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[EU] LF Chrono for Static Daily Fractal Group


We're looking for a experienced Chrono for daily CMs+T4. Our Fractal schedule is between 20:00 - 00:00 CEST (once everyone is on and not busy). Our group is currently a Weaver, War and Dgh (may have a druid) all very experienced 250kp+. We can also go for 3 dps setup in the future if you can Healchrono.

What we want from you:

  1. To have a good understanding of all fractals with your class.
  2. Very good boons and CC.
  3. To be able to pre-cast at Mistlock Singularity before bosses.
  4. To be able to pre-cast/get boons out fast at beginning of certain boss phases.
  5. To be able to skip parts of certain fractals (if you don't know many skips you can learn with us that's fine).

Reply here or mail me in-game. Tony.8061

Thanks! :+1:

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