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What is the point of the agony mechanic?



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    My only gripe about AR is you don't need it in the open world.

    The only time you see the Agony debuff at all is on the Awakened during the portal events, and I think the game would've been better if it was more integrated since I think its actually an excellent mechanic and would've changed how some fights are approached by players, instead we have lots of similar mechanics like Nightmare Toxin and Frostbite that have no standardisation or defense.

    Imagine if we had Agony at world bosses, during high-level metas or in elite dungeons..

    We did imagine it then (in fact, this was a plan - Anet did mean to follow up with other uses for agony and other similar effects in other parts of the game). The general player response however, both to this (or to anything that would make ascended gear more needed in other parts of the game) was, for the most part, vastly negative. In the end, that idea got dropped.

    Seriously, if we had agony mechanic at world bosses, it would mean people would be required to run ascended gear there. No, thank you.

    Agony was only a cheap and unimaginative way of extending the content then, and it would be a cheap and unimaginative way of extending the content now. Nothing more.

    It would simply mean that Exotic gear would need infusion slots, and some (rare) Exotics already have them.

    Ascended gear is never taken for the infusion slots, even in Fractals. Sure, its a neccessity at higher levels, but almost everyone takes Ascended gear because its BiS and thus is optimal for the meta, it has little to nothing to do with AR.

    You'll find most raiders and WvWs take full Ascended too, for best results.

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    The purpose is to gate fractal progression