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My dps as a condi daredevil is really low, help me understand my problem(s)

Hi everyone. I'm a power deadeye primary that is trying to make myself more useful by expanding to condi DD. I have a full ascended viper set with 6 superior runes of the Renegade in it. I have Viper d/d setup with geomancy and malice superior sigils. It's almost 'Snow Crows' meta, and I learned the rotation from the SC website (steal off cool down, venoms off cooldown, wep swap off cooldown, thieves guild off cooldown, deathblossom, dodge, 1 autoattack sequence uninterrupted, repeat). I am using toxic focusing crystal and Bowl of Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto (80 condi, 60 precision). I practice alone right now. I'm only able to make 17k dps on the 4 mil golem. Obviously I'm not even close to the 28-29k benchmark.

I added all conditions to the golem to proc the most [Exposed Weakness] I could, and gave myself all buffs plus ranger (spotter, sun spirit, frost spirit) plus BS (Strength, Discipline, Empower Allies).

I've heard about Venoms being shared with other players, but don't understand how that would effect my personal dps. I also can't find anything in game about Venom Share, I've only seen it on several year old threads in forums.

Is it my food (does using the non-meta food really cause an 11k dps loss)? Venom Share? Runes? Wrong profession support traits? I'm lost, friends.

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    Each player affected by your Spider Venom does add to your personal DPS, it's as if you dealt that damage. Besides that it's mostly work on getting clearner rotations. The best food makes a difference of about 500 DPS I guess, but that's just a number that seems appropriate to me.

    You mention your full ascended viper's set, but that does include full trinkets as well, right? You don't mention that anywhere, that might be a bit of an obvious one though if that's the case-

    Smugly chuckling forever.
    My sentence doesn't make sense? Well, I probably forgot to write half of it before posting.


  • hERo.2976hERo.2976 Member ✭✭

    Yeah, I did forget to mention I had full ascended viper trinkets also. I tried to be really thorough but I missed something that obvious. Is it only spider venom that does it or are the other venoms included in Venom Share for personal dps? For example, I think it's devourer venom that immobilizes, and immobilize is traited to inflict poison also?

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