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I would pay money for double Seat Mounts

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I know mounts just came out, and this is NOT likely to be introduced to the game anytime soon considering the amount of coding it would require. But it would be awesome if we could have other players ride mounts with us. I know we are still trying figure out the kinks of the mounts right now but how awesome would it be to have someone on the back of a jackal ? or the Springer? Just a suggestion. And yes i know some parts of the game require people to have their own mounts to progress through the story... but its not like people wasn't using Teleport to Friend and Mesmer portals to Get pass half the content any way ? Amiright ?


  • I can see that if the person already had the same mount unlocked (but at a lower mastery level). The lowest level of mastery is just knowing how to ride a specific mount; just because you know how to ride a horse doesn't mean you know how to ride an ostrich.

    But a person who knows the basics of riding a horse will be able to double ride when galloping, jumping, or, quick-turning much better.

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