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[NA][PVE] Casual Guild Looking for Raiders

We are an old guild looking to start raiding. Most of us have little to no experience with raiding in gw2. So if you have also have little to no experience in raiding come join us as we learn together! You must already have level 80 characters and be willing to put in the time needed for raiding.

A little about our guild:
We are a casual family friendly guild! We are here to have fun and help each other. We ask that our members treat all other players with respect. Hate speech is not tolerated! Representing is not required but highly encouraged. We hold weekly guild missions every Saturday around 8pm EST.

Tentative Raid times in EST:
Monday 7PM
Possibly Saturday 10PM
Sunday 2PM

These time are not set in stone yet so if they don't work for you we should be able to figure something out.

Any questions comment below or mail me in game!


  • Lqqk.2963Lqqk.2963 Member ✭✭

    We have already started raiding but there is still time to join! Monday's raid time has also been changed to 8pm

  • Joined a few weeks ago and first raid encounter with guild did a clear. Very patient and thorough at explaining mechanics. Good group for those wanting to learn raids for the first time!

  • Lqqk.2963Lqqk.2963 Member ✭✭

    Just because this post is old doesn't mean we have stopped recruiting! If we end up recruiting enough players for more than one raid group that would be amazing! We will do our best to work it out a way that lets everyone participate!

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