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The plot has not been this bad since War with Scarlet (SPOILERS)



  • derd.6413derd.6413 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Ardid.7203 said:
    Being a Norn and chasing your Legend shouldn't force you to be a bad or absent parent. In fact, your Legend may perfectly be about being a warrior with a child (Lone Wolf and Cub: few examples of a bigger legend than their story), or even about being such a Legendary Parent (No combat needed, just properly raising 20 childs on your own: super Legendary). Norn Legends aren't fixed only to combat or hunt.

    But I digress. The point is Eir DID left Braham super alone in her pursuit of her legend. This is logic and coherent. But THEN Braham grow up with resent and insecurity because it. And THAT doesn't make sense. If the Norn are known for leaving their houses to pursue heroics, then MOST of their childs will be:
    a) Left alone at a very young age, so growing as an orphan shouldn't be specially difficult or sad, because it should simply be the custom.
    b) Left in charge of specialized nurturing organizations, destined specially to support this kind of known and accepted behavior.

    A Norn growing bitter because their parents abandoned him/her is absurd. If their society is stable, it should be capable of answer the Legend's call effect over children somehow. A society driven by individual enterprises can't be expected to have conventional families constructed by moder human standars: nuclear, biparental, co-resident, consanguine... It just don't make sense. Compare Braham's trauma with the Charr PC father's story. The Norn should have an equivalent to the charr's fahrars, It's just logical.

    didn't braham get raised by his dad and if the wiki is to be believed he didn't resent her until he found out when his dad died.

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  • Ardid.7203Ardid.7203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Then Braham attitude doesn't have anything to do with him or his mother being Norn. Good, IMO.

  • Traveller.7496Traveller.7496 Member ✭✭✭

    Everything about the plot is just too big, it's too much, too grand scale. I'd much prefer a more down-to-earth plot every now and then. Like following characters that are the nameless people who you see running around the world, while the heroes are fighting Gods and Elder Dragons. Kinda like a spin-off set on the same world.

  • I think the sword makes sense, but the rest of it, especially "drunk" awakened literally doesn't make any sense at all, The ghost Army I think the reasoning before was that Joko had Ghost-eaters, and we could maybe safely assume that Kralkatorrik has something, but even then, they would be super useful fighting along side us all the time since we can just kill any type of Ghost-eating creature, Kralkatorrik in the mists REALLY bothers me, like you said, why would he ever want to come back to Tyria? Unless Arenanet are going the "its his instinct to devour Tyria" which would be really lame because it reduces the main villain to nothing more than a beast driven by instinct which was the problem back in Vanilla and to a lesser extent HoT

  • @thewaterguy.4796 said:
    Kralkatorrik in the mists REALLY bothers me, like you said, why would he ever want to come back to Tyria?

    short oversimplified answer - he wouldn't.

    kralk going off to the mists puts tyria on a clock for disappearing into nothingness and it's our jobe to figure out how to kill him them go into the mists and do it there.

    or find a way to lure/force him out but this one would be stretchy.....

    I mean yeah, he may be sending attacks after aurene since she's posing potential threat and was once used against him already, but I don't think this would at any point ever lead to him to go for it by himself - that's what he has minions for.

    (and I still think that the way to go would be to develop and mass produce anti-kralk cannons put them on alot of pact airship and fly that into the mists with aurene somewhere closeby to be ready to chug the energy we'll release when killing the beast - makes most sense, ammo is lying everywhere around and pact already has prototypes for similar tech - DERVs)

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