PvP Guild recruiting! My Build is from MetaBattle [Mb] - EU — Guild Wars 2 Forums

PvP Guild recruiting! My Build is from MetaBattle [Mb] - EU

Where PVPers play together across all divisions the meta, or variations of... or counter build to meta, whether duo or team for tournaments, ranked and unranked

Whisp or mail me for invite - Legendary Asha

Thanks :)

Khan Ur Asha - EU server Vabbi - Achievement hunter spending too much time in WvW PPK farming lootbags
Member of WvW guild Burn Vabbi [vB] also The Spud Club [SPUD], Guardians of the Dutch [GOTD] &
New PvP Guild - My Build is from MetaBattle [Mb]


  • Altion.9576Altion.9576 Member ✭✭

    Would you accept a Support healer Firebrand? im interested in getting better at pvp with my healer.

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