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[EU][PVE] Nameless Veterans[NV] - small relaxed guild

Hello everyone!
We are a small friendly guild with a relaxed atmosphere currently holding 29 members.
Our preference is to keep this guild rather small, because it is important to us that faces won't get lost in the crowd.
We tend to play and enjoy the game in our own way, as the most important thing is to have fun and relax after a long day of work and other RL things. Normally you'll find people online in the evenings, but that entirely depends on work, or generally real life getting in the way of play time.

We do not tolerate any form of drama, racism, bullying or any other form of negativity.

Discord is our main platform for communication during events and general chit chat, so join up our discord is a must for organization and socialization.

What we do and what we plan:
Currently we r mostly oriented on doing fractals on daily basis from T4 and lower dailys, and even fractal training runs.
We do what ever ever is fun be it dungeons, wandering the maps, HP runs etc…
Our future goal is to start doing raids as well and get into that area as well.
Some of us do daily spvp and like do to spvp in general, so that aspect is open as well…
We enjoy playing and learning as many different aspects of the game as we can…

Would you like to become a member? Or maybe you just want some friends to play and chat with?
Then contact us !
Drop an in game mail or whisper to the following ppl :


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