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  • Seth Moonshadow.2710Seth Moonshadow.2710 Member ✭✭✭
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    Please change drop rate for specialization collection 8th item (more like the caffeine skritt? )

    Okay, so while I am really really really happy ( <3<3<3 ) with PoF thus far and I enjoy all the subtle changes that were made (and of course the big sweeping ones too) I have found an aspect that is not so enjoyable. We have been working on finishing our achievements and moved to the Specialization Collections. It started out really strong in that we were completing the items task quite enjoyably. Despite the trolls prematurely spawning the caffeine skritt so that it fails. Then we reached the 8th item on the list (for example: "Raidmarshal Bayonet") / Identifying gear / Trade Post Purchase items. We have opened stacks of Fine, Masterwork and Rare gear bags using the "Use All" command while magic Find was above 420+ and they just are not dropping. Usually I am the one things do not drop for but now my wife is also waiting on the specialization collections 8th item. That's what prompted this post, since during map chat (ooops yes, I used it :# ) there were reports of others farming just for those weapons. While I think some might like the buy from TP option that just is not fun for me. I would rather have a designated target or something to do to be rewarded with that drop. For those of us on the bottom of the drop + MF spectrum please change the drop rate for these items (more like the caffeine skritt? ). Oh, sure I am getting tons of exotics from PoF just none of the ones I am looking for for Achievements :s:'(

    Edited~ Okay, so not so bad! I completely forgot about Chest of the Desert Specialist and it was how I got my first 2 weapons also. Unfortunately it was after I did the yucky and bought the remaining 7 I needed :s YAY for PoF Meta's <3<3<3 Thanks for making them tradable <3

  • Mounts are nice, otherwise it's just more empty maps with hordes of hard hitting mobs that is not impossible but more annoying to explore.
    Getting to the Jackal was a pain as I had to run through hordes of enemies to get there.
    Griffon mount? Unlikely as I won't be finishing PoF solo anytime soon....
    Other than that, totally worth the money.
    Can't wait for the next expansion I can't do anything on without a massive zerg...
    (massive sarcasm but I have had a long day.)

  • Smey Jaxx.1386Smey Jaxx.1386 Member ✭✭
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    I just did the Griffon collections, and I just get my griffon mount but i feel kinda upset and disappointed about it after I spent many valuable golds and efforts, and what I get is a next level glider... I expected more from a flying mount, at least to fly up without any high height position requirement... So if possible, please fix it. Btw, everything is awesome, I am just not satisfy with the griffon, that's all.

  • Pros :+1:

    • It was fun, and engaging
    • Story was a big improvement from the original game
    • Made every single character play style uniqe and different


    • Wished it had a better feature in regards to story mode, maybe change it to "mission mode" like in gw1, so it would be easier to revisit.
    • Wished more classes were released that reflected on GW1 Players like... Deverish or Paragon... Hope Ritualist will be released if Cantha ever gets there.
    • Wished more skills were released in each profession so there would be more character diversity
    • Wished for more people in each map
  • I love mounts. I don't know how I survived so long without the bunny. hugs bunny Oh bunny mount, you make map completion so much fun! And Griffon, so worth the effort it takes to get it! SO much fun to just build up speed and zoom around maps. No more wasting money on waypoints. Timberline falls was already my fav map for gliding, but with griffon it takes on another level of wow. I agree it'd be fun to see some more meta's in the main POF maps, or some more group events like the casino ones, where it's not necessarily a fight but players work together - particularly big events where various parts of the map all need help and some co-ordination. Just not too many of the auric basin "whoops someone did 1hp more damage than they should have now you have 1 minute to not fail this whole thing" though. Not that I don't like AB's meta but wow it's touchy. (are there meta's for the other maps in pof?)

    .... I think the only thing I gripe about in GW2 lately is there's too much nerfing in PVE - nerf PVP all you want I couldn't care less about it - but leave PVE awesomeness alone, sometimes it's nice to kick a bit of butt! We're not all uber el3te g00nlord sockpoopers. Some of us are old women with bad eyesight and terrible reflexes!

  • "... sockpooper" OMG, that's That's the first time I had every heard that

  • Lynxila.7948Lynxila.7948 Member ✭✭

    What I find good in the expansion was the story, I like it more thank the HoT one , I even find the death story part creative as it shows us what happened until now. Mounts was a good idea, made a lot easier the traveling across Tyria. Even though these are desert maps, I dont find them boring, I think they made the best of them, even the snowy part fits the map.
    What irritates me is that there are a lot mobs on the maps and they shoot off the mounts easily and make the traveling harder in the new maps.

  • Ithilwen.1529Ithilwen.1529 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I'm in the big fight with the golem as I type It's killing me over and over while I browse the forum.

    The PoF builds aren't what I want to play. Hence, I don't have the firepower to destroy the protector golems fast enough to get to the main golem. I've been at it for close to 2 hours. At this point I feel trolled.

    I don't raid because this game is not one that compels me to want that kind of scenario, ( though I go on Urzog's runs in GW1.) Why put that kind of content into a story mission?

    ~edit~ After a break for afk and forum, I returned and finished the fight. It's an interesting story and I love the tribal practices detail. I realized that in this final phase of the fight I could brute force it by simply banging away at the golem.

    Mesmerizing Girl

  • The story instances are much too long, given there are no intermediate save points that survive exiting the instance. My internet hiccuped and kicked me out when I had almost finished The Departing, and I had to do the whole thing again. Then once I had almost finished it again (I had listened to Joko's offer) I got kicked out again. Needless to say I gave up for the day. You should either make the instances much shorter (at least by a factor 3 or so) or remember the latest checkpoint so that you can (optionally) enter there.

    Talking about too long, the boss fights are waaaayyyy too long. What exactly is the fun in being forever killed and survived by Balthazar until you finally manage to down his health to 10% or so? The story idea is OK, the execution is not. Again, make this much shorter. Same with other way too long fights, e.g. the one where you have to keep dodging circles forever. This gets old fast, shorten it significantly.

  • Riff.1037Riff.1037 Member ✭✭

    Would love to have a feature to skip the intro mission if you've already done it on another character. Doing the mission for the 9th time is a bit of a drag. Especially since it has no check points in it and being DC'd at any point means you have to restart the entire thing over.

  • derd.6413derd.6413 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Riff.1037 said:
    Would love to have a feature to skip the intro mission if you've already done it on another character. Doing the mission for the 9th time is a bit of a drag. Especially since it has no check points in it and being DC'd at any point means you have to restart the entire thing over.

    you mean map scrolls?

    I Have No friends, so I Must pug

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    New forum / same request:

    Please share your high-level feedback about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire in <100 words.

    This is our traditional request for your main points of feedback about our newest release. Please share your likes, dislikes, suggestions -- all are welcome. But please keep these comments to 100 words or less, and join or create other threads for a more in-depth conversation on a specific topic.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Love the game, but am increasingly concerned at the focus on dexterity and timing as mechanic; design choices for encounters are now pushing threshold on my ability to play. Am sad.

  • Riff.1037Riff.1037 Member ✭✭

    @derd.6413 said:
    you mean map scrolls?

    Thought those were only for LA? searching for that did lead me to the Lily of Elon item as well as the Spearmarshal's Plea huzzah!

  • derd.6413derd.6413 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Riff.1037 said:

    @derd.6413 said:
    you mean map scrolls?

    Thought those were only for LA? searching for that did lead me to the Lily of Elon item as well as the Spearmarshal's Plea huzzah!

    you can also buy one for season 3 and 4 maps. there's even a book for it.

    I Have No friends, so I Must pug

  • The Good:

    I love several new elite professions.
    I really love new maps looking, the desert, the music, the aesthetic, very well done. I liked that the LORE had LESS characters, so they can have more screentime, HoT had just too much stuff going on.
    The story was fun to do most of the time.
    I like mounts, but I do not like the flying mount. I think it kills a lot of interaction with the players.
    The creativity of several puzzles

    The bad:

    Some maps are really annoying to explore, the way that mobs are placed and their range of aggro/atacks it's very badly done in several cases, too much.
    Optimizacion still pretty mediocre, the game runs a little better than HoT maps, but still not enough.
    Balzatar as a villan had much more presence and dialogs. But he still being very one dimensional and just a flat character that is mostly a stereotype. You guys need to give villians good motives to be evil.

    Some characters get VERY flanderized, specially Rytlock and Canach. They are the same characters from start to finish,they barely show expressions other than being sarcastic and mocking, really anoying. Taimi also became too annoying, these characters should have SEVERAL characteristics, stop writing them in such an indimensional way, make them deeper, more vulnerable. Make them express more things. Rytlock involving on Baltazar escape was just too stupid, just no.

    The character that I really liked was Kasmeer, we can see her strugging with her faith, she changes, not is the best way, but I'm glad she had decent development.

  • Resvon.9867Resvon.9867 Member
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    To Kill a God achievements were... challenging.

  • Definitely fell in love with PoF. The reminiscent feel of GW1 lore coming to life before my eyes was fantastic. It was tied together very well. I love the mounts, and really wish more was done to bring back the armor of the Ancients beside the Funerary weapons and armor!!!

  • MisterOiZo.4359MisterOiZo.4359 Member ✭✭
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    Make the champion bounty Silkears easier, he's almost unkillable, with 18 ppl we managed to almost take half of his hp. ppl are skipping him because he's a pain so ill never get this done. This is supposed to be a champ while the legendary bosses are easier to kill with groups this size.

    edit: 28-3-2018 - I got him down, it took about 40+ ppl to do it and we got him in the last 30 seconds.

  • Morgan.4381Morgan.4381 Member ✭✭

    Nice kitten you guys playing

  • Xillllix.3485Xillllix.3485 Member ✭✭✭

    Stop playing it halfway, the Mac client was forcing my Mac Pro with 12 cores and 64gb of ram to shut down because of the heat. Anyway now with the spyware stuff I don't plan to reinstall it. Also Weaver just isn't fun and the lack of competitive content is a huge deception.

  • Kiba.9743Kiba.9743 Member ✭✭
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    I am not done with the story, but so far I prefer HoT. I still spend a majority of my time in HoT maps/content. I feel the maps and content was interesting and challenging. Not to mention beautiful. The story and music was extremely well done as was my favorite thing about HoT. So far in PoF I find the following:

    1. I was not a pro for mounts, but I am impressed with how they did them. Not only do they each have purpose but they have weight to them (physics). They feel more real. I like that they did not make permanent free flying. I think they really tried to create a fair balance with them.
    2. I am strictly a ranger player. I have enjoyed the Soulbeast very much. Both Elite specs have been extremely fun to use. Though I cannot compare them since they have different play styles and purposes.

    1. I am currently forcing myself to go through the story. It has not been very interesting for me thus far. I feel like with HoT I was at the edge of my seat.
    2. I noticed some of the music was recycled. Same as Silverwaste/Dry Top. Just an observation.
    3. Though I understand it is a different type of environment, I just personally prefer the jungle maps over the desert maps. I do not feel they are as interesting.
    4. I enjoyed the challenge HoT brought, and it feels like PoF was not very much so.

    "Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow. "

  • I do not think either expansion was keeping to the spirit of GW2. They were both like ORR in that mobs were just thrown across the map to do nothing more than obstruct. No immersion at all. Of the 2 POF is the better experience. HOT was too much of a closed, channeled world for my tastes. Other than adding some extra accessible HP and MP I do not see me spending even a fraction of my time in HOT as I will in POF. In the end both expansions were like a throwback to old NES games. The game is now just a mount focused, large jumping puzzle.

    • Mounts were a great addition that I enjoy. Maybe add a way for us to get mount skins from areas other than the gem store?
    • Home instance QoL updates would be nice to have. With PoF, we have even more books/temporary books and it would be great to centralize them in our home instances.
    • In general, it would be great to earn more unique rewards from unique content. Say, a mount skin or mini from a series of puzzles. It just seems like too much acquirable content revolves around gather gold somehow > buy an item or series of items.
  • notebene.3190notebene.3190 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Current Events: We should not be made to remember which character we did what with when we did a thing that time that it's not our responsibility to remember.

    When you write a current event, if any of your characters did a pre-requisite for something, then you should be able to move forward with any character.

    That's it.

    Irwin M. Fletcher
    P.S. Have a nice day.

    In the event I don't get a chance, thank you all for the company and help when I needed it from time to time.

  • Strider.9624Strider.9624 Member ✭✭

    Well said.

  • Isshagal.3016Isshagal.3016 Member ✭✭

    Great expansion.
    Love the mounts and professions. Made me and my friends play GW again.
    Glad about populated maps through multiple events. Exploration feels great, and even better than previous instalments.

    Vabbi needs serious rework of either rewards or mechanics. It's absolutely empty.
    Other maps have champ/HP trains, commanders and, most important: crowds.
    Vabbi is completely empty apart from 2-3 lost souls doing 100% of the map.
    Shame, espesially considering how beatiful it is and well-crafted it is.

  • Assic.2746Assic.2746 Member ✭✭✭
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    I don't like how Mastery System is being handled in the open world. Press 'F' to channel... this is so shallow. I understand the lack of time/resources to make all mastery points interesting like the Sous-Chef one. Isn't making masteries cheaper and not adding braindead 'channel' ones better?

    Second thing Hero Point System. The game gives us more Hero Points than we need to unlock elite specs. I get that there can be some spare Hero Points. But there is way too many. I have both elite specs fully unlocked and 403 Hero Points left. I can unlock next elite spec once expac 3 hits without even playing it. It completly devalues the system.

    I am afraid that masteries are going in the same direction. They are being thrown at us and once new expansion hits all what's left will become useless. 20+ spare Central Tyria Mastery Points, 40+ HoT ones. It's barely 6 months past PoF and I already have 13+ unspent Mastery Points (haven't even touched Vabbi & collections). At least Mastery Points are unique to the expansion unlike Hero Points.

    Unlocking elite specs in PoF didn't feel interesting compared to my HoT experiences because of spare Hero Points. This is gonna snowball in the future if not adressed and solved.

  • Kilamanjaro.2705Kilamanjaro.2705 Member ✭✭✭

    I love the maps, the story and all. But having just gone back again after quite awhile for map completion I was reminded again how solo-unfriendly these maps are.
    With lower and lower population it's definitely time to lower the HP and prob some attack power of everything "forged". Basically scale it reasonably for 1 person on a well geared toon doesn't down more than a few times in the course of simple mapping. Events are one thing, but hearts and PoI's and whatnot should be SOLO-Content.
    (No I'm not new, and yes i know how to run my toons and how to build them)

  • Glingal.5869Glingal.5869 Member ✭✭

    I loved the setting, landscapes, architecture, textures, the atmosphere. I enjoyed seeing all the places from GW1 again. Also like the new Guild Hall. The story was really good but would like it even more if I could play story with friends without troubles. The mounts are amazing and add so much to the game but feel like they should always have been there. I really appreciate that the Mastery Points are actually doable without frustration (unlike the adventures in HoT). The only disappointment for me was too little water at the Elon River and not finding underwater combat there.

  • ReV.6097ReV.6097 Member ✭✭✭

    Loved 95% of PoF but it was trashy when it comes to the expectations of the Griffon quest.
    Absoloutely hated having some days where you'd have lots of people joining you for quest boss's, and some other days or times none wanted to show up. And they didn't have any insentive to show up with a pointles event that offered nothing for them.

    Had a thread about it few weeks back.
    We really shouldn't have to worry that there will be a day when new players (maybe a year from now) will find it nearlly impossible to complete certain events, unless they beg their guildies to help them.
    Revisiting content should be fun, but the quest bosses add no rewards and are a hassle that far too few would want to re-do (excluding bounty missions because they offer something that brings in the players, as oposed to say the event against Jabari to free that dudes wife... / for the griffon quest, but give no decent reward to make people want to go there).

    Positives: The Bountys were great incentives for quests - rewards for all even those not doing mount quest, and it kept people coming back for more.
    Cons: Non bounty boss events that require groups, with the purpose of doing certain mounts or mastery quests, hinder progress, in the long run.... as each expansion eventually lose interest from people. As the years go by... and newer stuff comes out (thuss making more work for you, to re-think certain quest and make them more do-able to any players who only just started them) .

  • Meviken.2054Meviken.2054 Member ✭✭

    < hectoword?

    Liked HoT: +high challenge. Liked the maps. Like 3d maze. Navigation challenging. Liked the Mordrem as foes. Story took time.
    PoF? PoFui. Not so much. Maps too easy. Foes too easy. Story too easy, except for the fight with Balthazar. Story felt too short.

    Not that there wasn't some challenge; there was. But not what I'd come to expect after HoT. Exploration of PoF areas was easy. Not even all that dangerous (tho some obviously disagree). Soloed the story. Soloed exploration of most of the areas. Very few challenges needed a group.

    Liked mounts, though. Rest was underwhelming. Story was too short. Some (most?) story challenges were too easy. Seriously.

    Griffon quest was tedious & boring. Didn't care for it.

    Much preferred HoT.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @Meviken.2054 said:
    Liked HoT: +high challenge. Liked the maps. Like 3d maze. Navigation challenging. Liked the Mordrem as foes. Story took time.
    PoF? PoFui. Not so much. Maps too easy. Foes too easy. Story too easy, except for the fight with Balthazar. Story felt too short.

    I did a check last week to see which has the shorter story, HoT or PoF. To get an accurate result, I did explore all maps 100% prior to doing the story missions, and it turns out that HoT is in no way longer than PoF. That's just your subjective feeling. Also, the difficulty level (enemy- and fight-wise) of PoF is definitely higher than that of HoT (counting in the use of the new elite specs).

  • brenda.9723brenda.9723 Member ✭✭✭

    =) : awesome list: mounts, new music, the look of the maps, the architecture in maps, visible animations of enemies, no annoying enemies like in HoT.

    :'( list: I would have loved to have a less standard evil main villian. Joko should be more funny. I would have liked more references to abaddon or his margonites. And Vlast :'(.

  • Serpent's Ire needs to be fixed. The difficulty is poorly tuned, resulting in a failure rate around 90%, and the rewards are so pitiful that most people have no reason to do it outside of getting the Funerary Collection and the Golem Backpiece recording. This results in massive frustration because there is no community learning to do it or organizing, just a bunch of random people beating their heads against it and then never returning to help the next set once they beat it once.

  • The return of the Rollerbeetle prompted me to write some creature design feedback. I love the Nightfall creature designs, and with PoF, I was generally disappointed that very little of that carried over:

    I haven't played the new episode yet, but I'm hopeful it'll include some classic Kournan wildlife.

  • Zephyron.7081Zephyron.7081 Member ✭✭

    1 - 10 scale, (1=worst, 10=Amazing)

    Story 9/10
    Extremely well done in the storytelling. Plot is personal preference. Branching dialogue like swtor would be a HUGE improvement!

    Mounts 9.9/10
    My only criticism is that there should be way more skins for each mount, and it would be cool to see skins that could change the shape of the animal. Like turn the skimmer into a bat or a hoverboard.

    As for the implementation, best mounts in an MMO ever!

  • Path of Fire was a great addition to the game, had a lot of fun playing through the expansion and the mounts are implemented excellently. After playing through the story, collecting all the mounts etc and completing the S4 living world episode, I'm now running through each of the PoF maps for 100% completion.

    While the maps themselves are fantastic, offering lots of variety in environments, interesting locations and events, and some great encounters, I'm very disappointed by the return of the repeatable hearts from LS3. I appreciated that Heart of Thorns and the endgame zones of the base game had moved away from this grindy, repetitive gameplay format, and it's a shame to see them return. With nearly 20 level 80 characters on my account, the hearts themselves were my least favourite part of the base game, and became a huge chore especially after multiple playthroughs.

    The prospect of having to run through all the hearts is why it's taken me almost a year since PoF's release to finish the zones - each heart takes far too long to progress and having them reset each day is just salt in the wound when I find out that collections and items require purchasing items from specific vendors. I understand that it's intended to add replayability to the zones and extend gameplay, however I feel that despite this, Heart of Thorns offered far more replayability through the addition of map metas, and that this is a step back.

    I implore you to revisit this in upcoming content, and hope that future hearts, should they be included in the next living world seasons or expansions, only require one time completion for at least keeping access to the vendor open.

  • Jannie.2975Jannie.2975 Member ✭✭

    Path of Fire is very watered down, too simplified, dumbed down, and unchallenging. I was very disappointed about the PoF playthrough. The next expansion should be as challenging as HoT, just with less confusing minimap. The HoT world design was BRILLIANT and awe striking, it was just the poor minimap that made navigation impossible!

  • Games are supposed to be fun. I realize that everyone's definition of fun is going to differ. ArenaNet considered the fact when they built GW2. We have several different activities to please several different kinds of gamers. I am a veteran solo player. I bought the game before it originally released. I am a world explorer. I don't play the Dungeons/Fractals or PvP or WvW. I have dabbled in them, but I decided I didn't care for them. They are too punishing for me personally.

    I play the story, craft, gather and sell, explore maps. The only 'group' play I participate in is when I use the boss timer to travel between bosses and there are other fellow players there.

    The old Orr map exploration was too punishing. The Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire maps are too punishing. When a map is too punishing it is no longer fun. The story in Path of Fire is too punishing as well. I brought a friend and we both died many times. That's ridiculous in my not so humble opinion. I hate the red circles. Why do we have dodge? You can dodge a couple times and the red circles follow you. You no longer can dodge. You run out of dodge juice. The red circle that followed you kills you. It's dumb. It's not fun. I won't participate in that. At level 80 in elite gear I should be able to handle the trash on the expansion maps. I've earned it. But no, I'm punished with no end in sight.

    I want to revert my account back to GW2 only without the expansions because my 'dailies' force me to go into the expansion maps which I hate. I created a free account in addition to this account so that I could have my dailies only in main Tyria. I looked into upgrading that account to GW2 only, but the upgrade forces the expansion(s).

    I wish there was a way I could roll back my main account to before I purchased the expansions. Or a way I could upgrade my free account to GW2 only without the expansions. There's not many things I hate in life, but I hate the expansions. They cause me stress and they are not fun.

    TDLR: I want to remove the expansion content from my account or upgrade my free account to GW2 only without the expansions.

  • In my feel, it's a small request. I crave for more "simple" mounts. The mounts' look is often either occupied with effects or armored like you're an elite soldier. While story-wise this may be true, it's not really what I have in mind with my character's aesthetic.
    To be honest, I really wish for a yellow Moa mount. The one you ride in Final Fantasy, the one you ride in Ragnarok Online. I just love them, it really stick to me since I saw them as a child.

  • Dantert.1803Dantert.1803 Member ✭✭✭

    -I liked how the main story was narrated
    -Mounts are fun.

    -More and more I can see how GW2 lacks replayability in the new expansions, it makes it hard for people that enjoy that kind of content, like me, to stay engaged between different content releases.
    -There is no real meaning for me to replay the story. No branching story, not even 1 different mission or meaningful dialogue based on the class/race.. I was going to replay with some other characters to get the other armor classes of the sunspear set but I quickly realized I already had all the sets since unlocking one piece by the story unlocks light, medium and heavy armor.
    -Being able to go with the skimmer in the toxic zones took away the feel that those were unaccessible zones... I would have liked to have the Junundu Wurms instead.
    -The specializations system already started to feel old and not so interesting.
    -The devs missed the opportunity to give to the fans the Dervish as an elite specialization and spears as a land weapon maybe with a sunspear/paragon elite specialization.
    -Not being able to mix specializations and related weapons limits the fun.

  • Gehenna.3625Gehenna.3625 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 31, 2018

    My opinion:
    1. The story is enjoyable except the looooooong boss fights. I do not want to do the story again because of that.
    2. The maps are the most beautiful ones so far, however, they are also aggro-hell and it just takes too long to kill mobs. More waypoints please.
    3. The mastery system has been vastly improved. Much more enjoyable.
    4. The mounts are mostly fun to acquire though the roller beetle is unnecessarily long to get and the griffon unnecessarily expensive. This would've been different if they weren't required for map completion/mastery points.

    "In my experience, if you can't say what you mean, you can never mean what you say. The details are everything." ~ Minister Durano

  • What HoT bring to GW2
    -A lot of adventure, really diversified and funny (Tendril torchers, salvage pit etc...)
    -Same for Mastery, Itzel poison resistance, mushrooms etc...
    -Meta event really amazing
    -Really good spécialisations
    -4 Raids with a very good story, spread on 3 raids and 1 bound to this scenario like an epilogue

    What PoF bring to GW2
    -Two news adventures. Just two. Supply run and Griffon. Really annoying btw
    -Mounts, they are very cool but, meh, is not really original, but they are really cool yeah
    -Meta really annoying and not interisting at all ! Seriously ! A fight against an Elder Dragon in HoT and 4 Branded Forgotten in PoF ? the five maps of Pof are really empty because we have nothing to do.
    -Bounty, meh just some boss. Okey, but nobody cares, they are not interesting. Just another farm for another collection. Why not one or two really big World Boss like GW2 base game ? It would be really more impacting.

  • Great expansion. I've been a fan of both games since beta/launch. Thanks to everyone at ANET for the great work. I know it is a career but this studio is doing great things. One can only imagine what it is like to see your designs enjoyed or criticized by players and publications.

    Overall, I enjoyed the expansion. Our return to Elona was fun and nostalgic. Sharing personal POI's with my wife, as we played, was something that improved the experience.

    1. Mounts - Game-changing in every way! Opened up a new way to explore the game while adding a previously untouched dynamic to re-visiting old maps.
    2. Maps - As I said before, Elona looks amazing. The mix of old and new from Nightfall is relieving. Large with a verticality that is different from base GW2 and HoT.
    3. Characters - Appreciated seeing more POC in the game. The hairstyles, skin tones and clothing allowed me to embrace more of my ancestral culture while making a PC that I could more closely relate to.
    4. Story - Gods, Joko and politics. This story really put into perspective what the situation is truly like for the races of Tyria. Plenty of humor, suspense and moments that raise the stakes.


  • Lily.1935Lily.1935 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'm not a fan of the hearts Even after they are repeatable they are quite the chore to do. Their rewards are okay but I really don't feel they need to be attached to a heart. The group events have been a bit weak, even on the living world maps although an improvement over base PoF. I do really like the involved meta events of HoT a bit more. And lastly you could have added more armor skins.

  • Loki.4871Loki.4871 Member ✭✭✭

    -They really contribute to getting around Elona, because the maps are so damned big, something I appreciate; the mounts feel like they belong to the expansion, rather than being put in for marketing.
    -They also make getting around HoT far more tolerable as well, with the added bonus of less visual clutter on the map (such as updrafts, leyline channels being together in one place)
    -Broke navigating the base game over it's knee but they're fun and I enjoy them. Also helpful for finding where a jumping puzzle is.
    -I know it's a 'bonus' mount but cripes the Gryphon is expensive. Not everyone has 250g down the back of the sofa, though you at least made it 25g chunks. I much prefer the roller beetle's system; a bit more of a grind/faff perhaps, but free. Please, if you do this again make it more roller beetle and less gryphon!

    -The biggest thing I enjoyed is, by far, boons being used on the enemies. The cynic in me thinks this was added to justify Spellbreaker and Scourge but now enemies are actually using boons frequently (even more than one!) it's meant boon removal skills and sigils on other characters is worth bringing. It also means that when things like protection are swinging around, power isn't going to magically override everything. Don't be scared of making more enemies have player abilities or player like abilities, it worked in GW1 and in PoF the boon applications haven't broken things. If there's one thing I want to see more from PoF in other content it's this. I really want you to push boons on enemies; have enemies pump out resistance, or even things like condition removal.
    -I like 'the forged and how they have a way of controlling the environment. The walls of fire the mages spawn are mechanically interesting, since you can't just run through to the target to clobber them.
    -Sand lions and scarabs are annoying with their auras. They're nearly as annoying as smokescales, but at least you can lure a smokescale out of it's stupid immune-to-damage aoe. And at least with scarabs and sand lions aoe damage can still hit them.
    -Bounties are okay but outside of grinding titles or getting a specific drop you kill them and move on. The randomised properties idea is fun, and can really change things up; however, sometimes the combination just screws you over. I'm okay with that actually-it's annoying but sometimes you're the pigeon, sometimes you're the statue.

    -It was fun going back to elona and seeing how things had (and perhaps more importantly, hadn't) changed.
    -This is a nitpick but you asked for feedback. The area around Elona Reach area is unregonisable though to the point where I logged back into gw1 to check and there is simply no landmark I recognise. This and the temple of ascension from Dunes of Despair surprised me; with the temple, that were was suddenly a massive cliff in the way. I was expecting joko's wall, or deep sulphur pits you couldn't cross, or ocean. Not a massive cliff out of nowhere. I understand it's not the same game, but it's set in the same place so such a massive change to local geography is jarring.
    -I've mentioned it elsewhere but I like how in Vabbi culture undead are... there. There's no stigma, and you can be getting nagged by your great-uncle who's been dead for ten years.

    Elite Specs
    -I've not played all of them, because I'm not very good (or interested) in playing some classes, or the elite specs. I'll give my thoughts on some of them though.
    -Spellbreaker is fun. I enjoy how it works and it synergizes well with the other traitlines. Can't believe it took someone else to point out what Full/Revenge Counter was referencing.
    -Firebrand: I like the changes to the F skills it gives, short spammable buffs. Not sure I'm going to keep using it but it's definitely different to the base class, and fun to use.
    -Holosmith is enjoyable, and while I don't play my engineer much, it's got me into giving scrapper another go too, and discovering I enjoy that elite too. So yay for holosmith. The overheat mechanic is quite fun too, even being allowed to weaponise it.
    -I am still convinced Deadeye's rifle gunshot sound is meant to be trolling those who wanted a 'kitten sniper'. Pew pew!
    -Soulbeast was a non-starter for me. I like running around with the pet, so eating the pet for buffs got me 0 interest. Bringing this up because Druid doesn't interest me either, so the ranger elite specs have been duds for me. Better luck next time?

    Meta vs hearts:
    -I prefer the large meta events from HoT and parts of living story, such as the attack on Lion's Arch. It reinforces what has (to me) been perhaps the tentpole design choice for the game: player cooperation, and working together. The entire map working towards a goal with different groups in different bits is the logical conclusion of that, and pre hot I always enjoyed the maps that required you to push the metas (like Orr) and felt the maps that didn't suffered for it.
    Hearts are far more 'do on your own leave on your own' and I think that's in part why HoT is still has good population numbers. It has interesting events that tell the story by playing, most players have got the (far too many) masteries done and even if you don't, the mounts from PoF make getting around far, far less painful, and people have been trained to work together on the maps. But I still haven't forgiven you for the mushroom enemies, or the chakk.

    However, PoF swung to mostly-hearts-but-a-few-metas. I wasn't on the forum at the time, I'm guessing that's due to feedback from HoT. My advice is push the HoT style meta events hard-some bits for some situations might be better with a heart, however, once again I want to say I think large scale meta events is far more interesting. I still remember the trailers hyping the game up pre-release about not seeing an npc with a marker standing there with an icon over their head (cough cough). I was going to see that centaur attack happen, I was going to have to defend or retake the village. You're never going to make people happy-I know I'm frustrated when 'the' meta map is full or I miss an event or arrive too late to help, and the wheels fall off the entire thing, but that honestly makes succeeding all the sweeter imo.

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Please share your high-level feedback about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire in <100 words.

    Path of fire unlocks elite specializations which give players unfair advantages in PVP and travel speeds which make it impossible for regular players to keep up with event trains. This makes the expansion is the very definition of "Pay to win"

  • Squirrel.6318Squirrel.6318 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 29, 2018

    I loved GW1, GW2 pales in comparison when it comes to the writing, I still like it though. I have 2500 hours in GW1 and 1600 hours in GW2. Path of fire is a complete disappointment to me because it seems like the balthazar plot was just taken out of nowhere. and written for the sake of having a plot. Instead of just making things up why not take things from the guild wars lore already in place, and create a plot. Like for example, the wizard's tower, was a mystery in GW1 and still a mystery in GW2, and we have not heard anything about it yet. The same goes for the dominion of winds, it's "just there" we have not heard anything about it. Elona we heard that Palawa Joko conquered it, but when PoF came out he's barely even in the story.

    TLDR: The story is terrible. Instead of just making new things up, why not use the already mysterious and intriguing lore that is already written and make plots that way. Like in GW1 there were so many mysterious things that we fans were interested about that did not get fleshed out. We also things in GW2 we have no idea about like the largos. And Kralkatorrik or the Elder dragons isn't even mentioned in this, well so far, i'm on the last act of the PoF story.

  • Kitty.6219Kitty.6219 Member ✭✭✭

    A bit of a request (that I'm sure it as already said before):

    Allow griffons to use updrafts!

    Thanks for reading <3

  • bOTEB.1573bOTEB.1573 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Kitty.6219 said:
    A bit of a request (that I'm sure it as already said before):

    Allow griffons to use updrafts!

    Thanks for reading <3

    and what would be the point of gliders ?

    Improve GW2 performance. Add genuine DX12 support.

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