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[NA] [PvE] Ice Empire, a casual and friendly PvE guild, is recruiting!

James Orland.9786James Orland.9786 Member ✭✭
edited January 4, 2019 in Looking For Guild

We're a casual, friendly, active PvE-focused guild with over 200 members looking for more people to join our ranks! Within the PvE realm, we don't have any particular specialty; we're here to help each other with everything from story missions and map completion through achievement hunting and farming all the way to raiding and doing runs of the Fractals of the Mists.

Our requirements are being friendly and polite to everyone else, and that you give us a heads up if you're going to be gone for a month or longer. Guild chat is fairly active but you shouldn't feel pressured into participating any more than you want to; this is a game, and we're all here to have fun! We have a Discord server and a Guilded page, both of which are used to coordinate events and centralise content, but neither of which are mandatory to be a part of the guild.

If this sounds interesting to you, give us a shout in-game (James Orland.9786 or throne.5621), post here, or message us on Guilded! Hope to see you around!


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