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Costume brawl Time Out skill incorrectly activated after being stunned.

Has anyone else noticed, that if you are in a costume brawl, and are hit by some kind of costume brawl stun, an attack performed soon after recovering will also trigger the "Time Out" skill?
I feel that this is some kind of glitch and it is really annoying. I am not sure when it was introduced, but I have now noticed it with the current event.


  • I've noticed it a lot recently -- it seems to be more than just when I'm stunned. Sometimes (it seems to be almost random), I'll be kicked and lose all my points. I was suspicious that it was the executioner ax, but I tried it with the frying pan to with the same issues. I really hope they fix this :(

  • I think it may be due to a combination of being improperly tagged as in combat, + a client sync issue where you can cast a costume brawl skill while in combat.

    Some costume brawl CCs seem to place the character into combat. I don't think this should happen as the costume brawl CCs already put cool downs on their costume brawl skills, the in combat status just locks out skill for even longer, leading to my second observation.
    Normally if you try to use a costume brawl skill while in combat you get the message 'You cannot use that skill while in combat'. However if the skill activation occurs coincidentally with being placed into combat it seems to be able to still cast, while in combat.

    When you cast a costume brawl skill while entering 'combat' you seem to drop out of costume brawl. (I testing using my primary weapon while in costume brawl and in combat and it doesn't force you out so I can't speculate on the specifics of that.)

  • Leablo.2651Leablo.2651 Member ✭✭✭

    Yes you are right, there is a bad interaction somewhere that makes players "enter combat" which both temporarily disables their brawl skills and can lead to resetting their brawl state. You can even end up with a brawl hp effect but be in your normal skill bar and no way to exit brawl except by logging or timing out. Unfortunately, I believe this bug has been in the game since brawling was implemented and we are no closer to seeing a fix. If you want to reproduce the issue it is very easy to see by holding 1 while you are stunned. (May require a fast attack, like the mummy.)

  • Locce.8405Locce.8405 Member ✭✭✭

    Looks like this bug has made a return this year. Just trying to get the costume brawl daily and getting stunned reliably ends costume brawl no matter what.

  • This severely impact the daily costume brawl winner achievements that is currently possible to occur during the Halloween event. Accidentally activating "Time Out" will remove all costume brawl points causing a loss of progress on this daily achievement. Combine that with the increased usage of costume brawl stuns from players, this makes it nearly impossible to avoid accidentally using the "Time Out" skill when you are trying to obtains costume brawl points.