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  • @Ashantara.8731 said:
    Less than 100 words not doable, sorry. There is too much to say.

    Take more time to reduce your key points to under 100 words. You clearly excel in writing; I'm sure you can do it and find/create other threads to get into more details.

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  • Very much enjoying the new PoF expansion right now with my Ele main. Can't wait to bring in my alt Ranger once she's level 80, although I will take her thru HOT first to see the difference from my Ele.

    There has been enough new content added within the past year that ANet should be able to give us Grandmaster Jeweler and Chef. Let's make that happen.

  • PopeUrban.2578PopeUrban.2578 Member ✭✭✭
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    Really enjoying the open world content this time around.

    The Story was railroaded, lacked emotional impact, lacked player agency, underutilized the most interesting characters in the setting, had a really boring final boss fight, and an unsatisfying colnclusion that was so unsatisfying you actually attempted to lampshade it in the epilogue before showing me an advertisement for content I can't play yet that looks far better.

    You can check my post history if you want more detailed breakdowns of exactly what went super horribly wrong with the story line here, but the TLDR version is that you replaced the story with a not stop train of lore exposition, and doing so removed all investment i had in it. I was completely checked out the entire time because the fate of the TYRIA is boring if I don't have anything personally at stake and I know TYRIA isn't going to end anyway. Previous plotliones had characters I had emotional stake in that may (and in some cases did) die or change for the worst. This one does not. It's boring. I cared more about the ghost lady that helped me recover myself than literally any other person or event in the entire plotline. A minor NPC had a better written story than every principal character, and in less words of dialogue.

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  • Love mounts.
    LOVE art direction; high 5, Art Team.
    Disappointed by Weaver Sword.
    Irritated by yet more inventory clutter.
    Disheartened by number/aggro range of random mobs.
    Delighted by new variety of mobs, however.
    New guild hall is gorgeous.
    Legendary player clone boss hilarious, give whoever thought that one up a medal.

  • Johnny.1634Johnny.1634 Member ✭✭✭

    -Maps were nice but zero replay potential.
    -Story was a trainwreak and a half, pointless twists and turns that led the story nowhere. You butchered GW1 lore literally and figuratively.
    -Elite Specializations were extremely underwhelming and uninspired. Especially Soulbeast...Removing the class mechanic that the whole classes skills/traits revolve this was even put into consideration is beyond me.
    -Your terrible "goal" to declutter inventory, implementing unidentified gear and these 2 thousand different karma items we have to click on now.
    -The fact that you released CLEARLY unfinished product to us, tho I'm not really surprised anymore.
    -Only slightly redeeming thing was mounts which I was surprised about.

    Overall a major disappointment.

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  • Tsurugi.8724Tsurugi.8724 Member
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    it all fell flat for me.

    1. setting wasn't interesting (Nightfall was when I quit GW1 because the setting was so dull).
    2. the elite specs felt lame compared to the ones from HoT (the 5 I have tried all feel clunky).
    3. the zones felt "artificially" large instead of actually being large (for example: crystal oasis and mount maelstrom are similar in size looking at them on the map; MM has 17 waypoints, CO has 3).
    4. there don't appear to be any guild hall upgrades to work for or new guild missions.
    5. mounts seem kind of d u m b as they just replicate things like the bouncing mushrooms and leyline gliding from HoT, except you can ride around on them (I know a lot of people love them though).

    Sorry I don't have any actual constructive suggestions. I just came away feeling like I wasted my money and I'm kind of mad at myself for it.

  • MAP: Amazing, Love the environment, the lack of Waypoints doesnt even bother me that much, since Im having a blast on the mounts.
    Story: Actually enjoying it, unlike HOT which i just kinda grinded through to get it done.
    Elite Specs: Not sure, I only tried Mirage and although its dps is subpar and offers virtually no group support, I still enjoy the whole feel of it. maybe Im just too casual in this game to care about dps, but im having fun none the less.

    Lack of means to gain new stats, and incomplete item discriptions is kinda disappointing, and speaks bad on the carelessness of ANet. sure most of us know what an inscription is, so we kinda just have a good idea of how to get some of the newer stat items, but too new people its an absolute nightmare.
    Really hate to bring it up again, but how is it WvW and PvP players can get Grievers gear with basically no effort if they sat on their tokens from their game mode, but the players like myself who are not great at either game mode, who just casualy enjoys the game, we cant get grievers whatsoever at this point. no inscriptions or anything with this regards, other than grinding and doing achievements to get exotic variants? just kinda annoying.

    But all in all still having and absolute blast.

  • I love the new maps, there is a high enough density of mob to give enough to fight without feeling that everywhere is too empty or feeling swamped. There is also room to move about during a fight unlike the narrow paths of HoT. I am hoping that there are plenty of small hidden places for those of us that don't mind getting off out mounts from time to time can find and explore.

    I do find that everyone talks to your character the same regardless of the race of the character. As an altoholic I possibly notice this more than most, but while Kiel's remarks about Taimi having a teeny tiny body seemed fine when she was speaking to my human character, it did seem that my Asura necromancer should be getting rather more upset, she isn't exactly big herself.

    And as far as that story goes, it is now 5 down, 31 characters to go,. I really wish it had been mentioned when looking at the purchase options that the Lily of Elon Pass was the only real way to get an alt into the new areas without doing the story or relying on friends to port you in; and I still haven't been able to find out if the Lily of Elon Pass bought with £££ is the same as the Amnoon VIP pass that is included in the Deluxe upgrade which can be bought for gems. If they are the same, can you please have a word with people about consistency of naming things.

    There is no obvious word count on the forum and I can't be bothered to count and see how many that is, but that is more or a forum issue than a PoF one.

  • Dante.1763Dante.1763 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Story. 9/10 i loved it, alot, much better than HoT, much better than the base games, and much better than any LW, please do more like this.

    Exploration. 5/10 Not so bad here...only complaint i really have is the massive aggro range of the mobs, the lack of safe spots to take breaks or pauses ecspecially when a large portion of the towns/WP locations have enemies nearby., the lack of waypoints, 5 per zone would be nice and doesnt feel like to much, one in each corner, on in the center, its annoying as hell when im trying to find the last POI and i have to run across the entire map when i find it.

    Enemies. 6/10 why in gods name did you add so many enemies that destroy , reflect or block projectiles? i play a ranger, i use a shortbow and an axe because our melee options arent to great. The variety of enemies is nice, and so too is the differences in skills that each enemy uses, would like to see more of this. I do have problems with how far away they will aggro however, it seems far to high.

    Mounts. 7/10 Not sure what to say here. still get motion sick from some of the mounts so i cant use them for to long which makes Exploration harder for me, and its why it doesnt get higher than a 7.

    Elite Specs. i can only speak for soulbeast here, but it feels like i have to give up far to much to make taking it worth while, If i want to keep my decent amount of condi damage now i cant give it up at all. The traits dont seem to synergies well with the base classes and it makes me feel bad.

    What i really dont like however, is the lack of any meta events. Once i finish off the achievements and collections i want, i dont see a point in staying out in the area at all, which to me seems like bad design, its only a little over a week in and i hardly see players running around anymore.

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  • i finished the story, 100% map completion and got all mounts incl. the griphon ( all full mastery ). That was the fun part.
    Now it's boring. No Meta Events, Bounties are dull and not rewarding. Everything is to easy.
    Most of the collection needs gold, the rest is only small busy work, nothing special.

    Thats one of the shortest and smallest Addon i have purchased for a MMO. There has to be more.
    Where a new dungeons and fracatals? Where are new metas and world bosses?
    What have you done the past 2 years? Spendig time on blackmarked Pets, Skins etc?
    btw. next time you release a expansion. dont release 2 days after new stuff in blackmarked.
    because that stuff should have been in the expansion.

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  • Path of Fire is a winner!! Very impressed.

    Pros - Artwork/Music
    - Map Design
    - Very cool monster designs(love the forged on the hoverboards)
    - Mounts so impressively implemented
    - Hero points that don't require groups

    Cons - not a fan of minigames

    other - Please bring world bosses to these maps
    - Please add mount emotes

  • Wonderful expansion. Much better than HoT, in all respects save for a few.

    To start, the storytelling, and instances in particular, are excellent. Your writing and story direction feels much more organic, and you seem to be leading the story in a direction that feels more like a sequel to GW1, rather than some totally new, irreverent thing, which is awesome. Special props for including character creation/story decisions in the story itself. My Kormir-blessed human having unique dialogue during SPOILERS was a breath of fresh air, as was Rytlock commenting specifically on elementalists, and then referencing my specific profession! Truly excellent work.

    I haven't played every elite spec, but I've spent some time with Spellbreaker, Weaver, and Scourge, and I love them all. They all feel engaging, powerful, flavorful, but not overly so in any way (well, Scourge seems ridiculous, lol). I want to give a specific shout out to your excellent, and I mean really excellent, storytelling through mechanics. The spellbreaker, a spec themed on being related to the sunspears opposing Palawa Joko, has tons of boon rip... and the Awakened have the highest boon application, making spellbreakers uniquely great against them. It's great! It explains the choices you made, and really makes spellbreaker feel unique. Major props.

    The mounts are fun, and I found progression for the mounts to be really balanced overall. The secret mount... costs too much gold. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but the maps themselves are not terribly conducive to farming gold, which means that getting the mount means that players aren't encouraged to play the content the mount is supposedly based in. I would suggest changing the cost to be lots, and LOTS, of trade contracts. Make it really hard to get, sure, but make it reward playing affiliated content rather than just using generic gold.

    While the story was great, the ending really fun, the sequel-baiting is strong, and it's really frustrating to see the obvious continuation of the story and NOT be able to just go do it. Having a little hint of something leading to the next Living World Season is fine, but you should finish the story you have presented to the players, not go halfway and then cut it off.

    Overall, though, it's great. I've had a lot of fun moving around, exploring, playing my elite specs, and encountering new enemy and instance types that stretch the boundaries of GW2 to make it feel more like the original game in tone. Overall, 8/10.

  • Junkpile.7439Junkpile.7439 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Maps and mounts are nice (well griffon bugs and you drop down like stone). I just hope that new living story add meta events in maps because maps are awesome, but i feel like there isn't that much reason come back after you have done achs. Actually anet should try to keep all maps alive and only way to do it is add something to grind in every map.

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  • Love the new expansion! The story and maps are wonderful, beautiful things and a huge step in the right direction after HoT.
    Only thing I don't love is the consistent theme of all the new armor sets being crafted/account bound. I do love that you can do one full set of the Funerary armor through chieves, but having to hunt down recipes, and craft everything is really not fun. It'd be cool to see more event and collection type things that award us with armor/weapons, that way you keep people doing those events over and over.

  • eduardo.1436eduardo.1436 Member ✭✭✭
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    Not sounding mean but if I had to compare PoF to HoT, then PoF takes the cake and eats it too. This expansion has so far been a treat! I like all the little bits of conversation between characters, easter eggs like the hidden area in the pseudo open world dungeon in the desert highlands, or the lion king tribute. I like the bounty system and mount races. The story while not perfect is longer and meatier with a lot of questions that will hopefully be answered in LW S4. Mounts are amazing and bravo to you Anet for including the gryphon as a secret mount. Overall pretty good so far.

  • Moyayuki.3619Moyayuki.3619 Member ✭✭✭
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    As someone who has been a strong critic of HoT and the Living Story to date . . . I am in LOVE with PoF! I haven't beaten the story or explored all maps yet, but so far I am preferring the maps and story by a wide margin. The environments are exactly what I've been wanting to see in this game (Dry Top and SW for desert zones were extremely lack-luster and frustrating to traverse). It's so beautiful to look at, and mobs are easier to take on compared to HoT's intense maps. I also am very happy that HPs can be solo'd for the most part. Music is AMAZING! Finally, I thought I would hate mounts (and wanted GW2 to stay original, since I played WoW for years), but I have been enjoying them more than I thought I would, and have gotten more and more used to controlling the two that I currently have.

    EDIT: In regards to enemies, I really am loving the variety. Forged are annoying to fight, though, and remind me of the Prometheans from Halo 4 and 5. But the Choya and others are interesting to fight and have great designs.

    No glaring complaints on my mind at this moment, especially since I only played for one weekend.

  • its the 2nd xpack and if we add both xpacks content all together in a single xpack, wvw was completely forgotten.
    so overall... mehhh
    its about time you guys decide...
    disband wvw game mode
    invest some time and effort on this game mode..
    you had multiple full servers...
    multiple queued maps...
    multiple huge guilds..

    you have barely 2 full servers (have some more with fake full status)
    you have maps queue on reset and thats it
    you had to add server links to get enough ppl in a map to take a keep..
    you have massive guilds disbanding..
    you have huge ammount of players leaving game...

    why is that??
    cause you keep adding specializations, items builds and condi damage balancing the game on PVE only.. but you never look into wvw game mode..
    wake up already

  • Azel.4786Azel.4786 Member ✭✭✭
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    So far my experience with Path of Fire has been much more positive than Heart of Thorns.

    The good:

    • Much better map design (dreaded Tangled Depths / Verticality based maps).
    • After so long playing the story and not caring at all, I am finally paying attention to see where this is going. It is more engaging now and the smaller cast is much preferred.
    • Very nice QoL inclusions.
    • Mounts are great additions - kudos, they feel great to use and are very nice.
    • Getting Masteries. - Feels like a grind, but not painfully so. Think you got a nice balance there.
    • Holosmith looks amazing.

    The bad:

    • Many events are not rewarding enough to motivate people to play - We are barely one week in and many events are simply not played (like races and other active events), this makes maps feel barren because people are simply not there due to the lack of rewards.
    • Weaver - I am truly trying to like this spec, but the sword, the traits and the stances really kill my motivation (please urgently do something about them - check feedback in ele forums). Sword needs a damage buff (power) and traits need to offer versatility and build defining choices (please don't just slap stats or %damage buffs, but add interesting stuff like so many other specs have done it so well, and give us options) and stances need a serious look into (Unravel is simply not an utility as is, and stone resonance and weave self need changes).
    • Besides the good and the new specs, I honestly admit that the game is lacking a bit in content (we got 1 new reward track in PvP and WvW - which needs to change from getting non sell-able skins for weapons to actual weapons, no new PvP maps, nothing new for WvW, and as said above, not much motivation for people to keep playing the maps). - This needs to be addressed.

    I will close saying that I feel Path of Fire brought a nice breath of fresh air to the game and I am happy to buy gems and contribute to it, but I really wish you take a look at the "bad" above to improve the shortfalls of the expansion - I don't think they are very troublesome to address (exception maybe to the WvW one), and resolving them would really bring the expansion to a 10/10.

  • My Best 2 points.

    • Love the Mounts, especially the raptor, and how much mounts bring to the game.
    • Love the large open maps, especially The Crystal Oasis, for their scenic nature, and how much attention to detail there is in them.

    My Worst 2 points.

    • Enemies too tightly packed, combined with large aggro ranges, and short respawn timers makes navigating through or holding certain areas of maps aggravating.
    • Some areas in the personal story are a bit of a chore, such as the boss fight in Night of Fires, as it uses the old trope of boss with infinite reinforcements.

    You stand to benefit more from making friends than you do making enemies.

  • Overall it's a great expansion. kitten near perfect. I like what you did to make it so the other content doesn't loose flavor. Vanilla has the world bosses, dungeon and fractals. HoT has the mega meta events and glidding. And with PoF you have mounts, mini metas and bounties. Story was amazing. Can't wait for the mount skins. I can see myself changing my griffin into a dragon and my raptor into a unicorn.

  • Druitt.7629Druitt.7629 Member ✭✭✭
    1. I like it, and like that the mounts allow movement puzzles that aren't as fidgety as previously (i.e. way improved over character jumping puzzles).
    2. Like new Scourge playstyle, though some competitive concerns, and wish base Necro would be improved and also Necro modified so we have a three-legged stool of distinct and viable playstyles in all game modes.
    3. Hate mini-games like player jumping puzzles and the stupid Chef in PoF. (Also hate HoT points I simply can't figure out how to reach. Gonna try the Rabbit on them.)
    4. Hated The Departed story which was LOOOOONG without break/save points and lots-o-dialogue meaning any disconect or "gotta run" moments are PAINFUL to replay.
    5. Overall, high marks.
  • Mitch.4781Mitch.4781 Member ✭✭
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    PROS: Improved story telling, gorgeous maps, mounts are on the whole handled well.

    CONS: While improved, still enormous plot holes. No mention of Rox, braham, Destinys edge. No Metas is a huge mistep, threadbare and mundane events, fps drops with too many mounts, huge areas with NOTHING in them, Sparse content compared with HOT, Dull and Grindy Heart Quests, ridiculous power creep with new Elites.

    The expansion feels unfinished imo. 6/10

  • Brown Fang Thump.9482Brown Fang Thump.9482 Member ✭✭
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    1. My low expectations have been met, not greatly exceeded.
    2. Maps are generally fun and pretty.
    3. Despite fan-service callbacks, I'm disappointed in how many things in the game serve simply to divorce GW2 further from GW1.
    4. Loss of GW1 flora/fauna in favor of HoT/LW models is unfortunate and a bit lazy.
    5. Traversal novelty aside, the continuing promotion of GW2 as a platformer is still ridiculous as neither the mechanics of the game, the controls, nor the collision models used to force platforming here are comparable to AAA quality platforming. Granted, most PVE platforming is handled better here than pre-PoF.
    6. There are some very magical map locations that reveal hidden fun more than any previous maps in the game.
    7. Lack of zerg pandering is a welcome change from HoT because the "give me loot because I showed up meta" play-style isn't challenging or interesting.
  • ham.8209ham.8209 Member ✭✭
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    my short brief feed back for the new pack
    pro path of fire

    felt like over paid dlc content from Nintendo
    over priced new 32 count bags making bags a gold sink to upgrade
    no hard ware upgrades
    no support for SLI cross fire.
    no upgraded dx versions
    bad map design
    jumping puzzles
    250 gold sink Griffon mount
    mini games
    ectoplasm gambling
    no 4K support
    no g sync support
    Story/Writing: major disappointment reminded me of the last living story line
    dismounted mounting very laggy and slow .
    will not recommend this game to no one at all
    score 1 out of 10 .

  • Calanthe.3857Calanthe.3857 Member ✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    Mounts definitely add to the game and I love the realism of their movement, how unlike in some other games you feel centrifugal force when turning them. However, I have been somewhat concerned about the griffon mount causing a flight creep that could negatively affect jumping and gliding mechanics.

    Others have pointed out how they miss map-wide meta-events and I agree the maps feel a bit less exciting without them, but they're beautiful, still fun to explore, and bounties are fun in their own way and it's nice being able to activate them.

    Only did a few story chapters but loved the voices of Glint and Vlast. Was disappointed, however, that so many Elonian NPCs who look like they should have exotic accents or inflections have generic American-sounding voices. Would like to have more variety in the voice acting, even if it means cheaper actors.

    I wonder what's here.

  • Events rewards - for bounties and these "mini-metas" - NEED to be buffed! There is no point in doing them other than for the achievements.
    I was also disappointed that there were no super nifty armor achievements like in Silverwastes (Luminous armor). Maybe those were unpopular?

  • Zedek.8932Zedek.8932 Member ✭✭✭
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    • Great improvement on textures (looking over my Asura's shoulder, I am zoomed in max almost all the time)
    • Deadeye is very cool, even though the SFX are weird and a bit clunky, but it works for me
    • (Especially) the Raptor details, even the different animations (my female and male Asura have different idle animations; female for example gently pets it, male is almost getting thrown off and gestures at it)
    • Great colour descision (blue, yellow/sand, white)
    • NPC look like black Eurodance singers and rappers from the 90s
    • Patrick Bach yet again does the voice over for the German male Asura :+1::+1:
    • Dialogue was great from the very beginning (calling Taimi narcisstic and she heard it). German voice acting sounds authentic and is high quality
    • Maps are better understandable without so many levels

    Not so cool:

    • Poorly optimized - loading screen ends too early and massive popups of stuff, permanent hard disk access (already asked in tech forums) - PoF only
    • I can't stand still without getting attacked by anything
    • Raptor is fragile

    In general: Deadeye is beautiful and every addition to this game is worth it so far. I mean, you are professionals after all, not an indie studio.

  • +
    - Maps, art design/direction, music, voice acting = stellar as always.

    • Mount design (momentum) and function, love it.
    • Some character developments in the main story, keep them coming !
    • Choyas.
    • Some events in the main story

    - Clunky way of swapping mounts via UI

    • Meta events, please ! I love those and they made me feel working towards a common goal with other players!
    • Some areas are way too densely populated with mobs, especially the Branded zones and the desolation areas. "Everyone, come!" shudder
    • Some mobs have an unusually large aggro range
  • Keriana.9635Keriana.9635 Member ✭✭✭

    My feedback:


    • Mounts are great
    • New maps are fun to explore and not confusing to navigate
    • Story was engaging: I especially liked "The Departing," and Canach is always great


    • No meta events or world bosses: I would have liked a few smaller maps with metas in addition to the larger exploration maps
    • More story choices: I would like more story choices and chances for the pc to express opinions/react to people and events
    • Too many things clogging up my inventory
    • Story instances should have more save checkpoints in case you dc or have to log off
  • Scarran.9845Scarran.9845 Member ✭✭✭

    My feedback:

    Mounts are fantastic.
    New maps are designed alot better than most of the HoT maps.
    Hero Points being solo friendly.
    Enemy mobs are alot better.

    Elite specializations arent as good as HoT. Alot feel clunky and designed to push the various classes into roles that do not suit their playstyle due to the inadequacies of the other traits and skills that they have.
    No meta's hard to see people coming back to the new maps with no incentive to bring them back. Reason people keep flooding back to HoT is due to the events as they are not only fun but rewarding too.
    Mounts and gliding conflict with each other and I would have preferred there be an easier way to go from mount to gliding whilst in mid air.

  • nedlee.5943nedlee.5943 Member ✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    Mostly what many people said, but anyway

    • Major improvement in the story, big difference is that characters show likeable personalites and interact with each other very well.

    • Mounts are great, joy of movement as they said, but need to make swapping easier. Maybe some sort of channeling instead of cooldowns.They also need some way of finer control, especially when turning and dismounting in order to not fall down from high poles.

    • Class balance needs work as usual, Mirage and Renegade are horrible while other OP classes dominate.

    • Map designs are beautiful, with great details, as well as great soundtracks.

    • Lack of meta events or any way of funneling players into a place is the major design flaw. Maps already feel empty now. Cannot fight a champ with 3 people, and it would only get worse from now on. Same thing with bounties. We can't jump into random events while randomly running around unlike vanilla maps because now maps are much bigger, don't make people gather together for something, and mobs are much harder to fight.
    • We really don't need more hearts. There is no reason to repeat them, and most of them are boring and pretty flavorless.
    • Unappealing armor designs, complexity for complexities sake.
    • If anything, Anet still need to consider dungeons. They are repeatable, can be done with only 5 people, can be played with new players with no ascended gears and ARs, easy to get into with LFG, easy to balance them to make more engaging, and won't make people desert world bosses or HoT metas on timers.
  • I love it. Beautiful maps, pleasant and not annoying like HoT maps. Also a lot to do not like dragon's stand. Also fantastic story!!

    • Make griffon run faster
    • Fix treasure map special action key when demounting
    • Allow mounts in Mistlock Sanctuary!!!

    also my 2 favourite places in the expansion: Domain of the Lost and the astral chamber under the dwarven city ruins

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  • Overall it's been kinda mixed for me.

    Going back to some old GW1 areas is really, really cool and really makes me feel nostalgic. The mounts are really well designed. I love the lil movement details on the raptor. The areas look amazing...some of the nicest areas I've seen in the MMOs I have played.

    But...the world feels empty. I get that its a desert, and deserts are big and empty. But did it have to be done so literally? >.> So far the story has kinda bored me a bit. Seeing a hundred green "go to this area" circles pop up on the map just makes me kinda facepalm. It feels like its been drawn-out to get the most playtime out of me as possible at some points.

    I want to stab the chef with every spoon Teq has ever dropped for me. ^_^

  • Shampanix.3928Shampanix.3928 Member ✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    To star with - HUGE THANK YOU for this expac!

    1. Story far better than anything in gw2.
    2. Beautiful maps and music.
    3. Elite specs - some good some bad but variety!
    4. Amazingly well done mounts.
    5. More maps, more skins than HoT - great!
    6. Unindentified gear is good but unreliable (high rarity drop from low rarity package)
    7. Perfect pace for most of masteries and collections
    9. Tons of voice-overs. This is amazing how much you can hear not only in story but in ambient dialogs.

    1. Lack of huge metas like VB, SW, AB - this makes maps pointless to return to when you're done with collections (tho I hated DS)
    2. Also no real epic boss fight. Just like Bitterfrost Brontier deserved huge claw ow jormag moded to use mordy and zaithan influence, these maps could use that as well.
    3. Feels like everything rewards you with the same stuff. This makes doing anything more ambitious a bit pointless.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I just reported a bug about a strange phenomenon in PoF regarding fleeing (and invulnerable) enemies.

    Also, I would like to add that I find the fact that Vlast has the same voice as the Draconis Mons druid that "guided" us majorly annoying. It's like, "Whenever we need a mysterious voice from somewhere off-screen, we use this particular actor and tell him to sound exactly the same, talking in a deep voic at a verrrry slow pace." I don't know about the other players, but to me that is highly irritating.

    @Seasniffer.1763 said:
    please keep these comments to 100 words or less, and join or create other threads for a more in-depth conversation on a specific topic.

    By quoting my whole post, you committed the same "crime" (gasp!). There is no point in giving feedback when you don't explain in-depth, because then it's just either a grouchy whiny post or a superficial flattery without substance. Or perhaps I am simply not good at "less than 100 words". ;)

    @bOTEB.1573 said:
    What I don't like:
    2. The overall difficulty in PoF is super easy and not challenging at all.

    We must be playing different expansions.

  • I am loving the POF expansion! I think it's great and it has been a blast to play so far.


    • Challenging landscape
    • EXCELLENT Story (Love the story design)
    • Environment! I love the desert with the dust storms and beautiful vistas.
    • Fantastic Elite Specs. I am having fun with almost all the new elites I've been playing


    • Holosmith isn't FLASHY enough! Need MOAR FLASH! =)
    • Holosmith saber should be red to reflect my inner self.
    • Where is my Dark Sith Leather Set!

    Overall Fantastic Job!

  • A nice story. I especially like how there are less instanced story areas.
    Zones are big and nicely designed, but a bit empty.
    Mounts are enjoyable and a nice addition to the game. They do suffer from difficult movement when one wants to adjust their position by a little bit (Springer).
    Activities are numerous, but like many others have already said, huge meta events do have their appeal and POF is lacking that feel.
    New elites is a welcome addition, but some of them are a disappointment as they feel too narrowly focused.
    Too many new items, especially trophies, but I am guessing you are fighting this with your new marketing techiques. Which are a bit questionable.

    As a new expansion this one is pretty good, but it lacks the feeling of longevity. A non-HOT expansion was expected, demanded and prayed for, but POF is almost complete opposite of HOT and thus creates a feeling of disconnect within the game.

  • Jaken.6801Jaken.6801 Member ✭✭✭

    Okay, pro and cons:


    • The mainstory has some really nice mechanics and objectives that reminded me of gw1
    • The mainstory went to interesting places
    • The new maps are beautiful, detailed and have some really great callbacks to gw1
    • The mounts feel great
    • The new visuals are stunning
    • You heard the feedback of the beta and implimented it

    Contra (mostly nitpicking):

    • The mainstory does lack focus and feels disjointed. It feels more like a checklist, than a story
    • The mainstory lacks too much personality, as many things just feel like footnotes.
    • The mainstory relies too much on the open world information and can be hard to be enjoyed if you don't experienced the dozens of open world content
    • The mainstory does intoduce stuff´, which doesn't come back and has no real bearing on the plot (like choosing a faction just for a backpack)
    • While more reduced, there are still too many items I don't know if I still need them, or if I can toss them after completing the archievment (bounty hunter tablets. The text suggests it will be used somewhere, the same goes for some granite slabs... do I have to keep them?)
    • While 5 armor sets are certainly more than the 3 in HoT, I am missing some more subdued and less busy ones. I would have loved some casual regional clothes.
    • The weaponsets feel rather plain and I hoped for more regional weapons
    • It seems like we don't have many unique weapons to find, which was already a problem with HoT
    • Heart Vendors feel to similiar and I wish there were something else to find, beside the same recipes and the occasional mini (some unique skins for example)
  • Dreamy Lu.3865Dreamy Lu.3865 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    What I like:

    • The huge size of the new world.
    • Mounting.
    • New foes.
    • New plants and materials.
    • New hunts & JPs.
    • That there are many different ways to obtain mastery points.

    What I dislike:

    • Once more, no equality between professions: Casters (light armor) have it a lot harder to manage.
    • Nothing valuable done to mitigate motion sickness troubles at mounting.
    • The tons of dismounting at every little actions.
    • No progress saving inside storyline instances although they are long and heavy, with lot of blabla sequences. When will checkpoints be added?
    • Foes too hard (too long aggro range & too fast respawning) and many non-sense overcrowding.
    • The breakdown of the BLT market due to sudden easy farming of orichalcum and ancient saplings. There are no more "rare" nodes.
    • Not enough green landscape to my taste. But well, it is a logic in Elona.

    WvW server: Henge of Denravi

    • Holosmith saber should be red to reflect my inner self.

    can we be able to dye the saber color?

  • Tyger.1637Tyger.1637 Member ✭✭✭

    24 and 28 slot bags could do with their soulbound element being removed. I wonder how many people will bind one to an alt and then realise they can't use it as a crafting material when they come to upgrade it (and thus files tickets to support to replace them). It would be nice if we could upgrade the starter pack too.

    Love the expanse and locations. Feels more liveable and lots more places to RP. It feels less of a pressure-cooker environment than HoT in the starting zones and ramps up steadily.

    Universal currency covering all maps, great. Trophies with flavourtext and clearly marked as sellable where needed, excellent. Flow of mastery points is more fluid than HoT.

  • Pros
    Story, Map, Mounts, Music, enemy types, level design, some elite specs are all amazing
    Elite specs feel clunky
    No Mount skins and being able to have more dye options on mounts

  • @folk.8190 said:

    @Seasniffer.1763 said:

    @Ashantara.8731 said:
    Less than 100 blah blah blah

    • idea: quick mount swap UI button; just like you have two sets of weapons and two pets between which you can swap, give us that option for mounts as well?

    Option>key binding>(in the end of list)mounts hot key.

    Yes, you can key bind all mounts, but swapping mounts is still too slow.
    Having a designated mount swap key (just like weapon swap) allowing us to swap mounts on the go, without having to dismount would be a good thing.

  • Shena Fu.5792Shena Fu.5792 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    Problem: Annoying treasure hunting kits. You have to open the bags panel to use them, and it grants you a special ability to track buried treasure. But when you dismount, you lose the special ability, so you have to repeat the above--open bags, use item, use ability, mount & dismount, repeat ad nauseam. So why does dismounting make you lose the treasure hunting special ability?

  • I started playing GW2 a couple of years ago and then about 8 months ago discovered the joy that is GW1, so I am LOVING PoF. So many beautiful places and GW1 ambience. The mounts are loads of fun. I'm enjoying story more this time too.

    Only downside as power ranger is Soulbeast. I'm finding it clunky and hard work and haven't yet found a way to make it work for me.

  • Honestly the betas were enough for me. The story stuff is nice, and the art and design really made things look pretty. But there's no substance. No massive features added like HoT. Mounts feel like modified gliders. Elite specs don't bring as much to the table as some of the HoT counterparts. It's fine if you're going develop raids/WvW/PvP on different time tables, just don't expect everyone to pay for a small area of game content.

  • Mounts - 4/5 are fantastic - My exception is the Griffon, because mine keeps bugging out, dismounting me mid air, or just starts falling with no further animation.
    Maps - Great - Large open maps fun to traverse with the new mounts.
    Content - Story is enjoyable - hearts are hit and miss, some very tedious. No really enjoyable meta's like HoT, legendary bounties fill some of that void, but not quite the same.
    Elite specs - Most seem very fun and enjoyable with obvious need for re-balance. My exception to this is Mirage, as it's played just like base Mesmer with no real addition to the way the class plays, as a PvE condi build you're still taking the condi signets which is very boring gameplay and should be changed.

    Overall, I've enjoyed PoF experience, though apart from achievement hunting and bounty trains, there's not much left for me here apart from running alts through. I'll be looking forward to new raid and fractal releases and season 4.

  • I talk from a PvE perspective as this is the only thing which my pc has allowed me to try...
    Story and exploration are brilliant. There are so many little details which make it those things so immersive. Things like how the choice for Amnoon affects the NPC dialogs in the city make you feel like your choice matters. Throwbacks to GW1 are just the cherry on top. As a GW1 player, it feels awesome to remember all these areas and npc's, that keep some relevance but not so much as to keep out new players. And mounts... they are so well done that they quickly became a part of your gameplay you cannot live without. Only thing I fear is that new mounts will invalidate HoT masteries - For example, there needs to be a reason to use gliding, which cannot be accomplished by using a griffin. It'd also be nice that LS4 would introduce jumping puzzles which not only require mounts but also some of the hot masteries. or that HoT masteries would provide shortcuts - imagine a bouncing mushroom that would avoid 5 min of trying to jump with a springer. This would reward players for having both expansions, instead of leaving HoT as outdated content.
    It is still missing instanced endgame content. I mention this even though I am expecting a new raid wing soon, as the latter it will drop will take players away from PoF. Other downside is balance. While some elite specs have their niches (like spellbreaker or deadeye), most new specs are simply overpowered comparing to the HoT specs (or even other PoF specs - staring at firebrand). This leads the meta to a place where only 1 or 2 specs are allowed instead of allowing for versatility. While I do agree that PoF specs should have some power creep at start to create some hype over them, I fear this has been pushed too far and the drawback will be worse. This could have been easily avoided by allowing players to test new specs in previous content as it happened with HoT betas, as it would give a chance for players to provide meaningfull feedback.
    Overall, the expansion is beautifully done and I'm really looking forward for the LS4. - 9/10

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