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  • Finished map completion using Renegade as well as getting all the new masteries and doing all the bounties. Generally had a good experience but I feel the replayability in the new areas are low with no incentive like getting unique drops outside of collections and achievements(which I personally don't enjoy doing mostly).

    1. Mounts feel great and I enjoy their design.
    2. Areas are like nice looking and not a pain to navigate, unlike HoT zones.
    3. HPs and Masteries being soloable is a plus to me as well as not feeling forced into doing things I don't enjoy to obtain them(frustrating minigames, story achievements).
    4. Story writing felt improved and I enjoyed most of it(though I still don't like the idea of my character being in a leading role).

    1. Renegade doesn't change the way Revenant plays despite the new legend and trait line. I feel a class rework is needed.
    2. Bounties are fun, but don't feel rewarding outside of the achievements and armor set.
    3. PoF so far as we know, doesn't provide a good alternative to farming loot/gold outside of HoT metas, SW, and fractal 40 farm.
    4. Areas feel empty, despite being a newly released expansion. I see events sitting there not being done by anyone or when I try to attempt one I am the only one there.

    In conclusion, I got my time's worth out of the expansion but feel it still needs to be fleshed out to keep players wanting to do things in the new areas outside of achievements and collections.

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    I will be focusing on the bad stuff:

    • Nothing regarding guilds. No new upgrades and no new guild missions. Some things already in the game could be adapted for them, like adventures or bounties.
    • No content for large groups of players, like world bosses, meta-events, etc. Bounties are awesome, but they fit medium-sized groups, and that's fine, bounties work very well, but you can't pretend to replace large group content with them. We need something more aside from bounties, but bounties should stay the way they are.
    • Rewards feel underwhelming, and there's no bonus reward for completing renown hearts. Some collections for completing the new armor and weapon sets could help a bit, but the new currencies need more things to be spent on in general. I feel like many of the good steps ahead we saw during LW3 were forgotten with PoF (vendor rewards, new gathering nodes, etc).
    • No long-term stuff, like some legendary weapons and such. I know you're saving that for the LW episodes, but that's a mistake. You need something to keep players interested until LW4 is released, and there's nothing. Many will leave, bored, before LW4 is ready. No new instanced content, like raids or dungeons, either, that could have helped keep players distracted.
    • Leaving old masteries behind. The lack of gliding mechanics, like updrafts and ley lines, is very depressing. Will current mounts be useless by next expansion?
    • No new masteries outside of mounts. In HoT you had the glider, but then you had map stuff as well, outside gliding. In PoF, once you dismount, there's no new mechanics, like bouncing mushrooms, etc. The new zones would have felt rich with more stuff like that, and not only mounts.
    • No upgrades for the core professions. They really need them.
    • Failed cool factor for elite specializations (once again). Only the holosmith shines here as something that would make you want to buy the expansion, just for it.
    • No racing adventures. I want to compete for times, not just who arrives first! Mount races should have been much bigger in scope, with leaderboards, different routes each time, gambits, etc. The supply adventures are just boring.
    • Story felt very rushed by the 3rd episode. I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again. I'd rather wait a month or two after release, to finish the expansion story, than to get a rushed ending. Feels like there is story missing in the Desolation and in Vabbi. The Vlast and Kesho parts were kinda rushed, too.
    • Not enough new achievement points.
    • No new weapon types (Scythe, Greataxe, Spear, etc).
    • Nitpick of sorts, but I really dislike the water djinn and awakened designs. GW1 ones felt really unique and interesting, GW2 ones just replaced them with generic tropes.

    I'm sure I missed something, but I think that's most of it.

    In general, I think PoF is a flop regarding the community aspect of the game, which is very worrying. Guilds, world bosses, and races, are 3 huge missed opportunities here. There's nothing more important for an MMO than the community. Doing open world stuff in big groups is one of GW2's trademarks, something no other game does like us, and it's sad we've lost it with this expansion.

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    Great xpac, needs visible and customizable health bars. Also, dungeons could be awesome content if added similar fractal difficulties to them and require agony at higher levels.

  • Overall great. Negatives: no map meta/world boss events, repeatable hearts are not enjoyable, lack of rewards and gold-making despite increase in gold sinks.

  • ER and Desolation story was not enough, Huge areas I wanted story in that there wasn't any. Crossing the Bone Wall and the massive forged base in the Desolation that was completely ignored, felt like big opportunities lost. Look to the pacing of Vabbi's or Highlands(mostly) story for your keys to the future, they were the best. CD story felt... almost confusing? We were there for roughly 6 minutes and asked to help make a gigantic decision? And the ?? pacing continued up till the first story of Highlands.
    Elsewise, I -hate- the griffon. It mostly destroys gliders, which was a real money investment.

  • Story, Maps, Mounts, Bounties - all spectacular. Saving words for criticisms!

    • Heart of Thorns leaned too heavily on map wide metas for some - but I actually enjoyed them a ton, and I know a lot of players did as well, they just didn't like being forced to do them on all maps. I was hoping for a happy middle ground in PoF, but instead got a knee jerk entirely away from them. 1-2 of these in Deso/Vabbi would have been stellar. I need to see a new Triple Trouble / Tequatl / Octovine / etc!

    • There's a ton of polish throughout, but a little spot was missed with regards to the new weapons and armor. No collections guiding us to complete those and hunt down the content! In fact, a lot of them aren't even in the wardrobe until unlocked, which seems like a big oversight. I don't even care what the rewards are - but those collections are great for keeping my content consumption guided and checked, and the little ding when you finish them sure feels nice!

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    I enjoyed the story but the last battle confused me. It ended in another duel against Balthazar that your new army didn't directly effect.

    New armor is disappointing: Same old awkward looking buttcapes that don't fit correctly and random abstract asymmetric parts.

    Deadeye: "Peripheral Vision's" radius too short- doesn't hit allies near target like "Fire for Effect," which clashes with Deadeye's long-range theme.
    Rifle and Pistol/Pistol are too similar and both have no AoEs causing poor synergy together. Perfect time to re-add Ricochet.
    Losing stolen item when mark ends makes Mercy not work with "One in the Chamber."

    The generic dagger animations for Spellbreaker make me sad.

    You made someone who doesn't care about mounts (me) actually find them fun.

    Yay for juicy big maps.

  • Give power builds competitive dps in high end PvE content on more than 2 classes. In fact, just put any effort into balancing PvE content at all. Please don't take 4.5 years like you did with "fixing" condi. Expansion itself is okay. Story is uninteresting, as usual, allow option to skip all boring dialogue for those who choose to (checkpoints are a nice addition though). 5th mount is very fun. All mounts are fun, honestly. HoT has better maps but PoF maps are very pretty. Looking forward to LW4 content.

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    Overall, PoF is greatly executed and delivers tons of content and exploration

    I will focus on the ''could improve'' aspects

    • Swap Mounts, it's a great problem that in-combat state for even small mobs (a random crit anywhere) inmediately invalidates our chance to change mount, it gets specially frustrating in scenarios when we want to jump a little cliff and then having a broken bridge in front, (raptor-springer-raptor swap), this is my biggest downside
    • Mirage could have an improvement on axe 2 and 3 skills, falling off a border is extremely easy
    • Talking to NPCs shouldn't dismount us unless it's necessary
    • Allow glider to be activated on long falls to could at least save some fall, (after x seconds of fall, glider can be deployed) like when we exit jackal heart area by fall

    And as a thousand times, Build Templates are getting absolutely a must have, already need 4 builds for a ranger at least (soulbeast, condi ranger, condi druid, druid on my case)

  • Story: have no idea what happened, have long since given up thinking too hard about GW2's story. The funny, snarky lines make me grin, so there's that.
    Also, some option to dial down the intensity of the flashing graphics would be appreciated so I can actually see what I'm doing would be nice (notable mentions to Balty, his mechanical wotsit and Kralky for trying to make me have a seizure. Thanks, chaps).

    Maps awesome, can solo most events fine, in love with awesome mounts (for which I bought the expansion anyway), have a griffon now and no cash. Yay!

    "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Steve R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

  • One of the values of guildwars 2 is the games wide appeal from hardcore to casual.
    Please keep the game casual friendly. Many casual gamers in the guilds I am in are not very vocal, but contribute to anets profits.
    Allow mastery points to be bought with wvw tokens, fractals tokens, experience or karma.
    Some of us play the game for stress release, and would rather focus on the core game.

  • Esplen.3940Esplen.3940 Member ✭✭✭

    Collection drops should be guaranteed.

  • As a fan since GW1, I have to say this expansion is great. My only gripe with it, is I wish some more dungeons would have been added. It seems as if you've abandoned dungeons as a concept altogether.

  • between the maps and the story pof took me pretty much everywhere i was wanting to go and did pretty much everything i was wanting it to do AND MORE. mounts are awesome, i personally hope there is at least 1 sand doggo portal puzzle per new ls4 map because they are amazing fun to do. my biggest disappointment is that guild features seem to have seen little love, guild missions and their rewards have seen none at all. aside from that one thing pof would be 10/10 for me

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    +PoF brings me back to the old Nightfall days - just the nostalgia is great.
    +Beautiful music and maps to explore. Love it all!
    +Mounts are awesome - they feel reel, fun to use, and no need to upkeep a speed boost/swiftness anymore. However, I am afraid (like PaxTheGreatOne) that mounts will continue to destroy the joy, fun, and purpose of exploring vanilla/HoT maps & make some HoT masteries obsolete.
    +The unidentified gear double-click system works better than previously planned where you identify gear at a heart vendor.
    +Enjoying the story so far.
    +Trying out new elite specs are fun and add a breath of fresh air to the meta.
    +QoL improvements like opening all consumables.
    +New containers to open (though can be tedious) that contain karma and new currencies!
    +Bounties are fun (when people are there).

    -Biggest gripe: NO-MAP META EVENTS. Although beautiful, the maps feel barren, empty, and not rewarding. Give us rewarding and highly-replay valued maps like HoT did and you have something to compare to! Now I can't return to maps over and over unless they're rewarding, have large metas with players, and specific currencies to farm. Like many many many other players stated, please add map-wide meta events (at least in a few of the new maps).
    -No world bosses. Very disappointing! This kind of goes hand in hand with the con above. I want to fight bigger bosses than just bounties. The kind on a timer that require hundreds of players and mechanic coordination.
    -Mounts dismount every time I talk to an NPC. I'd also like to be able to more frequently get back on a mount when I've killed the mobs around merather than waiting to be out of combat. It slows things down and is frustrating.
    -Foes respawn too quickly and have a huge aggro radius. Reduce please.
    -My main is a Weaver and it lacks synergy and excitement in its trait system. I don't want more stat% boosts and barrier spam that doesn't help me. Also, the recharge time to switch attunements is too long. Rework some utility skills like the one that allows me to single attune - that feels more like it should be an F5-skill to toggle. Give me more bonuses to when switching attunements or bonuses to using stances.
    -I wish Realm Of Torment would at least make a return since we still don't have FoW/UW. I don't like doing raids and would much rather have a higher difficulty map area that is rewarding but requires parties of skilled players.

    PS. What happened to the Lily of the Elon?? In the preview weekend it was a comfy cozy looking ship that screamed convenience with a short proximity of vendors and services. Upon release I come to discover it's now a spread out stacked circular structure that is frustrating with scatterbrain design. Not practical or convenient at all. I had a hell of a time even trying to find the Mystic Forge at the top. What? I want the rich folk boat back.

  • Pros: great story, nice Especs (with 2 per class one feel the choice now), maps are beautiful, mounts are original, make sense in the game and have each their own flair, Forged on surf!

    Cons: too many mobs are glass canon in design, maps feel like there won't be too much reason to keep them alive and are a bit too much directed (compared to jungle), only branded Forgotten !, too many collections at once and no sub categories for POF collections, too much T6 nodes everywhere

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    Mounts are wonderful but I'd like more customization options.
    Maps are beautiful and fun to travel around.
    Hearts progression too slow for something very repetitive.
    Bounty boss is interesting concept but need more balancing. The difficulty is not consistent and some bosses are still boring HP sponge.

  • Make conditions affected by protection/weakness because they are out of control.

  • If the story dictates trivializing my party members into other mobs that only have 1-3 abilities, strongly consider making it a "solo only" instance. While I understand why these 3 missions were done that way for story purposes, they sucked the entire fun out of running the entire story as a party in the last act, for anyone not in the lead.

    Otherwise, was a good bit of fun!

  • Nice story and map are very cool. I'm a GW1 and it's first time i've had a nostalgia effect (some mastery point... some places in ruin...).

    I think the real gap is the long term objective.
    I know, there will be a Season 4, and we'll have new fractals, new pvp maps, leg, map and more else, but i'm feeling strange that in the last LS we had 2 leg and the first leg trinket, while at PoF release only a easy-to-get 5th mount (respect a leg, of course).
    So when the story ends, if someone want to do some long-term objective must leave PoF for Core or HoT, until LS s4e1 at last.

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    Good job. Needs a few balance passes, but overall really enjoying so far.

  • -Mounts, maps, story- good to great.
    -Many of the hearts are tedious due to how little some actions "count" towards progress.
    -Still too many items to keep track of for various activities and collections, and while some items are clearly marked "safe to destroy", others are less obvious.

  • overall very positive feedback for me
    map DA and design is pretty well made, mounts have a purpose, lots of details everywhere and environment is pretty well rendered
    story is good, no fedex quests or parts, no fillers to stretch lifetime
    new specs are original even if they still need some work

    a radial menu for mounts or something to quicken mount swap is required
    even if i understand that devs may no have made "long" meta maps like auric bassin in order to not dilute players on an other map i miss some longer storytelled metas
    too many pretexts for fight in story, even if they added some variation you still fight stuff 95% of time even if it is not mandatory
    no PVP / WVW / raid / dung content

  • Have all mounts maxed, 100% map completion, most collections done. now i just run around in circles. give us actual content

  • repeatable incentive for new zones

  • Everything is just fine with me except the STORY MODE. Can you make it easier for us casuals. I just want my mastery points from story. I died several times from the boss on ACT 1 alone. I think it scaled with the NPCs.

  • Is it too late to launch a "Bring back our Gods!" Campaign? I like having human gods and I think they should be a part of stabilising the flows of magic.

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    • Mounts - fantastic job, makes game much more fun. Hidden mount is cherry on top of delicious cake.
    • Map Design - Really cool and beautiful, I like how they all have little corners to find and explore
    • Story - fun, engaging. Wish it was a bit longer
    • Bounties - fun but way too easy.
    • Unindentified gear


    • No map wide epic meta events. I wish at least 1 or 2 maps offered something similiar to SW/VB/TD/AB
    • Maps while fun to explore feel a bit unrewarding (event reward is meh)
    • No collections for most equipment sets
    • Repeatable hearts are very tedious.
    • New inventory bags being CHARACTER BOUND. You move towards account progression and make 300g bag bind to single character.
    • Environment art: Amazing
    • Music: Amazing
    • Story: While it had some developments that irked me, I still rate it as pretty kitten good.
    • Lore: Great. Loved all the familiar places and references to GW1 characters.
    • Armor design: Design wise, they're hit or miss, the Bounty Hunter set being incredibly "Avant-garde". Then there's the clipping. Pretty much every cloth armor male leg piece has terrible clipping with almost every pair of boots in the game. I really don't like the dye channels for Royal Funerary light armor. Why do the metal components of the armor share the same channel as cloth components!?
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    I love the art, design, music and voice acting.

    I love the volume of stuff there is to do.

    The cool places to find/explore hit the nail on the head--- pretty much what I loved about the original game.

    Would rather have had meta like HoT than the bounties. Full squad just smashes everything.

    GOLD: Nothing drops gold. Yet, you keep putting in more and more gold sinks. Used to be gold would build just by participating. Now, I am broke all the time.

    Mounts: Never felt we needed them. Should be able to switch mounts without dismounting/cool down first.

    Bag space and other... seems like a big cash grab with every patch that comes out. Let us deposit mats. Give key ring and place for recipes and collection items. Stop adding more kitten that doesn't store. It really makes it look like ftp cash grab.

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    I have a simple request Anet. With so much effort poured into the idle animations of the mounts and how those animations recently got onto the front page of Reddit could you guys now re-enable some of the disabled human female idle animations? I understand last time Gaile spoke that they broke immersion but since then there were many silly things added (minis, wings, gliders, etc) that contradict the statement. That would be awesome, thanks :)


           a GW2 player from day 1. 
  • I left GW2 a year ago because of the constant need to find huge grp of players in order to progress , now is a bit too much the opposite, no meta event at all ?
    I hope will be added soon :)

  • Love the xpac as a whole. There's a good amount of content and stuff to do.
    The zones are gorgeus, the story is nice (albeit being a bit clichè at some moments) , mounts are fun and the specs too.

    Only thing I miss are the meta events. Even if not covering the whole map, we really needed some of least in maps like the desolation and vabbi.
    Also the mount "cycling" is a bit tedious. We need to be able to swap between mounts MUCH faster.

  • 1.) No new PvP finishers. 2.) Mounts are cool. 3.) Most new classes are broken, old traits not working with new specs. 4.) You guys hella rock, even if you totally forgot PvP this expac.

  • Also, seriously, kitten are you doing with ele. Weaver literally has no condi cleanse. Come on, guys.

  • Mounts great addition to game, would prefer more in future. Maps well designed, bounties boring to grind compared to metas, which I would’ve preferred at least 1. Story felt too short, expected at least doubled its current length, or at least kill Kralkatorrik. Voice acting and lines much less cringy. Would prefer more transparency from MO’s management of Anet with more monthly news and future content, even though I understand there’s a fine line of overpromiseing and underdelivering, which ultimately influenced Colin’s departure and caused HoT launch’s negativity. Hope Anet will improve marketing of game.

  • All of the PvE content in PoF was high quality in comparison to previous content:

    • Maps were a perfect balance of difficulty vs. time invested. HoT maps were too complex and Central Tyria were too easy.
    • Hearts, events, general npc and environmental interactions were very entertaining due to a greater depth of creativity.
    • Mounts were a great idea. This adds a much greater sense of immersion while exploring a map. Which means players don't get bored.
    • Music and voice acting/scripting was excellent. Honestly the timing on everything felt right on the spot.
    • Story instances were very fun due to mechanics feeling more creative. The last story instance made me forget I was playing an MMORPG. It felt like I was playing a console game designed for action. This was a good feeling.
    • The flavor of the new specializations are all good but need some balancing as expected. I'll save that input for other sections of this forum.

    We have easy maps and hard maps between Central Tyria and HoT. We have easy content and hard content between T1-T4 Fractal Motes and Raids. PoF felt like the exact median range of content that we needed added to the game. I very much so enjoyed it and felt it was all well done. Good job guys! Thanks for the kick kitten expansion.

  • Overall enjoyed and still enjoy all of it, Story, the maps, the events, the elite specs and especially the mounts, awesome work Anet!~<3

  • This game needs more progression and factions something to motivate me to log in more and grind something to make me stronger , u had the chance to make some sort of progression in the story whit the sun-spears but Nothing EMPTY THINGS ONLY :( .All do i love the mounts and the huge maps but everything is just to short somehow iv saw all in 3 days almost done all ,if we have some titles like gw1 eye of the north and to grind the factions to get rewards and upgrade things like skills passive ability for pve etc i will grind every day i wanna have more goals the collections are lifeless things and boring

  • Nury.3062Nury.3062 Member ✭✭✭

    Great story,the best mounts in any mmorpg ,no metas thank god for that and the secret the rune thing...don't want to are amazing Anet!

  • Good

    • Wonderful details maps
    • Good story, ending made you excited for more.
    • Mounts in GW2 was the best I experienced.
    • Improvement of Mastery
    • Hp can be soloed and provides a challenge. (Yes!)
    • Diverse enemies and beautiful music.


    • Map felt sparse, feeling like a single player game. (But a good one.)
    • Have one big meta map.
    • No major reason to return for maps.

    Amazing expansion, I had a better time then Heart of Thorns!

  • Story was fantastic. Zones are very pretty and fun to navigate. Mounts are pretty yet control horribly and switching them is not very fluid. Bounties are fun yet they are not long lasting content, there will be no real reason to visit the desert after maybe a month or two of playing. Unid gear should be made baseline for all drops everywhere.

  • 10/10 would test my mortality against the God of War and die again. That scene was shot so amazingly - mindblown.

  • Zenith.7301Zenith.7301 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Fix the aggro range and mob density/respawn scaling.

    It's outrageous to be getting swarmed by 5+ mobs aggroing from 1500 units away and following you all the way to hell just because you had to stop and fight one mob.

    Exploring these maps and figuring how to get to an insight or point of interest is just dreadful. Most of the time is actually figuring out how to abuse my griffon to have to deal with this kitten. Veterans that pummel you for half your life jumping you all the way from Timbuktu. Once I get off a mount and get put in combat it's an eternity just to get around due to how long I am kept in combat and harassed, especially with the increased amount of ranged mobs in this map.

    It's not about challenge. It's outright tedious. The mobs give me nothing of value for wasting my limited game time dredging through the avalanche of them that pops up all over the place.

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    A suggestion that when you right click -> salvage all masterwork & below on the salvaging kit for there to be an option to de-select your packs of unidentified gear, sometimes I find myself accidentally salvaging them when I intend on opening them.

    Edit: I guess just an option to de-select any specific items from the list of the items

  • I just love everything that you all worked so hard on. The maps, the mounts, the secrets, the story. AMAZING! I literally have spent the last week in just awe and enjoyment.

    Keep Rocking On!

  • well considering I solo the game I have not been able to make it past the part of the story. so basically regret buying the expansion. I thought the last one was only semi solo /casual unfriendly. Unless i tune the kitten out a character i don't think i will be able to make past that big boss that spawns.

  • No separate WvW balance in 5 years. Conditions destroying the game mode. Lack of knowledge how their own classes work and non-existent communication with the wvw community. But hey, here's a glider --u/bobnkneel :

  • Lumpy.8760Lumpy.8760 Member ✭✭
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    i love the expansion, but one thing that i have such a longing for is bounties! i just stare at the bounty board, unsure which one someone is actually fighting, and if i go alone, i'll have to run away or die

    i wish we could send out a wordless beacon on the map saying "I need help!" so i can get help with bounties or help others, without having to instance hop / use LFG / map chat

    also, sad by the lack of Rampaging Ntouka!!! they're cute!

  • Loved it! But nothing to do once you finish the story & max your mounts & map complete. Why bring alts through? Lack of HoT-style metas with appropriate rewards leaves me twiddling my thumbs; Tedious bounty trains take like an hour, and then what? Collections get boring after a while. Beautiful maps & fun mounts, but griffon voids the glider. Wonderful story that blew the scattered LWS3 out of the water, but Vlast & Kesho seemed like one-shot deus ex machinas. Overall, content quality is fantastic but replayability seems very low. Gonna go back to HoT when I'm done.

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