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[EU] LFG Focused mainly on sPvp/WvW (Casual)

Hello, returning player here
Absence of 3 years from game has gotten me rusty and all the new specializations are hard to keep track of.
So I am looking for a crew who is willing to "train" me (aka waste some time for a newb to get used back to game).
As for the WvW I guess I have a (free ?) Server transfer so I am free to go anywhere.
Main focus is on sPvP and well WvW is secondary.
Voice chat/Discord is no problem for me.

Class: Elementalist (Don't play any other classes)
Time zone: I am usually on is between 6 - 10 pm CEST


  • Hi there,

    Our guild is quite small atm, but happy to help and tag along for anything. We have veterans, returning players after a break or completely new players. Even though we are more PvE, but I would say we are PvX guild as we have players who are more interested in PvP, WvW or fractals. We have some players, myself included, who does PvP on a daily basis and always happy to go into PvP as group (more fun in that way). For WvW our guild is a bit all over the place in terms of servers, but hey maybe you can teach us? :)
    Just in case you would like to read more you can do it here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/48730/tr-tek-rangers-small-casual-pve-guild-looking-for-members-or-even-just-some-helping-hands/p1
    Always welcome to come and look around as well, maybe you would like it here :)

    If you have any questions/concerns just contact me on here/in game or discord Lustfulanger#5633

    Have a great day and hope to see you around.

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