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[NA][PVE] Fractaled But Whole - Looking for Members

We are a group of friends that just got back in to playing GW2 together and decided to drag a few new people in to try it out as well. In saying that, we are a mix of rusty GW2 vets and complete noobs. We have all but 1 of our guys up to 80 now and decided to make a guild. So in saying that, the guild itself is VERY new. We have a guild hall now but that's about it. Every night we are either doing guild missions, dungeons/fractals, world boss trains, or just random other stuff in discord together. We will be doing raids in the near future, one of the big reasons I am making this post to be honest.

Feel free to PM me in discord if you are interested. Seph#7156 is my name in discord. I am always on discord, even at work :P My name in game is Seph.5413 if you would prefer adding me in game. I would highly recommend reaching out to me on discord though. You won't enjoy our guild quite as much if you don't wanna join in the discord shenanigans.


  • Seph.5413Seph.5413 Member ✭✭

    We are mostly on Northern Shiverpeaks but the server choice only matters for WvW.

  • Seph.5413Seph.5413 Member ✭✭

    Just a quick update.

    The guild has grown from 7 to 12 people in the week since making this post. We now have a guild vault and tavern. I have gotten some people interested in some casual pvp but the majority still focus on doing dungeons, fractals, and world bosses/map metas. Guild missions have been completed every week. Our peak hours seem to be around 8pm - 12am CDT with several getting on a few hours before then.

    We will start adding some structure for those interested in raids to follow a schedule but we will keep other activities as they are now where we just do whatever people are interested in at the time and guild missions when we have a decent amount of people on. This should help to keep the causal feel of our guild while also allowing those who wish to raid the ability to. If this interests you or you have more questions, feel free to drop me a pm on discord. Seph#7156

  • Hey Im interested in joining. Have to download Discord. Add my character: Dropgun War

  • Seph.5413Seph.5413 Member ✭✭

    Sorry for the late response. Had a busy weekend. I will hit you up when I get home from work today.

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