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[EU] [PvX] Haven of the Wanderers [OATH] we're a family!

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Recently many players within GW 2 experience the lack of frequently new content to play / very repetitive content, which is a cause for a decrease in the general active player base within the game. To make sure that we remain the guild that we are and we built within the past year, we are actively recruiting people which are also very social and talkative. Because what really makes us enjoy a game is a good community, right? We're not only recruiting members but also commanders which are interested in leading events and are excited to share the knowledge they have with new or returning players.

Our Community:

We're a small, active and cozy guild (currently about 100 members) based on Ring of Fire (you don't have to be on this Server to join us, it is only relevant for WvW). Formed last year by a couple of friends from older Guild Wars 2 times.

Our preference is to keep this guild rather small, because it is important to us that faces won't get lost in the crowd. "Haven of the Wanderers" refers to a sanctuary for people which enjoy a happy and peaceful community. We do not tolerate any form of drama / racism / bullying or any other form of negativity. Within our guild you're not only winning new guildies but also new friends. :3

More information:

Discord is our main platform for communication during events and general chit chat. With our alliance guild [HERO] we organize daily events such as meta maps, bounty runs, WvW, World Bosses and many more. Within [OATH] we have a scheduled raid trainings and set fractals groups. Besides you'll always find people joining each other for other in-game activities (PvP, story, farming, achievments...).

Currently we're still working on the guild hall upgrades (lvl 56 atm) and we're looking for people which would also be happy to pitch in to reach our max lvl guild hall.

Contact details:

Would you like to become a member? Do you want to start leading events? Or maybe you just want some friends to play and chat with?
Then message me on discord: Midna Le Fay#6535, ingame katkota. 7956 or comment below if you're interested and I'll get back to you.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

Much love



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