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  • So I have not yet finished the story. Why you may ask? Well that is a two part answer. First off WvW is where i live and breathe in Gw2. Secondly the story gets to drawn out and boring. May I suggest (for people like me that do not care about story/lore) that you enable us to skip past all none combat stuff. I do not really care about lore and who did what. I would just like to rush past all the cut scenes and get the story over with. I appreciate all the work that goes into it, but it is just boring imo. :)

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    Loved how zones are actually habitable, lore rich places instead of inhospitable battlefields of season 3 and HoT. Story is good, hated the ending (1v1 a god? and I didn't buy his sudden turn, stop hating religion so much Anet). Absolutely adored the sunspear griffon story.

    High quality content, but zero replayability. No endgame. Dungeons and new PvP modes would be expected of an expansion.

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    Main complaint, bot control gone wild. Honest players are being punished because of the bot players. I stood on a branch to answer a phone call and a sand worm (w/e they are) went up the tree!!!!! Everyday there is a new reason not to play. I loved HoT. POF.. it's really hard for me to even like it.

    MsTrandentia - Leader of Tyrian Mystical Tours [PORT]

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    @notebene.3190 said:
    Overall enjoy. Lack of Waypoints and mobs like Djinns makes solo exploration punishing, reminding me of original Orr.

    OMG yes....I hated original Orr maps because I could never get away or through the mobs without dying every step or two. Having a new map repeat what the original Orr maps did, really is a step backwards. I solo a lot and find it immensely frustrating that I am faced with the same problems that were fixed in later Orr maps.

    As for way points, I've only been in the first map and there are only three there. But extra way points in out of the way places would be helpful, especially if you die in combat to a particularly difficult mob and are forced to way point way back where you started, then run through all the same territory just to pick up where you died.

  • Pros:
    1. Polished, immersive, engaging, FUN world
    2. Mounts are fantastic
    3. Story is fun and well-paced (past stories sometimes felt rushed or slow)
    4. Excellent voice acting
    5. Lots of “tidbits” (example: random NPC comments/banter)
    6. Overall tons of fun across entire expansion

    1. No Build Templates
    2. Classic "junk gear" drops feel obsolete
    3. PoF maps will need more "repetitive" content and reasons to return - not just daily hearts or bounties.

    Both Pro+Con:

    • Kormir lived up to the hype… “See ya later fckrs!”
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    I love the exploration and the 4 mounts, like the elite specs so far, not unlocked them, but I will. I see more fun in them compared to HoT specs.

    I have one big negative tho. I don't like the 5th mount. I have it unlocked, but I think GW2 doesn't need it. In fact it makes some stuff irrelevant, for example gliding. What it is even bigger problem that can erode the concept of GW2's playing together. In future I fear I won't get help as easy as before when I fail at a Challenge or get downed by something, or participating in an event. I'm afraid players will just fly away, not noticing my struggle. Instead of being happy for they arrival I will just see them flying away... It happens in the same way in other MMOs where they introduced such mechanics, and even they are now taking back as mush as they can.

    In short, I love everything so far, except the 5th mount.

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    New forum / same request:

    Please share your high-level feedback about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire in <100 words.

    This is our traditional request for your main points of feedback about our newest release. Please share your likes, dislikes, suggestions -- all are welcome. But please keep these comments to 100 words or less, and join or create other threads for a more in-depth conversation on a specific topic.

    Thank you for sharing!

    "Map is full"

    Seriously, you guys need to bump up the population cap on zones.

    Every time i join a group to do bounties or anything I can never get into the same instance with them.

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    • Mounts are awesome, hands down best thing (just improve interface, having to bind 5 actions to quickly switch mounts is a bit annoying)
    • Story was way more enjoyable than HoT
    • Maps are gorgeous, really loved exploring them, way more than any other map so far (part of the reason are mounts)
    • I mostly played Firebrand, I really like his playstile


    • New elite specs balance is a bit off

    • Mixed feeling about map replayability, though I'm (and we all are) still learning them so I'll put that aspect on hold, I'm not much into bounties anyway
    • No added feature, you've said it was all about content but some new features (cough Build Templates cough) would have been more than welcomed
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    (Sorry not 100 words, but it was too hard!)
    There is a trend that is really making it hard for me to play GW2.
    I suffer from simulator sickness or what some call V.I.M.S. (Visually Induced Motion Sickness)
    There are no first person video games I can play and very few third person games depending on the camera and movement.
    HoT added a design trend of having floating dust or spores or glowing dots in the air in just about every corner of every map. These specks are very disorienting and make it difficult to be able to play, for long, in those zones.
    This design trend has continued, with a vengeance, in the living story content, burning embers, ash, and glowing stuff, in Bloodstone Fen and Ember Bay. Bitterfrost Frontier has, not just snow, but blowing fog? I lasted about ten minutes there and had to lay down for the rest of the afternoon.
    It has continued further with PoF, with blowing sand and fog, little clouds with purplish lightning flashes (instantly sick), and strange mount/camera movement (even after dev tweaks).
    I haven’t finished map completion, even after 4918 hours played, because I can’t handle most of the snow and rain in certain zones.
    I realize it’s not as easy as flipping a switch, but if it is at all possible, being able to turn off environmental effects would make it so I can play much more comfortably. Even if it were just PvE, so as to not give some kind of competitive advantage for those who choose to turn off effects, it would be welcome.
    I know I’m only one person in your player base, but I love the game and would like to enjoy it fully.
    Feel free to contact me for further details or future testing. If it doesn't make me ill, it probably won't affect anyone. :)
    I did enjoy the art and story in PoF and I can see all the hard work you have put in. GW2 is still my favorite game! Thanks.

  • 1.Mounts are clunky as in UI/handling them but overall cool. I'm sure UI can be fixed in the background.
    2. Maps feel super empty for it being a new game. But overall maps look lovely and events in them are fun.
    3. EVERYTHING THOUGH IS WONDERFUL! Like legit those are small complaints that can easily be looked at or tweak if needed
    4. THAT HOW YOU MAKE A DRAGON BIG AND SCARY! Not a tubby plant monster like Mordy.

    -Kit The Traveler

    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    New forum / same request:

    Please share your high-level feedback about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire in <100 words.

    This is our traditional request for your main points of feedback about our newest release. Please share your likes, dislikes, suggestions -- all are welcome. But please keep these comments to 100 words or less, and join or create other threads for a more in-depth conversation on a specific topic.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Guild Hall Feedback:
    1. Please set the arena barrier to ON by default.
    2. Find a way for guild members to contribute to the cost of Elonian Matrixes. This is a huge hurdle that's put entirely on one scribe because both Trade Scrolls and Elonian Matrixes are Account Bound (along with some other things like Charged Quartz).

  • I think PoF is a great return to form. I thought calling back to the GW1 mission format (main objective + optional) brings focus to the goal of each mission. The land is beautiful, but I spend most of my time staring at my map. The mounts feel great, but doesn't the griffon make the gliding obsolete? Also, the Charr looks dumb on every mount (too big). The HPs now feel fair and doable while still challenging for a solo player - HoT made them mostly unsoloable.

    All in all, a great step forward. Keep it up!

  • Love the content, just want the dailies back. You should add Base + HoT + PoF. Not one of each. Some people don't do PvP or have the time to run around a few hours everyday for 2 gold.

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    @moonstruck.1268 said:
    Everything is awesome except the fact I want to play the story with my friend and many instances don't give you the chance to do the achievements if you are in another persons story.I hate redoing the story and it's always more fun to do it with someone else.

    The maps look awesome so far.Great job.

    Oh dear. I hope they fix this because I always like to join guild mates on some of those instances. I would hate to have to redo these just to obtain credit for myself. I would have expected Anet thought this through better and implemented group-wide credit.

    This is particularly more desirable when all group members have the same quest(s) and are on the same step as well.

  • 100 words or less doesn't allow for much detail, but here's the best I can do with exactly 100:

    Thumbs up overall. The maps are gorgeous. Mounts make "joy of movement" real, but could use another dye channel. The story is a massive improvement over LS3 but too short; I didn't like "Facing the Truth" because it felt pointless and more time could have been spent on Vlast (poor thing), the Herald and Aurene instead. Canach is still awesome. Big cheers for how "The Departing" acknowledges some of our characters' past instead of treating them all like one samey faceless blob. More of that, please. The NPCs' lack of emotional reaction to our death and resurrection was disappointing, though.

  • You guys did a really good job on creating the world that feels really good to be playing in. Visuals, music, story − everything about it is great. However, this world has yet to be filled with things that players actually want to do on a regular basis.

    Bounties. Something like a PvE reward track would bring us a real meaning in doing them.
    Elite specializations. They have some issues, and I hope you will listen to our feedback.
    A shortage of long-term goals (and absence of healthy variety in daily activities) concerns a lot of us deeply.

    More challenging, organized, whole-map class meta that needs at least 100-150 organized people to finish
    To be honest, PoF at the moment is really boring for me after I finish my story, get my griffon, max all mount masteries, and complete all bounty-related achievement.
    PoF excitement for me only last about two weeks, and I believe that most people feel the same way
    I need Something Exciting, Something to Trigger the Hype Flame!

    Now the good part.

    • Map Graphic is AMAZING
    • Good job on the story, I really like it, "The Departing" is my favorite
    • Mounts also make life so much easier
    • Thank you for change in the unidentified gear, so now doesn't need to do heart everytime I want to open
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    • Mounts
    • Art
    • Enemy mechanics
    • Scourge. Is fun with multiple play styles. Ghastly Breach is good, but uninspired. Would like one that interacts with Shades. Idea: Instantly summon 3 shades around you and they open up smaller ghastly breaches. Alternative: If you have shades out, ghastly breach will be cast from their positions.
    • Derelict Delve is awesome. More like this please.


    • Holosmith: I like some of it, but our other weapons need heat mechanics.
    • Maps feel dead compared to HoT. No sense of urgency. Little coordination in map chat. We need HoT-style metas in at least a couple maps.
    • Collections are great, but they need a new user experience. Achievement panel is a mess.
    • Lack of rewarding feeling that should come with completing HoT masteries. Gliding was somewhat useful (until griffin), but nothing else :(. Throw in some updrafts and leylines. Adrenal Mushrooms would be nice. Exalted mastery easter eggs since that's relevant. Thermal propulsion in desolation or NW corner of Highlands. Oakheart's in southern riverlands.
    • More hero challenges and mastery points need to be fights and puzzles. And harder. Even the nerfed HoT HPs are harder than these.
  • just read a comment at reddit which was pretty on point imho:

    I thought it was great. My only complaint is the resplendent timers on trash mobs feel a little short. By the time you finish killing three or four trash mobs and wear the veteran of the group down the others are already re spawning and you have to start over. And this is usually happening to try and collect some bleached bones or a node of some sort. I don't mind a challenging fight, but I finished it, now let me collect my kitten and move on.


    I think it's true. It's probably necessary because it's an MMO with a lot of players, but still it bugs me. Personally I wouldn't mind to have a few minutes no trash mobs around, when it's not an event but just exploring.

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    @Ashianyl.5917 said:
    1. I hate how unfair some of the fights are - I'm looking at Eater of Souls. I love experimenting with builds to overcome challenges, but you also have to realize that my ability to experiment with builds is limited by the equipment I have already invested in. I can't just on the fly get a new set of armor with 3k toughness and 1.8k condition damage just to see if that would work against the Eater of Souls.

    Finding that my power builds are magnets for mobs made me go back and get some of my condi equipment from my bank. A bunch of mismatched items that were truly a mess and not all were exotic. I ended up purchasing a set off the TP instead and spent more than I wanted on the runes for the gear. I already had the ascended weapons and did not want to go through the effort of swapping those out so I'll make do with them for now, at least until I find the appropriate stat setup I want to use.

    But, Ashianyl's point about the equipment is extremely valid. It would be nice if we could take an exotic item and easily swap out the stats without having to break the bank. All I've gotten in drops are greens and blues and none work well in the new PoF area.

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    What I like:
    1. Mounts and exploration go well together
    2. Derelict Delve is fantastic
    3. Story is leagues above HoT and vanilla
    4. Most elite specs feel much better than the HoT counterparts
    5. Bounty system has potential for replayability and should be further explored/enhanced
    6. Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, and Elon Riverlands are the right mix of exploration, combat, nostalgia, and narrative.
    7. Mounts are unaffected by combat mode speed reduction, that's fantastic.
    8. Choya

    What I didn't like:
    1. Bounty modifiers can lead to "bad rolls" similar to vanilla Diablo 3. Legendaries in particular shouldn't have multiple soft and hard CC modifiers such as Leyline Imbued + Freeze + Stop and Go all at once. Try separating each modifier into one of three or four categories and ensuring bounties have two or three categories--and never repeat the same category.
    2. Desolation/Awakened mob density is insane, reminds me of base GW2 pre-patch Orr, and their condition spam is ridiculous. Awakened Canids in particular have too much damage and dodges, and the awakened in general spam too much tar and slow. I end up burning all of my dodges to get out of the tar and avoid awakened soldier attacks.
    3. Mounts are too easily "killed off" from attacks.
    4. Weaver sword feels way too slow and weak, weaver default barrier amounts are too little, and Deadeye mark is too weak of a mechanic since it can be blocked and takes time to cast.
    5. I miss having a Junundu wurm to rid the sulfurous wastes.

  • An "early" impression after 2 maps, 2 pets and the first part of the story: I am really impressed! Mounts are fun, the first two maps are fine, mastery and hero points are not too easy, not to difficult. Only some minor issues. I will make separate posts for them nobody else did that. But minor issues, overall impression: Great expansion!

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    Overall: 4/5 stars.

    I wanted more stats than what we got. Story was okay (a bit too much chatter for my tastes). Difficulty's spot on and explorable with friends only. Elite specs are fun.

    But the biggest thing...mounts. Mounts are absolutely perfect. If there's no other quality about this expansion that means so much to GW2, it's the mounts. Like whoever led the design for these mounts should be getting a substantial bonus for their effort. They are absolutely incredible. They feel perfect, they handle perfectly, they work perfectly. Mounts are amazing. And they don't trivialize older content, they revitalize it. It's amazing. I've never wanted to go back and redo everything I did again as much as I do with having five mounts in my arsenal.

    Those Icebrood Saga: Champion titles sure don't sound sus. End of Dragons 2023. Marshal stats are overpowered, plz nerf.

  • Overall I really like the new expansion. The story is nicely constructed, and brings excitement until the (dramatic) very end. New maps are beyond words marvelous. Not only they are huge but also fun to explore and beautifully crafted. You can see and feel the effort that was put in them. Mounts are the biggest point in this expac, and they do not let you down with neat animations, smooth riding and perfect integration with the maps. It brings GW2 to a whole new quality level. New specs are fun, but the balancing could use one or two touches. But please don't change Weaver, since 99,9% of the player base won't be able to pull that rotation anyways, it shouldn't be dangerous.

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    @Marcus Greythorne.6843 said:
    just read a comment at reddit which was pretty on point imho:

    I thought it was great. My only complaint is the resplendent timers on trash mobs feel a little short. By the time you finish killing three or four trash mobs and wear the veteran of the group down the others are already re spawning and you have to start over. And this is usually happening to try and collect some bleached bones or a node of some sort. I don't mind a challenging fight, but I finished it, now let me collect my kitten and move on.


    I think it's true. It's probably necessary because it's an MMO with a lot of players, but still it bugs me. Personally I wouldn't mind to have a few minutes no trash mobs around, when it's not an event but just exploring.

    Typical of post launch games, the difficulty is set high and respawn timers are set to frequent because they think we are in herds. If not, it pushes us to join with others. Forced socialization. All games do it. Not a fan of it, but it is what it is.

    MsTrandentia - Leader of Tyrian Mystical Tours [PORT]

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    My feed back is this, in the previous demo weekend feedback thread feedback was ignored, barely anything was changed with the elite specs, so from now on I won't waste anymore time giving feedback.

  • Some of my favorite gaming content ever; amazing job overall.
    My only gripes are about the mobs.

    • There are too many trash mobs packed into every nook and cranny. Have to rush through the map or get swarmed.
    • Aggro radius seems huge.
    • Lots of veterans that can nuke mounts making movement painful.
    • Patrols + previous points can make fighting trash mobs take forever.
    • Dying to trash mobs is very punishing with the waypoints as they are and not being able to mount in combat.
    • Some (branded) run away a lot forcing ranged weapons.
    • They are in roads and wander into town.
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    -Mounts are the highlight for me (Need radial wheel selection, though)
    -Maps are very nice
    -Story better than usual
    -Gorgeous artwork

    -Balance worse than ever, some specs doing 25k others doing 50k+
    -Replayability, besides bounties, what is there to do now?
    -Condi meta continues, will it ever end?
    -Maps feel devoid of players already (likely due to con #2)

    TL;DR Mounts alone are worth the $30 purchase price, they're that good.

  • Good:

    • Story isn't bad and storytelling has taken great steps since vanilla.
    • Mounts have been implemented in a good way.
    • New maps aren't a mess like TD.


    • Some metas would have helped the new maps.
    • Class balance is absolutely awful.

    R.I.P. Build Templates, 15.10.2019

  • I'm still just starting out. Making forays out into the Crystal area to open up the map and discover WPs, PoIs, Vistas, etc. I am very happy seeing the renowned hearts make a comeback. I really like those because it helps me get a feel for the area, the combat options for the mobs, and gaining points and loot.

    I do wish we had better gear/gold drops, because right now it feels as though I am getting the gear from the old maps that don't really help with new challenges in PoF maps. As for gold drops, I am struggling to earn enough to replenish my bank because of my initial outlay for gear and runes w/stats that are better designed for PoF game play.

    As for the mounts, so far I've only gotten the initial mount and have not advanced far enough for the others. However, I love the mount, although having to turn or direct it seems a bit sluggish. In some cases I try to turn it so I can make a jump only to fly into a wall because the initial turn failed to move him. Seems the sensitivity of his movement is on sleep mode (sometimes he moves, sometimes he just stays still and sometimes goes off on a wild leap in a different direction than the one you were aiming for).

    So far so good, more will come as I do more.

  • Story was very good; however, it was also very short. Fantastic end boss battle, especially compared to Zhaitan. I'm mostly a PvE player that loves the GW lore, and would have loved a longer story.

    The mounts are awesome and have so much more potential than gliding does. I would love to see what the future had in store for them.

    Overall wonderful expansion, miles above HoT. Can't wait for the next one!

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    When I first started the game, I was amazed by the beauty, new landscape and of course, the highlight of the expansion, mounts. Then as I progressed...
    calm, silence, dead.
    It is seriously lacking the excitement and engagement HoT offered right off the bat. I'm not sure what is going on but I feel like going from one extreme to another, and not in a good way. You can't possibly tell me all the resources were pooled into the mounts, map designs (without actual group content) and new specs?!

  • Overall extremely impressed. Mounts are revolutionary for MMO industry imo. Huge upgrade in story content and story telling compared to rest of gw2. Beautiful, rich maps.

    Criticism: Although I understand many disliked the HoT big metas, I personally love it and feel PoF needs at least one epic meta (memorable world boss) or map meta events (Tarir) and other open world content. Also, some of the elite specialisation traits (like soulbeast) feel a bit boring.

  • been playing on and off since beta. played gw1 also. loved it. wasnt hyped for hot because i always hated maguuma. i´m hating it still. bought hot 1 year after it released. and as I have guessed, i didnt like it. dont know. just doenst like it. story, maps, all. sisne ls3 i´m getting back into it. and for pof i was kinda hyped. loved the desert in gw1 also. so this was an easy buy. even bought the 80€ version of it. atm enjoying all of it. little bit sad that thers Tomb of the Primeval Kings dungeon/raid. loved it back in the old gw1 days.

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    Hiya! Loving the expansion. Mounts are wonderfully implemented, but I would love to see more dye channels. The story was also a notch above last content, but I still wish there was more. Act III felt too short. My only complaint regards Renegade tuning, specifically utility skills. They take too long to cast, cost too much energy, and don't provide powerful enough buffs. Shortbow also feels undertuned and could really use duration increases on condition applying skills.

  • Hot Boy.7138Hot Boy.7138 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The expansion is way more than I expected. It's amaazing in every, excluding class balance. The maps are huge just as you said. There is so much to explore and so many little things added to every inch of it. The art team deserves double whatever you are paying them. The story is great. The elite specs are fun. The mounts are great. You really outdid yourself on this expac. After playing it, I would have easily paid 100 dollars for it. My only complaints are about class balance, that mirrors on mirage aren't fun or very useful, Infinite Horizon should have been baseline and replaced with a power dps trait to make mirage a viable power option as well. But wonderful game. the best i ever played.

  • akhilesh.9147akhilesh.9147 Member ✭✭
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    Love the expansion. Holosmith was really what made my main engineer class enjoyable for me. My only requests are to please make the power dps viable for raids. I don't like how I have to play with another class I don't like(guardian or Mesmer) to do raids. Barely anyone accepts engineer in raids, even people in my old raiding guild were not fans, so it's not just pugs.

    The second thing would be more things to do with my friends on the new maps(or at least in LS4 maybe). Apart from bounties and a few story based metas, there isn't much group replayability. But solo content is solid.

    8.5/10 for me.

  • The maps are amazing and exploration is fun and engaging while being more relaxing without verticality.

    Story is interesting but guild member NPCs should have more screen time and actually do stuff on screen instead of just standing by and cracking jokes. Also stop making everyone a snarky kitten, that only works if it's not overdone. More dialogues that resemble actual talk rather than a questioning would add a lot to their personality too, hearing a few voiced lines after pressing F at the end of a big mission is kinda underwhelming. PoF is definitely an improvement over the LS though.

    Mounts are 10/10.

  • Alchimist.4738Alchimist.4738 Member ✭✭✭
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    • Story was good, with some of the best moments of Guild Wars 2, but the beginning of act 3 felt a bit underwhelming, as for the characters, they're too cartoony, particularly Balthazar whose potential felt only brushed.
    • The exploration is amazing thanks to great art and design, even though huge maps means you won’t see as many people as in HoT, but on the other hand it pushes to create small group to explore, which reminds me of Guild Wars 1, and I’m not particularly bothered by the lack of a huge world boss, because it makes HoT still relevant and also because PoF seems to focus around group of five to ten people content.
    • As for balance Scourge and Firebrand (contidion) really seem to be the most powerful specs, but on the other hand I fear the nerf hammer is going to damage them too much, otherwise the others are either in a good place filling unique role (such as Deadeye) while other are a bit underwhelming (such as Renegade), but my feedback would take more than 100 words.
    • I think the expansion is totally worth its price and has great content, nevertheless I can’t feel but hoping for a new raid to come soon alongside new content for sPvP, as PoF didn’t satisfied me on both.
    • I’d like to see my allies' health bar, not really related to PoF, but that’d be a great UI improvement for support in general.
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    Map design and story so far (not finished):

    The best gw2 has ever seen and a return to form. The mystique and mythos is back and it actually feels designed by people who had atleast played the original game, although the big bad might be a bit too cheesy (big angry man shouting how he is going to kill everyone and burn stuff, its like new braham as a god). Will have to see if they make him justice in the finale.

    Mounts feel alive and actually serves a purpose, i never would have thought it would be this good although i would have liked a full mounted combat system given the quality.

    Now the bad.

    How did you manage to make lightsabers boring and ineffective? Anyone spending more than 10 seconds with holosmith could tell you the mainhand sword is a sleep inducing tickler even above 100 heat. I guess its like making a traitline about explosives boring. Holo in holomode is fun but it has some trouble wvw/pvp given how boon reliable it is in a meta where having boons is a death-.... i mean not being a spellbreaker, scourge or firebrand is a death sentence (at least in wvw squads). And in pve it looks like holos are struggling to achieve vanilla engi dps as well so its not looking like meta material there either. But i have had fun blowing myself up so there's that. Except you nerfed that trait as well.

    Here's an idea though: Solve the problem of forms not inheriting weapon quality so we can have ascended quality holomode in wvw/pve instead of a lvl 78 blue or whatever while keeping the 78 exotic weapon quality in pvp. Maybe this could even help other form relying builds like reaper and vanilla necro?

  • edited September 28, 2017

    aimed for the 100 words, but elaborated where I felt examples were needed.

    • maps are excellent, but don't feel very rewarding/engaging. don't feel as active/populated as HoT's did on launch. renown hearts take too long to re-complete.
    • the new collections are really enjoyable, but reliance on them as rewards/time investments makes it feel like not a lot to keep us in those maps once they're done.
    • mounts are phenomenal! sad the griffon is a long-term goal for many friends/new players because of gold.
    • played 5/9 elite specs. so far they all feel fun at least. soulbeast traits feel extremely lacking though.
    • was hoping for non-crafting/gathering related pipelines for ascended armour/weapon acquisition in PvE. more player choice for gearing is always good.
    • bounties have potential, but most haven't been fun at all. getting only 3 or 5 mosaics from legendary ones sucks. (1)
    • storyline was the best its been in GW2 imho, but writing occasionally hurt it. (2)
    1. fought the legendary wurm queen bounty earlier. she's very tall and she's in a sloping pit under the temple of kormir. she had the red light/green light modifier, and because of her size/location, it was pretty much impossible to angle the camera enough to see the indicator while in melee, and still not easy to do while juggling mechanics at range. bounties have the potential to exemplify how varied GW2's combat can be, but at the moment they feel more like a case study in how punishing/unfair it can feel. some modifier combinations can just be absolutely agonising to try and deal with, and thats before even considering how much worse some modifiers can be on certain enemy types. the huge number of mosaics needed to get all the funerary gear vs. how many you seem to get per legendary bounty only makes me want to engage with bounties even less.
    2. eg. kormir's mention of the crystal sea stuff added nothing except lore for the people who didn't know it, and contributes to making our killing of balthazar/his power level more confusing for many people than it needed to be. little things like this, and big things like vlast dying before we care about him, keep happening, and they're only holding back the quality of a story that keeps showing us how much potential it has to be excellent.
    1. Love the maps, the mounts, the story, basically everything that got released.
    2. My main worry is the replayability. Once you completed story, the collections, got your mounts, there is very little left to do but the bounty hunts (which, let's face it get boring real fast). I'm really hoping more (meta) events with enough loot to incentivize players to actually do them will get added over time.
  • Shanna.4762Shanna.4762 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    I love most things about this expansion, way better than the last one, especially as a former GW1 player. A couple of things annoy the heck out of me though, one being that mobs in many areas have too large an aggro radius imo, making it kind of annoying to get around, especially if you are ever by yourself and there are tons of veteran mobs that follow you for 50 miles lol. Second would be the Griffon controls when trying to go upward, it's like doing keyboard gymnastics, and overly rough to figure out and do correctly, overall I find it to be clunky and not intuitive in the least bit.

  • Loved it so far. Mounts are well thought out, and a revitalization to the game. I have plans to go revisit core tyria purely because of excitement to use mounts there.

    I'd like a one or two maps with meta events, albeit not every map should have that going on. The occasional meta wouldn't be amiss. It'd hopefully please people on both sides of the meta event discussion fence. I personally like them, but not on every map.

    Story felt epic, and has awesome gameplay. I like that there are a couple really challenging fights, to keep that epic feel.

  • titje.2745titje.2745 Member ✭✭✭
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    my opinion. too much frustration = no fun.

    i want to kill bosses and big events like tarir or verdant brink. (loot) :D
    i nearly never see a legendary, and if 1 spawns then there are no players. now i use lfg and is better.

    masterys, too hard. stuped quests or a cheff mastery. i hate it. hot is way better just a jp and loot it. no trash puzzles. (i hate challenges)

    less waypoints, worse idea ever. yes mounts are nice for faster travel, but if we die then we must walk the whole way again. better no mounts and more wps

    quests for mounts are nice but for more mastery points i have to do the story, if i hate something its a story with npc that talks forever and not skipable.
    how do you feel if you dont understand them and you have to wait 10 minutes before they stop talking. if i do story its for a goal. masterys or loot further i want to rush
    and go further in the world. maybe if i understand story it would be nice but for now. too much frustration. i started 1 story in free city of amnoon. the talk never stops
    mission more then 20 minutes. i dont care storys.

    further nice graphics and maps. good work well done. worth more then 30 euro :)

    classes. necro got boring so i wanted something else. necro is weak without shroud. ele weak. engi weak mesmer is better. i have full asc viper set. switched every time.
    now i stay at mesmer. but mobs are too strong. i am a solo player and i died often and get angry. ppl told me its a group game, if so, why cant we have fun in our own?
    i hate to always follow someone or they me.

    and ppl say git gud. i hate them they just there to make ppl angry :S

    sorry for negative feedback but i can have fun with less. i am not 100% mmo gamer but i like(d) the game. my goal is nevermore. if i have it i dont know what then.
    if a game have nice graphics and sound (gun sounds in fps) and nice players (guild) i have fun. and i mostly do events, make money etc for my goal. sometimes wvw.
    i dont raid i dont pvp i dont do fractals just easy things :D

    i only explored some zones and got mounts but not much done.

  • Specialisations: Only used weaver so far, it's awesome, so much fun.
    Mounts: Great in PoF maps, but made other ones, especially Core Tyria, too easy. Suggestion: Disable mounts at any JP, near any vista and hard to reach POIs.
    Story: Interesting, but at parts too fast paced, trying too hard to be wow, same as LS3.
    Maps: Nice, but I don't think I'll return much to them after I'm done with achievements, there is no reason to.
    **General expansion: **Not as nice as HoT, it didn't bring anything more then LS would, no updates to other parts of pve content. If it wasn't for awesome weaver, I would almost regret buying it. Feels like paid LS, compared to HoT that felt more expansion like.

    Thorin and Company [TAC] leader

  • PoF is near perfect expansion, having a great time. Story, maps, landscapes, events, achievements, puzzles, fights, ... all is great. There are only a few things I could complain about :

    • We could use races and adventures that make a better use of some mounts. The adventure near skimmer heart doesn't use it (or forget about gold), the race near jackal heart doesn't have sand portal shortcuts.
    • Still in race/adventures, there is sometimes too much RNG due to the presence of mobs on the path. For example I got my skimmer one-shoted by sand sharks while trying the Vabbi race a minute ago. Disqualified. Frustration. Or entering the brand between 4th and 5th supply at the school adventure : very rng whether you'll be able to swap to bunny, sometimes the brand keeps you in combat for a long time and sometimes you're ooc soon enough (it make more than the difference between gold and fail).
    • AP scales. We got a lot of nice achievements, but the problem (see my walls of text on reddit about this) of AP scale still remains, with a total of barely more than 1k AP for a full expansion when it should be around 5k imho (which is not hard to reach with what we have, if only you reward achievements like you did for Core and LS1).
    • Some bounties could use re-balancing at least (2 of them are nearly impossible due to insane heals : Dhael in highlands, Muckstalker in Desolation - didn't try Vabbi yet). Better, reduce the pool of rng bonus for some of them when they synergize very bad either with the boss' mechanics (examples, "stay in/out of area" for bosses that move extremely fast like the bunny or the bull) or with the spawn point (example, lasers in narrow place).
  • I'll try to keep this short as requested so I'll only list the things I dislike:
    -stability still not reverted, yet every mob does an unbeliveable amount of CC, it's beyond annoying.
    -lack of mastery track to eliminate the 33% speed reduction when in combat
    -no big hot like metas.

  • Story was short and sweet and further lore was hidden throughout the maps (loved this). Would have liked a longer story which explores each map a bit more which also had gated episodes behind mastery progression or map progression (story in desolation and vabbi were rushed) and also that doesn't feel rushed (was expecting another 'play with aurene' scene like from HoT).
    Mounts were all awesome but may need a bit more tinkering or small details (details which are not a big concern but more of a QoL issues).
    Elites were eye catching but not without problems. (Most are only condi builds viable and support types from HoT became useless in both support and dps ).
    Absence of large group events or map wide event chains makes the whole map feel empty.

  • Not sure what to say...
    Maybe a haiku would do?
    Path of Fire is great.

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