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[NA] Raiding focused, night time guild [HERO] LF semi experienced raiders

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After a while, pugging gets dull. Wiping on easy raids gets boring. Trying to start something great with random people, then all going our separate ways after. It's like we get stuck in a rut of "Semi-Exp," because we can't find any sort of stability to develop our skills in. Huge raid training discord groups make it easy to get lost. Here Everyone Raids Often (HERO) has arrived.

I have a proposition for you. 1. If you raid already and have cleared a number of bosses (not looking for training), and are tired of wiping with pug groups. 2. If fractal clears are hit or miss and you feel the need to group hop. 3. Active times are 10pm-3am Central (aka LFG nightmare time for raiding) or are on Thursday and Friday, noon to 3am Central. If you are looking for a static hit me up.

I will need ears in discord at the very least as we discuss strategies and call mechanics. If you can already multi-role, awesome. I need self motivated people with cool heads and a fire in their hearts. Shoot me a mail here or in game if you are interested. You don't have to be SC/qT level when we start, but I want to be up there with them (and the other awesome raiding guilds) at the top of the game. I want to be among those first explorers in new Raid Wings getting clears, where we make the strats and comps that become meta.

Progression of the guild:
1. Formation, building up to all six wing clears weekly as a group
2. Work up to speed clears
3. CMs for fractals and raids
4. Start recording, to contribute to the body of recorded endgame content.
5. By the time ANET drops a new raid wing I want to be ready with all of you to be the first in, competing for first clear.

A little extra: three of our four current members are on the same server for WvW and run on a weekly basis in organized groups. No rep requirement unless we are raiding/fractaling/guild missions/doing something as a group.


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    I have evolved on my position over the last three weeks, in seeing what our group of seven to nine regulars is doing and capable of. We will be starting as a chill, progression raiding guild and will develop a hardcore speed clear static in the future. I want to widen our base of raiders, and as a larger than 10 person guild, we can all progress farther. We have two new to raiding members who have now learned cleared eight bosses/encounters in the one day per week we have run. We will learn two more every week until we hit W5. I would love to have a chrono who can tank and off, switching around with the two we already have. I would love to have more power and condi who can consistently finish a boss 15k or above. We are all about using safe strats and getting kills for now, and all of us are learning new strats and working on new classes every day.

    After enough people have gathered and progressed through all six wings, I will develop a speed clearing "advanced progression" team who wants to push themselves to the top. We will have a solid base at that point where everyone is getting their weekly clears, and a glorious bonus for those who love raiding as much as I do. The advanced group is going to join me in learning and speed clearing CMs also.

    After developing the base and the advanced group, we will develop a training wing. Small groups of new raiders will be brought in and trained one on one with people who know their class. We will walk two groups of five of them through each boss with five vets, and once they start getting clears we will put those two groups together into a static. After that static has launched, we will start the process over with a fresh group. Increasing the number of raiders in the GW2 community will mean more resources will be assigned to end game content. Having one on one training will also drastically improve the quality of the pug community. Teaching will not be a requirement of joining this guild, if you just want to find others of your level, form a static, and get weekly clears of all six wings, by all means.

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