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Stalled event: Mount up and help Fenn wrangle the panicked Marmoxes

If been trying to get this event done for ages so the chain can reset. This stalled event makes the "The Queen and I" achievement impossible to complete because the chain is stalled at this event, which prevents it from resetting.

It's always at 50%, with no marmoxes to wrangle, on every instance I've been on.

Can we get a manual reset on this event until this issue is resolved?


  • It will automatically 'reset' on Tuesday when the patch releases. (Be sure to get there quickly.)

    Good luck.

  • @Inculpatus cedo.9234 same for next tuesday ?
    I began the achievements in this map last saturday (maybe friday) and it seems it's the exact same map everytime i travel there. The Fenn's event is still stuck ...
    If i just need to wait until wintersday, well, i'll wait but it's kind of sad that no tool exist to reset this kind of problem when they happen. :/

  • I don't know if there will be a patch next Tuesday, as Festivals no longer require patches.
    Whenever a patch does release, it's a good time to visit maps with stalled events.

    Good luck.

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