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Defeat the undead giant before it can kill willowdread

This event with:champion unchained giant doesn't spawn


  • This appears to always have been susceptible to some problem that causes the giant not to spawn. In the past, however, this has been intermittent. Presumably it works fine on each new instance until some set of circumstances causes it to fail, and it remains failed on that instance. This hasn't really been a blocking issue, because player numbers on the map would cause a new instance to be generated, the older instance would eventually have few participants, and the instance would be closed, and so on. It is now a blocking issue because there are not enough people going to the map to cause a new instance to be created, but there are still enough to keep the instance open. I have camped this map for 3 days to try to get this, and the instance has not changed and the giant has not spawned.
    NOTE TO ANET: If it isn't worth your time to fix the bug, then please force close this map regularly to reset this.

  • Poormany.4507Poormany.4507 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 16, 2018

    Yeah, this was a problem for me too, had to wait for almost a week to get the achievement for this one, and waited for 1-2 hours each day.

  • Having exactly the same problem. Unfornately there isn't enough people to open new instances... so the giant doesn't spawn.
    Waited for 2-3 hours each day this past week and no sight of it.

  • I have been jumping in and out of the map on different toons for the last few days and I am always in the same IP (...XXX.192.50:0) :( No luck yet!

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