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[BUG] Deadeye trigering normal autoattack after stealth [merged]

Chrysaliss.8720Chrysaliss.8720 Member ✭✭
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After gaining stealth from stolen skill (skill from deadeyes mark), the deadeye will use normal autoattack instead of stealth attack and breaking himself from stealth.



  • i can confirm this bug happening, even if you disable auto-attacks and press 1 after using the stolen skill you will still attack with a regular AA instead of an opener unless you lose some of the precious moments waiting

  • Yeah, this is still buggy as hell. Is it possible for them to just make the character stop attacking when you gain stealth?

  • Howdy all. It looks like this issue is taking a bit more time to get a fix in on, but we're investigating and have some solutions in testing. For now (I know it's not the greatest), please consider canceling your auto-attack when using pocket skills to gain stealth.

  • Cass.1927Cass.1927 Member
    edited October 18, 2018

    I've found reports of this bug up to 5 months ago and it still hasn't been fixed. It's really annoying and literally breaks the whole mechanic of the specialization and the stolen skill completely.

    I've recorded a video of it in action and put it down below.

    When using a stealth skill, EVEN if not autoattacking or in combat AT ALL, using the skill initiates combat and makes the player immediately shoot 1 autoattack after stealthing, which immediately cancels the stealth. This happens even without autoattack on continuous cast, as you can see in the first example in the video.

    That literally makes the stolen skill useless in it's excepted use as a means of gaining stealth because NO MATTER WHAT it will cancel your stealth by randomly autoattacking for no reason. I'm playing on near perfect ping of 20-30 as shown in the video, I don't even want to imagine how bad it is on high ping for cross-sea players.

    I really hope this gets fixed ASAP, but somehow due it already taking 5 months I'm disheartened to believe so. It ruins the rotation and makes deadeye drop in DPS highly or waste one of his CD's on trashmobs to stealth and get a Death's Judgement off.

    The only thing I'm doing in the video is marking my target, charging my malice above 5, and using the stolen skill, followed by absolutely no input.

    Video of the bug

    I've managed to find a dumb workaround; after pressing F2 to use the stolen skill, immediately as it stealths and begins to cast the autoattack, press 5 to switch stances as that cancels the current action, into a Death's Judgement and 5 again to kneel and continue.

    Rotation workaround

    Other weapons probably have different workarounds that can be easier or harder, for pistols or daggers you can just turn the other way to not be able to shoot after using a stolen skill, or sheathe your weapon to stop the autoattack.

    There should be no workarounds required though, and I sincerely hope this gets fixed ASAP.

  • Kabe.6092Kabe.6092 Member
    edited October 18, 2018

    I've been playing Rifle Deadeye for almost three months now, and I have not had this problem. Until the halloween patch...
    It's so frustrating. An auto-attack shouldn't be put in the attack queue when you use the stolen skill to get into stealth!
    Also, there's a couple of skills that grant stealth where you can accidentally queue up a normal attack and remove stealth, when all you really wanted to do was to use Death's Judgement. This should also not be possible!
    Try it yourself. Use Shadowgust and quickly use a normal attack (brutal aim) right before you get stealth and the normal attack switches to Death's Judgement. You'll break stealth. Instead of queue:ing up the normal attack, it should either queue up Death's Judgement, or nothing at all.

    Thanks for the rotation workaround. I didn't know about that.
    I actually think that all skills that "break the attack queue" works.
    Kneel 4 works as well if you use it after you get stealth from F2, but before the auto-attack hits
    Another thing that works for me is to turn of auto-attacking completely, but that should not be necessary.

    Hope more people comment on this thread, so that the bug gets lifted so the devs can see it and fix it.

  • Update!

    Hey Cass! This thread talking about the same problem got an answer from ArenaNet.

    They say they're aware of the issue, and are working on it. Great news!

  • Thank you for taking your time and noticing us.
    If you guys need more information about the problem, please check this thread:

  • Glad to hear they know about it and have responded, thank you for the update!

    For me turning off the autoattack doesn't help at all actually, in the first video, the very first showcase of the bug has my autoattack turned off, yet the game still queued the attack for no reason after using a stolen skill, I guess because of some bug it thinks because I entered combat it needs to start attacking. Thanks for the Kneel 4 trick as well, didn't think about that one.

    Originally I've used sheathing weapon as a ways to canceling it before I realized Kneeling cancels it, doing F2 > Sheath > 1 > Kneel, but like you said, none of that should be necessary. Anyways, thankfully we know they're trying to solve it now, so pondering about it doesn't help anymore I guess haha.

  • It seems to me at least, (since the Halloween update) there is now an increased delay between using the stolen skill and gaining stealth, thus the auto-attack does not stop like its supposed to and it fires a final shot as you stealth. I mostly noticed it because even turning off my AA I still find myself having to wait for stealth to be applied to then use Deaths Judgement, wasting precious dps time. Using the timing I have come accustomed to will result in firing a deadly aim/brutal aim.

  • schmidicom.9852schmidicom.9852 Member
    edited May 4, 2020

    It's 2020 and the bug is still not fixed...
    How much longer is this supposed to take?

    EDIT and my suggestion:
    Replace the casttime with cooldown, then the auto-attack can no longer trigger the 1 after the stealth is activated.