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(NA)A Stroll in the PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness

So, as a long time guild wars 2 player, proud parent, and friend/relative of many who have lost the battle with breast cancer and cancer's other horrendous forms, I thought it would be a nice thing to do... just for fun and to raise awareness... if we did something as a community. I brought it up to my twitch viewers tonight(i am sin_of_anubis on twitch) and got a good response from them, so I thought this might be a great idea to do. so here goes nothing:
on saturday, October 13th, at 10amCST, on the NA servers, I will be streaming live on twitch, and I will begin a Journey, in ALL PINK, from the Black Citadel to Rata Sum, on foot. not mounted up, not asura gate hopping, but walking, the LONG way around, to Rata Sum. Now while i do not know how long the journey will be, or if anyone is going to join me, I will be taking that walk. I will be sure to put it in LFG . Now if there is interest, and you are all welcome to tag along, and i have the juice to do it, there will be awards given out for the Hawtest male and female fashionistas walking with me... BUT you have to rock that PINK. i will try to have my fellow TBC guildies there walking with me(as long as they are able) and this walk is open to anyone who wants to attend. as for those of you new to the game, well, don't worry, i am sure we have some fine butt kicking fighters out there willing to keep you alive and safe!


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    You may also wish to attend Pink Day in LA, which is the following week on October 20th. More info here.

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    These both look to be quite enjoyable events. I will be sure to attend both!

    If anyone is interested, I also have a dark/pink theme for the GW2 forums available in my thread about my theme.

    There are also 8 other colors available at this time (including orange for Halloween) so you can view the forums in whatever hue you find yourself in the mood for while browsing discussions.

    WOW - Done with forums for good now! - Someone creates a thread about Pharus's light on crit effect asking if it is a bug - I get warned for being "off topic" for commenting how to use the search and pointing out threads discussing Pharus and it being an intended effect... Goodbye all. Happy gaming.

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