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[EU] Morgrave University (MU)- New casual/relaxed guild

ArtemisEntreri.8450ArtemisEntreri.8450 Member
edited October 12, 2018 in Looking For Guild

New Player? Old filthy Casual? Need a relaxed "quality over quantity" guild? Wanna chit chat about your partner/co-worker/in game character's issues while wiping in joy? Wanna self found and have only a few hours a week?

Hit "Morgrave University" [EU] or me (ArtemisEntreti.8450) on Eu servers.

We are under construction, looking for people who want to enjoy a relaxed main experience, experiment with an alt and go raiding with exotic XYZ gear \m/

We'll focus on dungeon runs to keep in contact and know each other, unrnked PvP or WvW madness.
Oh, and Raids, wiping all together.

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