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[NA] [Central time zone] [Tarnished Coast] [Semi-Hardcore or better] LF raiding guild or PvX

Hi. I've been playing since February of this year and I've been pugging and Comm in raids since August. I have comm'd W1 and W4, and parts of W2 and W3. I've been trying to put together a static, or find a guild that is interested in a motivated player who likes to start squads and groups for various PvE events/raids and will have enough people on and interested to do stuff 11pm-2am Central Time. I am also off Thursdays and Fridays all day, and would love to raid (Pdps, Soon to have Cdps, tank/chrono when I finish the armor set, and druid heals/soulbeast kiter), run hp trains/wb trains, or even WvW (if someone walks me through strategies for squad leading and objectives, I haven't done a lot of it but it seems fun).

I've tried to start a raid static multiple times over the last month, but can't get anyone who wants to commit to even one run together. I've been part of several large guilds that I liked for a while for other pve content, but getting past all the new players [new to the game] and in contact with the hardcore side is difficult in the massive multi-guild guilds. I have horror stories of trying to get semi-exp pug raids together from so called "raid training" guilds also.

I have two goals with raiding: I want Dhuum's chair (which I hear is a rare drop from the CM on that fight) and I want six wing clears a week. If your guild can help me learn new classes or tighten up my rotations to get to the qT/SC benchmarks, even better. I'm bored with casual gameplay (which has been my entire experience with gaming so far in my life) and want to go hardcore. Can your guild help me out?


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    our guild is casual, semi hardcore. you don't need it.
    but our "raid training" even the drunk ones get the kill, every time. on new players who we just taught them how to do fractals for the first time, taught them quick rotations and dps fly through the roof. with 4 new players, 2 vets and the rest pugging most of the time. so horror stories will gonna generate from guild to guild and vastly depend on comms, and how they deal with pugs. since our comms and i included have exp leading off meta squads and comps. we can change strats with whatever we have. for most comms who rely heavily on the meta, they honestly don't know what to do with pugs if he/she runs something a bit different. so those semi exp pug raiders are a big hit and miss if you don't check them out closely. hence all the horror stories.

    if you wanna go hardcore, may wanna contact Stritterific.6042 to get into MnF. they won the elitist raiding contest against SC, qT and other big guys. i'm not sure if they're recruiting now. but if they do, they'd only want the bests.
    you also gotta realize that your time slot doesn't have a lot of raiding going on, and pugs at those hours are straight out bad i'm not gonna lie. aka people wanna learn, nobody teaching them, those hours are late to start a raid, yada yada. so they try to sneak in here and there and the horror stories continue. if you want to run with better folks, may have to wait till Aussie and Kiwi night time, aka almost morning CDT. good luck finding!

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