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  • The mobs in these zones are seriously overturned. You've basically classed my Guardian out of the content, I'll need to bring another profession to do this content.

    Are you guys going to do something about this or do I have to wait another year for an expansion like Heart of Thorns?

  • Really like the new map and the amount of activity on it. Seems to always have an event running.

    I did find one thing I thought was silly when looking over the Volatile Magic Exchange - Season 4 Portal Tome... really, you couldn't just make a change to Living World Portal Tome and then have the ability to add the Istan portal scroll to it. Seems silly.

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    Turning keys into currency was a good change. The new foliant was a big disappointment for me. I was hoping that they expanded the old one but no, yet another item to needlessly take up inventory space. The new map is also quite the letdown, unlike several of the S3 maps I can't see myself visiting this map after compleating the achievements. It's just another PoF map but that's it, it doesn't have a unique feeling like bloodstone fen nor is there anything worthwilte to farm (I was really hoping for a S4 ascended armor set but nope, apparently that would have been to much to ask).

  • @enumae.2980 said:
    Really like the new map and the amount of activity on it. Seems to always have an event running.

    I did find one thing I thought was silly when looking over the Volatile Magic Exchange - Season 4 Portal Tome... really, you couldn't just make a change to Living World Portal Tome and then have the ability to add the Istan portal scroll to it. Seems silly.

    I noted that it takes 1,000 volatile magics to purchase the portal tome for Istan. I got the portal tome for Amnoon just for completing the entry story to the place without purchase, so I don't understand why we have to purchase this one. I understand the gem store purchases for the temporary portals but why this?

    And I agree that the portal tome we received for Season 4 should offer the location in Istan once you discover it. Doesn't make any sense.

  • Coming back to this game after 2 years...

    Combat with the elite skills is clunky, need 10 fingers on my left hand just to dodge and use the new abilities. Gameplay just wasn't as fun anymore since it was mostly getting knocked down and flooded by roaming mobs right and left, meanwhile trying to mash 4 new keys that aren't even close to the WASD keys really got annoying.

    The gating though masteries / XP is always a poor and lazy design for any game, im surprised this game skidded into that route since I never experienced this in the original game. For some reason on my main necro I wasn't able to get enough mastery points to get the 2nd mount and just got stuck. Oddly on my guardian this was not an issue but having to replay the excruciatingly slow storyline again and wait around for the ridiculous amount of talking was the largest challenge so far.

    The mounts are nice and something new, but it just felt they were more for adding to the annoying jumping puzzles / quests than anything else (which is why I left this game in the first place -- I HATE jumping puzzles).

    I felt the graphics were amazing as usual, but the gameplay, grindiness, and confusing build setup kills the enjoyment I once had for this game.

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    I pretty much loved everything about PoF. I dont mind the lack of big meta events. The maps are beautiful, have a lot of lore, the new enemy types are interesting and the factions are handled well. I think the difficulty is just right both in open world and story instances. I loved the way story worked in this expansion -it felt better than HoT, had more into it. Learning about Vlast gave me the chills. Mounts feel fun to use and I enjoyed the new adventure type.

    The audio and visuals, as usual, are excellent!

    The only real complaint I have is that FPS seems to drop significantly in the east area of Vasbi even on better computers.

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    @Izaak.3945 said:
    Combat with the elite skills is clunky, need 10 fingers on my left hand just to dodge and use the new abilities. Gameplay just wasn't as fun anymore since it was mostly getting knocked down and flooded by roaming mobs right and left, meanwhile trying to mash 4 new keys that aren't even close to the WASD keys really got annoying.

    Try rebinds Sir, skills on 123R5QEZXC (clustered around WASD) does wonders for me. Try the action cam.

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    I think you already have a lot of good feedback so ill focus only on bad one.

    New map gameplay just awful.
    Challenge and hardcore doesnt mean "get oneshot death all the time". Bounties poorly balanced and hard to complete in reasonable amount of people. What can be better than trying to check small buff with info about boss' abilities? doing it while boss teleports around removing your targeting, and it's adds with evasive shadowstep stabs killing you from full HP in two seconds. In small crowd you will die, mostly instantly, in huge crowds its just zerg rush ignoring all mechanics - boss mechanics too poorly displayed, too punishing for small groups and can be just ignored for big groups. Whats the point making "legendary" bounties if you must grab at least 10 ppl for any of it, even smaller one? Also you spent hell amount of CC and time to break the bar and you got only 2-3 seconds of exposed and mostly no any visible result on boss.

    Huge map scale built for riding doesnt makes them more detailed - we still have huge good looking but empty landscapes covered with different kind of CCying and DoTing things, mostly I doesnt want to explore new maps at all, I want to move from one required place to another as faster as possible and not get killed or dismounted or in the worst case dismounted in combat with something far away (yep, aggro radius). Lack of map progressing event chains (ones like we got in Maguma) together with map sizes and annoying enemies makes them less wanted than any older content.

    No any new world bosses. We have only Mouth of Mordremoth (with his cute eyes right inside his nostrils ^_^) in HoT with totally related map for it (1 of 4), in PoF we got 5 maps (sometimes with size of two HoT maps) but it was no place even for at least one huge boss with interesting fight?

    Mount skin loot boxes - worst idea ever, it can be done a bit better if we got some "box or random raptor skin", "box of random wabbit skin" etc instead of one box for everything, or option to trade them on auction, or "complete the PoF story and get one box free". I want some skins for some mounts but this amount of randomness wont allow me to even try get them. New skins for 2k also doesnt worth it at all, even 800 glider skins were questionable.

    Some last thing - new specs, I dont have any strict opinion about them but I definitely know I will not play as a deadeye (dd is better), at the same time I will not switch my holosmith back to scrapper or raw engi.

    Mostly Im disappointed right now. Iv skipped few first month of HoT doing old content so Iv missed most of its release flaws, probably in PoF Iv should do the same, but its too late now, Iv tried it already, next time I definitely wont preorder new addon or buy highest grade of it.

    PS sorry for my bad English, and just add the cyrillic for ingame chat at last! I can use all of šžõäöü I can find on my keyboard but I cant place simple Ъ or Ы! You even got store webpage in Russian - totally translated, its awful, its almost unavoidable, you force to use it, it requires to do some browser magic to turn it back to English, but at the same time you wont add cyrillic for ingame chat!

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    Living story: place some retry motes if you make hard achievements like stand your ground, always having to redo is just frustrating
    And another thing this patch introduced is visual clutter bosses everywhere (personal story, fotm, new map) Too much is too much.

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    With Daybeak release, I rushed a bit to finish Vabbi, but now, as I'm done with most of what I wanted to do in PoF, I think it's time for my feedback.

    New maps :

    • May be too overcrowded by enemies some times, especially Desolation and Vabbi. Like : you're looking for the path to go to that vista, and you're attacked all the time, and just can't focus.
    • Most reknown hearts are plain boring and uninspired.
    • Replayability is awful. I did the maps 7 times, and it was boring.
    • No real reason to come back to maps once you're done with your selected achievements. All that creative work is disposable and going to waste in a matter of weeks ?
    • The moron who designed that PoI east of the jackal's place, atop a tower with those flamethrowers, that very PoI that serves no purpose but map completion, that one should really consider switching career.

    Artistic departement :

    • New maps are really nicely done. Special mention to desert highlands and the whole branded areas.
    • Music is mostly uninspired and prosy, with the notable exception of that Desolation's theme that uses the bass flute and the choya dance theme.
    • 5 new armors sets : that's far more than HoT so that's a good thing.
    • New armor sets are mostly nice, and light armors are more revealing for male toons. That's much appreciated.
    • Unfortunately, new armor don't really fit well with previous one, either from a pure esthetics point of view, or from terrible clipping issues (pants vs. boots, mostly)
    • New ascended elite specs weapons are overall nicer than Hot's
    • New weapons set feel uninspired.

    Lore and story :

    • Everything was smooth and fine till Kesho. It feels rushed afterwards.
    • Too many unclear things : what is Balthazar doing at mouth of torment ? in Vabbi ? How come we know we must head to Kodash to face him ? Maybe it's written somewhere ; I still haven't found it.
    • Sidekicks are fair, but that's all.

    New foes :

    • Jacarandas and Ibogas are nicely done and are a good update of what they were in GW1.
    • There's far too many skill denying : range denying, melee denying (lions), CC's all around. If designer's notion of challenge is "prevent 80% of skills to hit", then please fire those designers.
    • I really liked how Djinns are now shown as individual with a personnality, amongst a race that has a culture and an identity.
    • Please cut with foes that can 2 shoot you. Challenging fights must last a bit to use skill, and not a macro-ed rotation.

    Elite specs :
    I only tested 7 of them.

    • Mostly interesting additions
    • Too many bugs raised during beta are still here
    • Mirage and Scourge recent nerfs are a shameful confession of ineptitude. You made a lot of hype during videos or with streamers about how amazing those were, only to confess later than all this aweseome efficiency was built over plain bugs. Fixing the bugs is a pure nerf hammer, and I hope that those elite specs will come back inline far quicker than Mallyx Rev did.

    Mounts :

    • A really good addition to the game, but...
    • Skimmer feels like I'm riding an anvil on an ice rink.
    • They're far too fragile, especially with how hard any foe can hit.

    Miscelleanous :
    Even if it was nice, some things felt stale. Even if there were explosions and flashlights all around, some things felt prosy. I hardly felt involved in the story, in the action, because I didn't have time to fully explore and enjoy everything. Maybe only because I was under attack all the time, or because the LWS4 is already up ? I'm positive a lot of players are already done with PoF and all though. It lacks the life HoT had, it lacked the consistency it had.
    As for many things I saw, many obnoxious chores I had to do, many foes I fought, many mechanics I analysed, I wondered : whose enjoyement has that been designed for ? Mine, or the devs' ? I begun LWS4 lately, and I feel like I'll have to write that again in the dedicated feedback thread.

    Look at that—you broke Scruffy's sarcasm meters. ~ Taimi.

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    @Link.6157 said:

    And another thing this patch introduced is visual clutter bosses everywhere (personal story, fotm, new map) Too much is too much.

    "Visual Clutter" is an understatement. But I suspect all this visual clutter is contributing to the drop in frame rates, not to mention screen freezes all over the place. Yesterday I did the Palawadan meta event. Practically every few minutes my screen would freeze before I found myself several leaps farther away than I was when I started. Its more noticeable when you use your rabbit to do a cannon ball at a mob boss, to see a freeze at the height of a jump, then find your character unfreeze just inside the perimeter a ways from where you started on the other side of said boss.

    I think all the graphic effects are causing no end of problems for folks who play on decent machines but don't have the most expensive high end rigs. I have a decent setup, but this, and all the story instances, cause fps drops and screen freezes all over the place. I rarely, if ever, experience this in other maps....not even in Dragon Stand for that huge dragon fight.

    I think your engineers need to go back over this and tone it down a bit in order for folks like me to be able to do these events without fighting your "visual clutter" causing all these problems. I want to enjoy playing the game, not fight my computer all the time for control.

  • Sadly, PoF was the expansion that made me to completely drop GW2. Yes, story, artwork, graphics, music are great, but... After playing PoF for like a week there is nothing much more to do (except raiding). This game becomes like fashion contest, in which you simply collect armor, weapon appearances, mount skins, etc. But there's no more "drive" that makes to play this game. It's boring. Everyting's just monotonous and repetitive. Same events, same kitten rewards (which make events pointless), same fractals, only 2 raids, boring and repetitive PvP... I can only say that I've expected more from ANet :) Hope you guys, who still play this game, have great fun in Tyria :)

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    @Vogon Arc Legion.1342 said:

    Collecting feedback from Guildies i would see that maybe some tuning is needed. Solo play mobs can be difficult for a sub optimal builds.
    The one underlying tenant from Anet was that for PVE, play what build you want. Is this just for Core or is this also for HoT and PoF.
    I find some builds are just struggling in the PoF maps and making progress slow/unrewarding.
    If this is not the case for PoF, can we get Metabattle builds for PVE.

    I've seen several responses throughout the forums stating this very same issue with some of the builds that folks really like, but many are hard to play due to the lackluster capabilities that are built into them. I have found that, even though I enjoy most of my characters' builds, many are just not able to compete well.

    I truly think Anet needs to have their dev teams take a closer look at the builds they have created and adjust them so that they all are viable, not just one or two.

  • Dislike having to wait to unlock a specific mount from a later zone for a Mastery Point in my current zone.

    I absolutely HATE having to use that stupid "springer" mount to jump up places, especially in story instances like "Power Kesho" story instance.

    I am disappointed that Ranger's still haven't gotten any new ranged skills!

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    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    New forum / same request:

    Please share your high-level feedback about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire in <100 words.

    Oops, I commented in wrong thread.

  • Storyline is way too punishing for melee, to the point that I could confuse the "you die here no matter what" moments with broken mechanics. I just don't care about joko, he's tiring. We already did undead with Zaitan, more undead was way too soon. I don't feel heroic to save bad guys, I had no attachment to any of the NPCs and felt no drive to help them.

    Mount and map exploration is way too formulaic in comparison to HoT. Yes, the HoT 3d space was "hard" but PoF just feels like "grind more exp and mastery points before you can come here" instead of making me feel like skill is involved.

    PoF storyline basically "just kidding"ed the whole storyline up until now. Really felt like all our efforts up until now were a waste of time. Not good storytelling.

  • Hey, I am a new player, been here just over a week now. Your game is great but the community is horrible. I constantly see vets complaining the game is dying but the next second they harass new players that dare ask questions. I've been through four guilds, each time having to leave after being harassed by multiple members. I already regret buying this game.

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    @Tomoko.4071 said:
    Hey, I am a new player, been here just over a week now. Your game is great but the community is horrible. I constantly see vets complaining the game is dying but the next second they harass new players that dare ask questions. I've been through four guilds, each time having to leave after being harassed by multiple members. I already regret buying this game.

    I am sorry you feel this way. I assure there are newbie friendly guilds in this game. I don't know which server you are on but if you play on NA you can directly message me to see if you'd fit in my guild.

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    @Cerioth.7062 said:

    @Tomoko.4071 said:
    Hey, I am a new player, been here just over a week now. Your game is great but the community is horrible. I constantly see vets complaining the game is dying but the next second they harass new players that dare ask questions. I've been through four guilds, each time having to leave after being harassed by multiple members. I already regret buying this game.

    I am sorry you feel this way. I assure there are newbie friendly guilds in this game. I don't know which server you are on but if you play on NA you can directly message me to see if you'd fit in my guild.

    That is very kind of you. GW2 does have a listing for guilds

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    10/10 this is the best mmorpg i have ever played. The story is so well written .I was impressed by the evacuate, it made me real and shocking, and I almost forgot how much I had done.

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    Was behind the curve ball with the 'Portal Spiker' achievement. I have to say, without a zerg, you can pretty much hang it up. Really dislike how some content becomes impossible after a while . . . especially if you're casual or have limited time to play. Wasn't always that way, but now it seems par for the course these days.

    No longer posting or playing.

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    Mounts! I almost have map completion for the first time ever in Core Tyria.

    Music-- aside from combat
    Beautiful environments
    Some of the story ideas are interesting
    Finally, relatively easy Masteries with low XP and MPs to unlock them.

    Stress, stress, stress in story and exploration.
    Mobs have too many effects and are way too dense. Respawn timers need serious tweaks; if you get caught by a veteran, the mobs you killed before respawn before you're done with it. Maybe 30 seconds instead of six? One shot mount-downing mechanics and overtuned aggro radius need tweaks too.
    Terrible story pacing-- long, endless, gimmicky boss battles followed by tons of dialog, dialog, dialog, then search, search, search, then fight, fight, fight, then dialog, dialog, dialog. Just finished forty minutes Domain of the Lost droning after getting thrashed for almost 20 minutes by Balthazar.
    Too many events and not enough players to do them. Events get in the way of exploration.
    Timed events, for no real reason. Tried to do the sand shark one outside Amnoon solo, and the timer expired when I was 90% done.
    "Platforming" for no reason. In Domain of the Lost, why is your purpose up in the trees atop spiky ladders and fiery planks?

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    • Way too much unskippable exposition dialogue, throughout.
    • Too many mobs with wide pathing and/or aggro radius out in the wild. Being near-unable to find anywhere to stop for a few seconds and have a RL break was very frustrating. I shouldn't have to die (or leave the map) every time my phone rings.
    • Needs decent metas. Unlike HoT, beyond levelling alts there's no real incentive for me to go back.
    • Too many story points where instance boundaries and sizes shifted without warning. Not a problem when you're doing content solo, but we "lost" party members on multiple occasions because the active instance suddenly changed size and then kicked them. Very annoying when you're trying to play together.
    • Tuning/content when doing the PS in group, in general. GW2 never seems to be able to make up its mind about groups in PS, or find that right "middle ground". On the one hand, we've had instances in the past that absolutely demanded groups (original version of the final episode of the basic PS; final episode of HoT). On the other hand, at the opposite extreme, PoF in particular brought us way too many stories where there was effectively nothing of significance for players other than the instance owner to do. There's a happy medium somewhere between the two - but trying to find it always seems to be an afterthought, for some later patch, if it gets any attention at all (by which time, I'm sure it's too late for most people likely to be affected).

    And two specifics.

    1) The first fight in "The Departing" is OK the very first time you do the content - but it's simply an annoying, unnecessary and counter-productive grind after that.

    Basically, the story as it stands requires you to almost win the fight, before snatching that away from you. Dramatic when you don't know it's coming - if somewhat contrived - but once you've done it once, any dramatic impact and story need is gone; all that's left is an extremely annoying grind, that you're forced to complete in the way that the game wants things to go before it will let you progress. You know that you're going to lose the fight, and die - but not only will the game not let you, it's going to actively prevent it. "You will die on script, and not before." Downed for the 27th time? Balthazar still on 86% health? Tough. "Get back up and fight, you pathetic little excuse for a hero!" So - especially if you're not on a particularly strong character - you've got to slog on, and on, and on, until you finally get Balthazar down to his last few percent - and only then have "victory" snatched away. And let's be clear - this is to start the story. The important story point is that Balthazar kills you - not that you "almost" beat him, or that he could clearly have killed you at any time but wouldn't let you die until that point; frankly, that's window-dressing, and it loses any point after a single play-through. Beyond the simple fact of your death, the fight is a mere gating event for the real meat of the story, which is that you actually manage to come back from the dead. Really annoying. If you're being repeatedly downed, the game should recognise the fact, have Balthazar kill you, and let you move on.

    I've done "The Departing" four times now, and that's already at least two too many. Once was on mains on each of two accounts; a third, effectively spectating, in a group with a friend leading who couldn't then manage the final fight in the story (not his fault; the fight mechanics meant that the group was actively making it harder for him, something we didn't understand until after); the fourth immediately after, with the same friend in "my" copy of the instance, to get him to story completion. By the final one I was beginning to lose the will to live, and seriously considered not bothering; it was only because of the circumstance that I kept going. It's hard to imagine choosing to go back and do it again solo of my volition.

    2) I didn't like having the two big story instances at the end "back to back" in the way that they were. Whilst I can see why it was might have been chosen to be implemented that way, doing them in a group with friends (see previous point, above), we didn't get any obvious chance to swap the player in control of the instance. I'd taken the lead through the first part, having done it before, after a couple of failures where we lost players yet again to changing instance boundaries (see previous... ...well, you get my drift); having successfully got through, though, everyone was then left with me in charge again for the final part - which was neither what we'd planned, nor (after the event) what I would have preferred. A couple of people definitely ended up with the feeling of having been "carried" through the story, which was a pity.

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    Anet team, WELL DONE!! I'm super happy to say this! This expansion is amazing! I was worried that also this expansion would get rushed for some reason and end up small in scope and not fully satisfying as Hot, but really I wasn't prepared for this.
    Pof world feels alive, lore is deep and interesting and the story is well written and worth replaying...and the mounts, man I'm loving them! I never experienced mounts in an other game like this before.


    • I was sad to not being able to ride the Junundu. A missed opportunity for me... even one little mission would have made its mark for me.
    • No new race, the expansion content is fine but I was really hoping for the Tengu, I hope you are keeping them for a future expansion...coff Cantha coff coff wink got it....
    • No ridable Aurene in the missions. That would have been great.
    • The Dervish or a Scythe wielding class. The Dervish wa my favourite chass in GW and overall in any other games ever, not really because of the skills but because of the weapons and movements that made it feel really super cool. I wish it was the right time to make it come back...

    And that's it! So overrall I beautyful expansion. Some things missing but with the things we got in exchange it is acceptable.

    Continue like this Anet and I will be happy and excited about any expansion you produce.

    happy holidays to everyone!

  • layshu.7512layshu.7512 Member
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    • Story
    • Mounts
    • Awesome Istan with amazing lore, stunning graphics, and attention to detail
    • Currency not cluttering storage - that was the best probably
    • Less time-gated stuff (do this grind for 7 days, then grind for 5 days more) - very happy here

    Some suggestions:

    • Update collections / achievement UI: it is getting hard to navigate. I like completing achievements, but I don't like completed ones obstructing my view. A quick checkbox 'hide completed' would be very helpful, but a larger overhaul would be very welcome as well
    • Update bug reporting UI (revisit / add options). Bizarrely, there are categories missing. For example, there is old Beta (which is I believe for Beta HoT), but there is no category for story, whether it's a personal or living world. Also there is no ping saying 'we've looked at it, thanks'. I'm not even sure my feedback is being looked at nowadays, which used to be not the case :(
    • Add upgradable gathering tools - volatile magic tools will be a new thing after unstable magic ones. Many people already bought unstable magic tools. I find it very annoying carrying multiple ones. How about a tool that combines all currencies / allows to toggle between them? Less storage clutter that way. I'll be also happy to buy tools skins (love the necromancer ones), if it's just how they look but give me the resource I want.
    • Story plotting / key secrets revealing - make sure players know all information, otherwise a glorious revelation will be substituted with player confusion. Previous GW episode sometimes make little sense when your character speaks of something they are apparently deeply familiar with but you are not. Here is an example: Living World 3, Kerida's identity gets revealed, my character goes: 'Livia? The Livia?' and I'm thinking 'Who is it exactly? Am I supposed to be surprised?'. You can find references to Livia in previous instance, but you have to be looking for them. What if you did not find them? Instead of being awed, I got confused.
    • Story onboarding - make sure key characters are introduced. This is very helpful to a new player if you are interested in them getting into the story faster. I onboarded during Living World season 1 and it started for me with everybody celebrating victory, talking to my character like they know them, and me thinking 'Who are these people and why are they acting like we've known each other for a while?' That was probably not the smoothest introduction to Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and the rest of the company.
    • Make more events scalable. You have to do everything in the new content asap because once the bulk of people are done with achievements you are in a tough spot - the content is not for solo / small group of people, and there is no larger group. I'd be very curious what happens to Choya Pinata in a couple of months... actually it will probably not happen at all because it will be not possible to trigger it as very few people will be there to collect coins in the first place. Once again, this kind of kills an interest of a person who just started playing.
  • I wish there was some kind of alert for story missions before starting each mission that player 2 is almost useless and will have to redo the mission themselves to get the achievements. 100% of my gaming is with my husband, but since the last living story before PoF, I've noticed that quite a few of the missions don't let the 2nd character do anything but be a helper. Why can't there be a "please note you're pointless, do this one on your own" warning before the ones that should be done by one person only? Time's limited to maybe an hour or two a night to play, so knowing ahead of time would have been great.

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    Having thought about it for a while, I like the expac, mounts are a great addition, I love the map designs, and the new elite specs are awesome.... Though I wish there where one or two heart of thorns style map wide metas (like tarir or dragons stand) or even world bosses (set time, everyone shows up and makes a go of it) to keep me coming back to some of these maps again and again. Also, I thought that the masteries are a little too quick to gain compared with Heart of Thorns masteries.

  • Please add mounts and gliding to racial home instances.

  • Started the expansion recently and been enjoying every moment of it. The large maps are fun to explore and the mounts are great. Masteries seemed a little too quick to complete this time.

  • [b]Griffon Mount Collection:[/b]

    Awesome idea, putting a really nice mount as a bonus. However, the collection is rediculous! Why? Because of the required Legendary bounty that is impossible to complete without a group!

    The legendary event is the last collection item. I was so happy to see the bounty on the boards, grabbed it, went to the location and wasted 10m sitting looking at a mob I cannot kill! Fun. I tagged up, spoke in map chat, listed in LFG, I got ONE player show up. Needless to say we couldn't complete the stupid event on our own. I'd like to see this item removed from the collection.

  • I would suggest adding either Funerary Incense or Amalgamated Gemstones to the PoF metas. I would enjoy participating in them more often, but it’s hard to justify doing them when they are so much less rewarding than other metas. Adding either of those items as part of a “Hero’s choice” type chest would give me more of an excuse to search them out.

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    Vista "puzzles" are about as fun as a kick in the balls! I'm fed up of having to look up video guides on every vista I encounter because it's not possible to figure out without spending hours on it!

    Gotta go 50miles North, take a random hidden portal that takes you 300 miles East, to get the vista that's nowhere near either of these points! -.-

  • Good things in PoF

    • Mounts are cool (though griffon should be twice cheaper in gold)
    • Story is really nice.
    • Location appearance is lovely.

    Bad things in PoF

    • Bounties! May be idea is not bad. But implementation is awful. Bounties can hardly be killed with small group. Hence they encourage zerg play. And zerg is extreamly boring.
    • Almost nothing to do in this lovely locations!. Few events with unknown timers spread over huge maps (so you don't know which events are up). Only Crystal Oasis have more or less enough events.

    In Verdant Brink we have 4 long event chains during daylight lasting more than 1 hour. We can join any event chain at any moment. No need to roam the map seeking for event. And then we have awesome 45 min long night meta, where 50-70 players need to cooperate. And night meta is in no way a zerg play. Same thing in Auric Basic and Tangled Depth.
    In Dragon's stand we have large meta event lasting for 1.5 hour. And though there's 3 full squads in this meta it still doesn't feel like zerg play because of multiple side events.

    PoF locations are heavily lacking long event chains and metas. The only really nice meta is in Domain of Vabby. But Domain of Vabby is so empty that there almost never enough players to do this meta.

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    Now that I've finally gotten around to playing the story (late to the party, as usual), I can say that PoF was a new low for me.

    Let's break this down:
    The story was this weird mix of super predictable main story and pointless side stories.
    The main story (if you can even it call that) was: Balthazar is the bad guy, go south and kill him. And that's exactly what happened.

    As this would have made for a pretty short story it was dragged out by all these little side stories.
    Some of them literally only were: Run around the map and talk to random people or grind some hearts/mastery. Nobody needs that, players that want to explore will do so on their own. Imho every part of the story should be instanced and contain either relevant new information, cutscenes, interesting combat or puzzles.

    Let's look at the parts of the story that were not just literal filler.
    We have sadly way too many bossfights with punching bags that have no meaningful abilities and even if they manage to defeat you, you just respawn a few steps away. When you have finally whittled down their health, they turn invincible and teleport away or defeat the player deus-ex-machina style. For me this is the worst and most disappointing way to handle a story element like this.

    Then we have the puzzle parts that are mostly fine. I say mostly because completing the story as a group (this is a MMO after all) forces everyone but the leader of the instance to idly stand by and wait or "help" as a pointless wisp or ghost with no mentionable power more often than not. To add insult to this: Many achievements can only be earned by the instance owner for whatever reason.

    The final nail in the coffin was the terrible idea of having the character die and then have amnesia in the middle of the story for a pointless recap of all previous stories told in the most boring way possible.

    As far as relevant new information goes - there barely was any. We visited Kormir and got the old "you already have everything you need to know" talk as well as them leaving for good now. The whole story about Vlast and the Exalted was pretty meh. Palawa Joko is trapped, Kralkatorrik is still out there and well that was about it.

    In the end we celebrated with a lot of characters I had already forgotten about, and I loved how the pc was like "let's get this over with, I don't want to be here", as that was exactly what I was thinking all along.

  • Wow, thanks for the work you did in PoF. I LOVE the mounts, just wish you made RNG on the mount skins more specific to a particular mount, or no RNG at all. As I often don't play in groups, mounts have been a refreshing welcome to me. They have helped with moving around in the frustrating HoT area, so a HUGE thank you from me. I have shown my thanks by plowing money into the gem store, and getting my wife and son into GW2 as well. So, thanks!

    I found the story enjoyable. Not too long or short.

    You turned a boring desert, into a aesthetically wonderful place. Well done.

    I honestly don't mind the lack of a meta event in the desert area, I think we have quite a few already (IMHO), and it would just reduce the number of players in the other older maps.

  • can you get POF on dvd as I dislike digital downloads I much prefere to have physical media

  • My big, huge, absolutely unforgivable issue with this expansion is that the new specialization weapons require crafting. I could literally get all of the other pieces but because of account-bound crafting, I will legitimately never be able to get that one last mordant weapon for any of the POF professions. :-1:

  • With a new set of elite specializations, I feel like we finally NEED build templates. Currently, if you want to change from Condi Scourge to Power Reaper, you need to change specializations, skills, armour, and weapons, which can add up to a lot of time spent pretty fast if you need to swap every time you do fractals or raids or metas.

  • Feels like there is no point or over arching meaning to these maps.
    Sit in a map and feel I have no purpose and contribute nothing , largely because there is nothing to contribute to.

  • Flat out loved everything about PoF except one thing, the Meta events in HoT were better, PoF for me was a quick play through and then I put the game down. When HoT came out I was farming events for over a year. I really feel like HoT executed bringing people together event wise better than PoF. So instead of playing I have been just waiting for the next expansion :'(

  • I agree that POF was a much more fun experience than HOT except for one part of it. The serpent Ire's meta is downright terrible at its current state. I wasn't quite active during release so I can't speak of it then but at it's current state the meta suffers from inadequate rewards and terrible scaling. This makes getting the gated collection behind it impossible. Honestly there's barely anyone doing it this days and if we do somehow get a group going its often too small to impact the second phase at all. Basically everyone treats it as a one time do and begone kinda thing which severely hampers the experience for players only getting to this stage.

  • Do not get me wrong I love a lot of POF, but that being said, Guildwars/Anet makes a huge deal of promoting their nerfs of characters skills to "balance gameplay" but take forever to nerf the enemy skill powers in the main maps. POF maps are like walking down a hallway 2 feet wide and not hitting an enemy mob, that decimates characters especially when solo. I realize that this is a level 80 expansion, but to not be able to stop moving unless on top of the world, and sometimes not even then is truly gross. We need a culling of the numbers on these maps, balance the condi gang bangs that occur everywhere we go, and decrease both the numbers of vets and the agro Zones. of enemies. You Guys are great about killing our ability to fight efficiently time to balance your little creations, and stop driving players out of solo play. I belong to a small guild, and rarely have guildies with me for most of the basic stuff, but leaving more and more frustrated daily is making me not want to play a game that has been my solace for over five years now. It is sad that their is always something that is horribly unbalanced in each Expac, and in this one, a beautiful creation on many levels, your lack of balance with mobs, agro zones, and overpowered conditions for enemies ruins something I generally loved. but now these issue I point out are emptying the maps and slowly the game.

  • I am finished the first story line for POF. I killed that god! As an elementalist it killed me to have to give up the berserker gear and switch to sentinel to make it through the zone. The mobs here are even tougher than HOT and you gave us no upgraded gear to deal with them. The mounts never mattered to me in the first place but it is a nice change but only having 4 or 5 is freaking dumb. Mounts shouldn't be limited to just those five. I can honestly say if another expansion comes out, I doubt I will but it as playing POF did add to my stress level just from the amount of mobs that hit like a ton of bricks. I'd rather of had upgraded gear to handle the new mobs over a new elite specialization. I think it's time to come out with improved level 80 gear or nerf the zone.

  • @Rentapest.6503 said:
    To say that the mobs and events in the new zones need a nerf, is a galactic understatement!

    I am fed up of being practically one-shot by everything, then having to trek the 5000miles back from the nearest waypoint. Who's bright idea was it to put so few waypoints in the maps?!

    I am fed up of trying to get the Griffon mount, which is tied to huge group events, and only 5 people turn up :\ Great, thanks for letting all the other players get this mount because they were in the right place at the right time to get said event. I'm tired of camping the ENTIRE DAY for one event!!!!

    Also, why bother giving us mounts when you spend the entire time walking anyways?! Because you're constantly in combat and dismounted from the OP mobs that 2-shot your mount! Yeah, I really enjoy having to kill every mob in the area just to mount up, it's fun ... not. -.- Someone told me this would get better with the Jackal evasion mastery ... well, it makes NO difference at all! I'm still dismounted all the time. Maybe if we could mount IN combat, this wouldn't be an issue!

    I also was forced to give up on a Mastery point that required some "rare" items from killing certain types of mobs in the zone, because one of these items simply WILL NOT drop for me! I've spent over 90 minutes on this now! I asked in map chat, and a lot of players replied saying it took them on average 5 minutes per item!!! Why does it take me over 90 then? Killing the SAME mobs in the SAME areas?! How is that fair? No the item is not in my bag, or bank or on another character, I've looked.

    I bet it was the same feather I threw away. Make a ticket and they will check to see if you did and give it to you. I didn't realize it was needed and trashed it and another wouldn't drop and I tried for days and made the ticket! Good luck!

  • Aggro mobs are not content and don't make a map less empty. Immersive interactive content is what makes a map full. The content that you haven't ever created, preferring to just copy paste the same pointless aggro mob killing kitten over and over again.

    The events which still reward less than the cost of a port aren't even worth farming, especially considering how long they take to do.

    All the aesthetic content seems to have been axed and put on the gem store.

    PoF is only better than HoT because HoT was the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to game expansions. There has never been a worse expansion than HoT.

    I agree! i finished POF but I will not clear all the zones as i can't being a solo elementalist. I have gotten 3/4 of desolation done and just don't have it in me to try anymore. i hate dying so much even in sentinel gear. I have gotten to the point when I log in to play, I just stand around and can't bring myself to play it. I even opened up some of the living stories I missed wanting to do them but POF's desolation just burnt me out.

  • Likes:
    graphics, music

    too much platforming (with mounts added, its another level of platforming),
    i miss map METAs - it was fun when all players on map had same goal and had to work together - my favourite ones were Silverwastes and Verdant Brink

    I appreciate all the effort of GW team but right now I rather play alts or HoT or Silverwastes maps than PoF expansion which I did not complete yet. I feel that GW2 is too much of platformer for me because if I am stuck in progress it is usually not because my character is too weak but rather because I am lost... and it should never be this way in MMORPG.

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    For Arenanet staff: The bit I most would like you to read is my expansion suggestion at the bottom. <3

    Mounts: I anticipated mounts to ruin the game but having since acquired them all and maxed the masteries I have to say I feel these were executed very well and have made my game much more enjoyable. I also have a lot of appreciation for how much work must have been put into every map in the game to make them harder to break out of. My old under/over map hangouts have been blocked off!

    Story: Really enjoyed the story, I intend to replay it on another character soon. I loved the final instance but having recently replayed the arah story instance a few times I can't help but feel a little sad that arah has been made to be incredibly anti climatic in terms of difficulty, which is what makes the final PoF instance so EPIC, HoT's too.

    Open world:
    Mobs: I like that these all seem to kick a lot of bottom. However it does mean I'm less inclined to spend time doing exploring and doing map completion than I am with core Tyria or HoT of which I sometimes just 100% a map because I feel like it (and for transmute stones or keys)
    Maps: Really pretty I have much appreciation for the art. However, aside from the issue mentioned above I feel about as drawn to doing bounties as I am drawn to doing core tyria world bosses (in that I am not drawn to them at all except maybe I'll do core Tyria bosses because they're in a map I'm completing for fun or I'm feeling nostalgic). I absolutely love HoT meta events, particularly Dragon's Stand but PoF maps don't seem to provide as much events like these that give the same teamwork effect, if they have I haven't found them and haven't seen anyone talking about them, as these maps are so huge I feel like we're all missing a trick there.

    Overall I enjoy it, it looks good, it's challenging and mounts are great. However I find myself drawn more to HoT or Core Tyria than I do to PoF.

    Suggestion for a future expansion: As with GW1 I feel strongly about a Hard Mode setting. Two versions of every map, everything the same except for mob AI and level of rewards. I'd suggest the current PoF maps getting a slight increase in difficulty and rewards with HoT maps difficulty/rewards relatively increased to be on par. Core Tyria is currently what I'd consider the "normal mode" level of difficulty and reward. So an expansion could be "Core Tyria Hard Mode" to include the normal modes of HoT and PoF which would be the HoT and PoF maps we know and love today just downgraded to be of similair difficulty as Core Tyria is. I imagine that to be a massive programming undertaking but... it would render the entire game accessible and give the old maps reasons to be more occupied (all without having to come up with any new art or content).

    Thank you very much for making these games and making these stories, they have been a very big part of my life!

    PS: If you could make a use for gifts of exploration other than legendaries I'd be very very happy, none of the legendaries interest me so the one reward for 100% mapping is kind of wasted on me. :P <3

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    POF Need more group content, and meta events like HOT.

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    I finally made it to play through PoF, which is not due to PoF being unworthy to be played, but due to my limited time. Here goes my feedback:
    I adore the biggest part of PoF. The mounts, especially their animations, are AWESOME! The maps are so individual and even single maps alter from one extreme to the other (Desert Highlands). The Story was a little too dramatic and generic in my opinion, but then again it's not like MMOs in general are uber-story games, right? So that's barely a drawback for me.

    BUT: After having finished the story and completed all the maps, I notice that I have all my masteries (except for Griffon) maxed... from one playthrough! In contrast, I still work on those HoT tier 6 masteries... so I would say that PoF masteries "master" a little too fast. I know, I know, you (ANet) got a lot of criticism from crybabies that the HoT masteries take muuuuuch too long (IMHO that's okay as they're called masteries and not lemmehandthistoyoufordoingnothing's), but at least there was and still is a reason to come back to Heart of Maguuma. Without the addition of some metas or other "fillers", I'm afraid that PoF maps will be pretty empty soon, which I would hate to see as a): I love the maps and b): I still have to do most of the griffon collection and soloing a legendary bounty is a task I feel a little underprepared to do. Yet B)

    Thank you ANet for this amazing expansion! Maybe in the third Expansion, the mastery xp scale will be between PoF and HoT, that should make most people happy.
    Do count me as a happy customer =)

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