mass of players are there. That critical mass of players is in PoF where things are wonderful! I'm sure there are other instances where it just isn't really possible to get the critical mass of players anymore for HoT, or will be over time. For the Machined weapons, perhaps Noxcious Seed Pods could just...always be on the map? And the final vendor could just be...always on the map but in a painful place to get to so I still have to work at it? Just sayin'.

    But PoF is wonderful.

  • I have to say i was rly hyped and i thought i would be dissapoineted. There are possible improvements but overallits great.

    New elite sepcs have depth and new mechanic which make even boring easy classes like guardian (my opinion) fun to play.
    New maps are beautiful and easy fo navigate
    I enjoyed the storry much more then hot

    Lack of any huge meta events:
    I know some players dislike them but DS is the reason i visit maguma now. There is no reason for me to return to pof maps sadly. In future it might be good idea to make one (not all) maps with ds-like event.

    Sry for mistakes. I am not native speaker and i am typing on phone

  • +
    map layout is great, easy to navigate, sometimes a bit too easy
    bounties are fun and well implemented, the fights are good too, not a stupid zerg down.
    the mounts are great too, really loving them.

    Missing epic meta events like in HoT and some of the vanilla metas. (the maps are HUGE why not make a little zone in each map that has a bit more challenging content)
    The mount adoption licences are way too overpriced. Cut the price per mount in half and take the rng away. Think much more people would actually buy the mounts.
    Orichalcum and ancient wood is worth **** now due to too many nodes.

    Long story short, great expansion, though HoT was way better imo.

  • So far PoF is a great update of the Crystal Desert from GW1.
    The Story was fun, challenging and a good introduction to the expansion.
    Group events are fun, rewarding and some very challenging which is ok.

    Collecting feedback from Guildies i would see that maybe some tuning is needed. Solo play mobs can be difficult for a sub optimal builds.
    The one underlying tenant from Anet was that for PVE, play what build you want. Is this just for Core or is this also for HoT and PoF.
    I find some builds are just struggling in the PoF maps and making progress slow/unrewarding.
    If this is not the case for PoF, can we get Metabattle builds for PVE.

    ty, devs have been doing a great job with GW2 so far.

  • @Phil.7369 said:
    And please add either a Night-Mode or change the WHITE forum background to something DARK. Take example from Blizzard and WOW where they always have this brown-dark green background. I and tons of other posters can not for the love of me concentrate with this white blinding background.
    Come on Arenanet these are standard things...

    I second this suggestion for forum background to go dark. I have light sensitivity and I end up with a headache just trying to browse the forums for a few moments. I have personal settings on my email and browser background colors but can't seem to get it to work with your forums. Please adjust the background or offer a choice for folks to choose.

  • Mounts - I love the mounts personally especially the idle animations but i think skimmer, skipper and jackal could use a few more animations to make them come alive more.
    Maps - love the maps but still seems hard to farm crafting mats as they are normally by so many mobs.
    Story - loved it but NPC's are really useless and not helpful in anyway but i did notice Kasmeer ressed me which was nice. The story had depth and some really cool and interesting instances.
    Loot - still a bit lack luster imo
    Achievs - loved doing these far more than the HOT ones. ie: Migraine
    and nice rewards far better than other achievs so far.
    Bounties - think this was good to implement like the old champ trains of 2012 - however rewards are terrible for such difficult tasks. Bounty hunter armor drop rate far too low.
    Meta's - love doing the Maw of Torment but the coin meta in crystal oasis is pretty boring, the serpents Ire is just horrible with the frame rate and lag so I don't do it. The treasure hunt in Desert Highlands whats to say but boring so I don't do that one either.
    Disappointments -
    No new world bosses,
    No new way to obtain legendary armour through a PVE way that's not raiding or PVP.
    Bounty Hunter armour is very difficult to obtain and complete the collection.
    Only 1 of the 4 Meta's are worth doing.
    The Harriers stats are just useless to any class as far as i can see and just seems a horrible stat combo.
    Ascended trinkets from heart vendors and tomb vendor are slightly over priced.
    AP reward points still too low for each Achiev.
    Mounts need a few more animations. (except Raptor)
    Lag and Frame rate drop in Vabbii especially branded area which makes it unplayable for a lot of the players.

  • By far the most fun I've had thus far in the game. A group of friends and I got the Sand Fleas debuff from a champion bounty in the Crystal Oasis and brought it to Amnoon. Hilarity ensued over the map as people were hugging and sharing with each other over the entire map, making sure to refresh the duration by re-acquiring the debuff after it expired from someone else that carried it.

  • Not sure if someone has posted about this, however a couple guildies recommended I post about it here.

    This is mostly what is putting me off from playing any Path of Fire content, and even some of the elite specs and going into mounts and mount skills. Honestly, all the new maps seem to be some kind of "desert jungle", and that's essentially what it is. Elona, Vabbi, etc are NOT desert jungles, or at least they SHOULDN'T be. I haven't played Gw1, but people who have played it tell me that there are great nations here, despite being under siege.

    The devs at anet had a wonderful opportunity to transform Amnoon and Lily of the Elon into a grand city that players can call the Lion's Arch of Elona, and some people do! But honestly, I don't see it that way. Why would I go down there? It's not a city it's an encampment. The events down there are "just there". Why would I do the events here when I can form Silverwastes and Auric Basin. There are about 3 maps down there but it feels like 7, and they're all empty. I kind of feel like Amnoon should have been it's own instance with more waypoints, vistas, PoIs. Almost like the Divinity's Reach of Elona. They also had an opportunity to create Palawa Joko's own city, or a Sunspear city, since Amnoon was always known as independent. Things like this presents opportunities to expand down there even more. Having a place players can call a home down there is something that can help encourage players to explore Elona.

    These are just some rough thoughts in my head, I know that it may not entirely be possible or logical in terms of the story, but I think it would improve quality of life for players like me who are just not feeling "Path of Fire".

  • Overall, a truly magnificent addition to Guild Wars 2! Near perfect, and thank you! That said, two demerit points;
    1) The final boss fight with Balthazar was too repetitive, not "personal" enough, and too many constant explosions.
    2) Running issue since launch; individual armour pieces are scarce and many are mundane. After 5 years, I'm desperate for new armour. Outfits, in general, NO.

  • JustTrogdor.7892JustTrogdor.7892 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 25, 2017

    I'm loving PoF so much more than HoT. I found it a nice balance between the ease of core maps and the constant frustration of HoT maps for a more casual player like myself. There are so many ways to get around the maps with all the various mounts. The mob density is just right with some interesting fights (some of those harpies seem a bit over tuned though especially if you end up in a group of them with a ranged harpy hitting like a truck while you deal with the melee ones). The griffon collection was a lot of fun. I seem to be spending all my time in PoF once I got started with it. This was the expansion I wanted and was well worth the money.

    As for the story I can't comment much on that. I'm not a story person and just rushed through it to get it done. My main complaint is disconnects during the story. This happened to me several times after a long boss fight. "Hey cool I beat this boss after 3 tries, now let's listen to several minutes of NPC dialog. Ack!! Disconnect during dialog." Do the boss fight again, disconnect again. My advice would be either make a save point right after a boss is defeated or have the character and NPCs leave the instance and go some place else to do all the chit chat.

    Mounts, I was anti mount back in the day. However, you did it right. You gave them meaning and personality. They all serve a purpose aside from just riding around on bling. My favorites are the Springer and the Griffon. They open up all the game maps to a whole new level of exploration. I have spent a ton of time jumping up on things in city maps just to see things I never got to see before. The mount masteries feel to me more meaningful than many of the HoT masteries that I rarely use. However, as cool as mounts are please don't get carried away with super exploding, fire, flash, elctro mount skins in the future. Please do interesting looking mount skins without a ton of screen blasting effects. :smile:

    The maps are varied and interesting. I love running around exploring like I did in the core maps, something I missed with HoT. Even though I can only play on medium to low settings the maps look wonderful. I can only imagine what they look like on high settings.

    Overall IMO this is the best work Anet has done since core. I've been very critical of Anet since HoT launched but I feel your really redeemed yourselves with PoF. Congrats on an amazing job.

  • After finishing PoF story and unlocking flying mount never came back to crystal desert maps, theres no meta events and bounties fells meh, even if some of them are nice to fight, theres no epicness in there

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