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Condi Guardian (Firebrand) vs Condi Warrior (Berserk)

Hi Guys,

I have 3 level 80s out of which I am planning to use one for high level fractals and raids.

I am trying to make viper armour or equivalent. Which class would be good in terms of survival and damage - FB or Berserker ?

Considering low health pool of FB, is Warrior a better choice ?

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    Firebrand durability isn't as big of an issue as you'd think. The class spams aegis, has a built in projectile destruction bubble in F3, and has the ability to heal itself with F2. Also, a lot of fractals bring along a healer, which makes things easier. That all said...

    I have a Grievers Firebrand myself. I don't have a warrior. One of my biggest griefs with Firebrand is that its DPS has been nerfed over and over again, making it hard to compete. Berserker peaks at 34k and also can bring banners + CC, whereas the Firebrand caps at 32k and brings mostly redundant utilities. If your concern is getting invited into groups, Warrior is a far better choice.

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  • be advised though that the 34k benchmark uses animation cancel to achieve extra auto attacks that won't be otherwise possible. in addition, it is heavily reliant on alacrity and quickness and low latency. condi warrior rotation is very hard you will not be able to always land 7 bursts every berserk. on the other hand, firebrand has an easier and achievable rotation.