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Questions/Asking for advice and Impressions about warrior in Spvp from a new warr player

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Greetings fellow warriors,

This is a wall of text, I pour everything on my heart out because I feel like i slammed into a wall at some things and would like to ask for tips from more experienced warriors as I have some issues that i can't seem to overcome or find a solution to.

I came back to the game after a 6 years break and decided to leave my necro main in favor of warrior.
PvP was always my main focus and as such I invested a lot of times in learning warrior in spvp.
So far, I only play core, Axe/Shield + GS.

My goal is to get as better as possible before jumping in ranked (so far ~200 unranked games).

My first impression is that I found out is that I have a hard time surviving, and even dishing proper damage in large teamfights (4+), i Feel that I don't have a lot of defensive buffs that help me soak damage outside of endure pain.
I guess this is due to the reason that we don't have any sources of protection, regeneration or blocks (only shield).
Even if going with marauder/demolish amulet, and divinity rune, it feels that i can't survive damage as good as a guardian for example.

I found out that healing signet + Adrenal health is most of the time not enough to brawl in those teamfights.

For quiet a long time I used defiance stance and it worked really well and drastically increased TF capability.
But at some point I noticed that against players who actually pay attention (fool me once kinda thing), it effectiveness is reduced in duels or 2v1, so this skill is kinda very polar, its sometimes gives amazing value and sometimes gives nothing.
Mending is the current skill i'm using.

I found out that 6.6k heal on 12 CD, condi cleanse and a much reliable peak performance trigger is a better heal.
Its also great when disengaging, healing and re-enraging quickly.
In general, i started to get the habit of avoiding large teamfights and insead focusing on decapping and small skirmishes, i found that i'm perform better at those.

Why healing signet is so popular?
The heal over time is only realy useful in small skirmishes, and with so many bursts going around, it doesn't really make such a big difference.
the cast time is very long, and it can be interrupted easily.
Finally, the reason to activate it is mostly against specs like scourges, and those are very likely to corrupt it.

How warrior players play in ranked games? do they prioritize rotating and decapping as well as fighting 1v1s or 2v2/1v2? do they also avoid large teamfights?

The second part is about some classes I have issues with:

Condition mirage mesmers are so far the only class that i get demoralized very quickly as a core warrior and feel very helpless....

I simply don't know how to lock them down, even if i manage to cleanse the conditions and clear the clone spam.
Every time i target the real one with bullcharge/shield 4, i am greeted with "Evade" or "Invulnerable" , i never manage to actually knock one on the floor.
It usually ends up me swinging GS aoe around, F1 are usually ends up "blinded" or ending in the same evade/invul or just running away.
Even if i get the upper hand they blink away...
How can i get better at dealing with them? so far i just try to avoid them all together....

Next are guardians....

I have trouble out lasting some specs and their massive block boon/active skills.
How do warriors handle their burst (Core) or their retaliate with just sign of healing? i find out that without defiance stance/mending I just lose to attrition.
For the core burst, I don't understand when is it coming and I don't know how to read it, they just insta teleport and spike me.
Unlike holos, which gives me visual cues, this happens out of nowhere and i don't know how i can counter the damage spike.
Other then that, I find myself losing to attrition quickly against them, even by just auto-attacking the with the axe....i guess this is due to the retaliation and their burning AOE (I don't know guardians skills that well...)
My F1s are getting blocked most of the time ,and I find out that i have to use signet of might to take most of them on, and by the looks of it, i don't see any warrior using signet of might so i'm doing something wrong.
How do you guys approach guardians in combat? how do you handle their burst and their boons (specifically constant application of retaliation and block) and how do you win the war of attrition against them?

The rest of the classes i generally handle pretty fine.

Finally, here is the build i'm running right now in Spvp:

If you have any critics or tips on ways I can improve in terms of playstyle/build and things I need to know and practice before i get into ranked (pvp fundamentals as warrior i might have missed) than please do share, i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks for reading.


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    Unfortunately warrior has been nerfed over the past 6 years and we got only a few buffs that then ended up as nerfs.
    i really don't recommend you playing as warrior in competitive WvW or PvP.
    After Path of fire expansion and all the stun breakers and kitten that got introduce, it is a nuisance to fight the other classes with their abundant sources of dodges, stunt breakers, stability, condition spamming, etc....

    As a warrior you can enjoy the game fighting mobs and bosses that stand still.
    If you engage in WvW or PvP, then you will spend countless times chasing opponents for minutes hitting nothing but air. Once in a while you will encounter the average noob that will stand in your 100 blades but we know those kinds of victories have a bitter taste.

    Charr Warrior Master Race!
    Black Gate Beast Roamer chicken chaser!

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    Thanks you so much for taking your time and putting the effort to post this reply and sharing all this wealth of info with me, I really appreciate it.
    This was a very good read.
    I kinda lost hope after I saw that after some days no body answers.
    You solved a lot of issues and questions marks I had, and This definitely going to help me, this was a tremendous read for me.

  • The above poster covered allot of the important info, id just like to add that if youd like id love to 1v1 to give tips.

    Core warrior is (to me) allot of fun with great dps and sustain, love to help if you need any in game feel free to friend me.

  • Advice: Play a Mesmer instead.. forget about Warrior.. ^^

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