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October 2018: The ArenaNet Localization Team

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Hello, and welcome to our October 2018 ArenaNet Forum Chat (AFC). We’re happy to host this conversation, and look forward to hearing from you.

Our guests this month are members of the ArenaNet Localization Team. Loc Team members help us bring Guild Wars 2 to gamers around the world who speak French, German, or Spanish. Including these language communities makes our game more vibrant, and the folks on the Loc team help us maintain a global perspective in all that we do.

The subforum is open now through afternoon Pacific Time on Tuesday, November 6. Loc Team members may continue to post to answer questions and comments after that time, as their schedules allow.

We hope you’ll join in to ask the team questions about the localization of our game. Members of our entire forum family are invited, and posts are welcome in English, French, German, and Spanish. In fact, members can post in more than one language, in they are able to do so, and those comments will reach even more of our forum members!

A few guidelines:

  • Please post no more than 3 questions in a single thread.
  • If you have questions about a certain language, you may post in that language, in English, or in both.
  • If you want to share feedback, please provide a summary of your thoughts, although you can post detailed feedback in the appropriate language forum.
  • Please maintain a positive and constructive tone.
  • Please use a meaningful title. Not: "I've been wondering" but "About [this story content] [this word] [this linguistic bug]"

This subforum is now open!

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager: ArenaNet
Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live

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